Date: 11th July 2009 at 1:23am
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Its time once again, to get to know one of our VBERS, step up…..Friedel No 1!!!!!!

With all the transfer rumours dominating the news, its time for a fresh change, and hear from one of our very own……

1)So far, Sam has made a handful of signings, spending little if any of the transfer budget, what are your thoughts so far?

I’m quite pleased with who Sam has bought in. Givet had to be bought after his showing at the end of last season and the others seem to be potential good signings. I think we’re all used to spending little in the transfer windows and therefore any good displays show us to be a club that has a great transfer policy – especially compared to other clubs that consistantly blow huge sums of money on average players… someone say Spurs? I just hope Sam continues to buy players that we need and gets the best out of them.

2)Where will the funds generated by the sale of Roque and Derbs go…

Well, it’s gotta go on a new striker (…or two), surely? If Sam doesn’t get enough money from the board there will be hell to pay if we can’t secure a decent front man. I was a little worried when we let two strikers go without having anyone in-line to buy. I hope that this doesn’t come back to bite us later. As for names – I’d like to see someone like Crouch or Bent as they will both be trying to get into the England team. Or an experienced striker who will get us 15-20 goals. Which, I’m afraid I don’t see Jones or Vieri doing…

3) What do you think was our missing link last season, and has Sam rectified this so far?

In a word – belief! We looked shaky at the back and were making some silly mistakes. Under Hughes when we went behind, I always believed that we could pull it around to get a point or even win. He had the players thinking ‘never give up.’ Under Ince I think that he tried hard with the team but he had a real hard act to follow, also, with rumours of player unrest and so on he never really had a honeymoon period, as it ended after the Hull game! With Sam you can see he has got the players confidence back up and got them fighting for each other and they were showing that belief again. I hope next season we hit the ground running and play without fear

4) Will any of our youth members really push on this season and claim a regular spot?

I’m not sure. (have we got any left?!) I think it will be hard for anyone to break into the team unless we have injuries. On the other hand if Pedersen doesn’t get his act together Treacy may get another chance – or Gallagher (is he still counted as young?!) Aside from that I think Sam is less likely to take chances on youth until we have a decent league position – or he may use them in cup games. But I’m not holding my breath!

5) Where will we finish, who will win the prem and who will get relegated

I have my usual bet with a few friends (which I’ve lost for the past three seasons… bloody Chelsea) I think that Liverpool may do it this year, but only because again Chelsea are rebuilding and Man utd have lost Tevez and Ronnie. For relegation, Burnley, (local prejudice coming through) Hull and Stoke – as the second season is always harder than the first, and Hull struggled at the end as to Stoke to an extent. As for Rovers, I don’t think we’re going to set the league alight with fantastic play and great wins, but I think we will have a steady season and finish 10th. I think that we are a lot better than others give us credit for, however, we have lost Santa Cruz and I don’t know who will replace him yet. Other teams that I think we are better than have invested more capital – like Fulham, but I still think we’ll get above them with good team displays rather than individual stars.

Tell you what though I can’t wait for it all to start again – it’d be great if we finished above City!

Cheers mate, a superb read

By the way, you lads really dont wanna know where I found FriedelNo1 for this article…..somewhere dark, somewhere grimy and somewhere smelly……

Anyways, another episode down, watch out lads, when you see that red line on your private inbox, it might just be the Sas coming…..

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