Date: 15th February 2008 at 12:05pm
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In the first of many interviews to come, we become more accustomed to the main man, Hughes Da Man

In what is to be a regular, hopefully weekly event at Vital Blackburn, i will be sending some questions of to a random VBER, hopefully pointing out various ideas and some small facts about the Vber them self.

Firstly we start with the boss, HDM. In the next few weeks, I will cover all the Site Editors, before hitting the streets and interviewing as many members as possible.

HDM, you are the leader of the crew, and deservedly, the first person to be interviewed by myself. How did you come abouts being the boss?

I might be the leader, but without everyone else there would be nothing would there. How id it begin, some 18-months ago (around August 2006 I think) I came across Vital Football, after going to Vital Blackburn I saw that it was advertising for an Editor so I applied for it and the rest as they say is history!!!

What do you think of Vital Blackburn at the moment. Is it going forward? What would you like to see more of?

If you look at where it was when I took over there were probably two or three members, and they only had a couple of points each, it has been progress ever since and Vital Blackburn is gaining in strength. The only thing that I have noticed is there is a divide, people either post in the forum or post on the homepage, apart from a few that do both it seems to be one or the other so it would be nice to see more in both areas.

Rovers are currently in 9th place, a few points behind the Euro Spots, What do you think of our season so far, and how will the rest of the season pan out.

I think this is quite possibly the best Premier League ever with soooo many teams evenly matched, so although I would be happier if we were slightly higher I think things are going along nicely at the moment. It’s going to be a battle but I’ve predicted a seventh place finish, and at the moment I think that is remaining most likely. With an Intertoto Cup place applied for that SHOULD be enough to qualify for that, if needed?!?!

We all know Sparky is a talented manager. However if you had a choice, with a full strength team available, what would be your line-up.

Thanks for putting me on the spot!!! I think it would be Bradders, Stevie W, God (Ryan Nelsen), The Wall (Christopher Samba), Emerton, MGP, Dunny, The Maestro (Tugay), Bents, Santa Cruz, Derbs

If you had the opportunity to sign any one player in the world, who would you sign up and why?

Another tough one, thanks dude!!! I think we are lacking in midfield so I would say Stevie G, as he is probably one of the best central midfielders in the world.

Finally, who will win the premiership and who do you think will get relegated?

I think that Arsenal showed against us on Monday that they can now win when they aren’t at their best, and can also stand up to the challenge now, but when they are at their best they’ll beat ANYONE, so I’m going for them to beat Manure to the Title. Relegated, well Derby are obviously down, I think Fulham will join them but I don’t know the third and final team, I really couldn’t say at the moment.

Thanks HDM, who is up next, we will wait and see.

I would like to thank Pompeyrug, The boss of the Vital Portsmouth site for allowing myself to alter an original idea of their site and providing some tips. Cheers Matey


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27 Replies to “Getting to Know…..HDM”

  • ive just seen your comment on vital pompey sasman – and read the one above… im glad that the idea over on our site has appealed to others – good luck with it here, its gone down a storm with us and many are taking part it in… help the fella out fellas, but also make sure you do one for yourself tho mate!

  • Great piece sas, I’m surprised no-one has done this sooner. Good stuff. Nice to see HDM as modest as ever. He knows he’s good and we know he’s good so come on dude!!! lol

  • sasman, what a great idea!! A good read, but surprising you didn’t uncover HDM’s Matt Derbyshire perversions in more detail! 😉 I for one wait with baiting breath for the oztheman interview, should be a corker!

  • LMAO MArtin, it wont be a corker, you will be breaking out the Robbie Williams songs and the razor blades after it hehe!

    Nice Idea and nicely done Sas, shame HDM was his modest self. I want to see the man behind the mask LOL

  • rofl cheers guys, yea im training up on my questions lol. Wow what a amazing reception this has recieved, hopefully you will all continue to support this and back me up on it when its your turn. See HDM, told you it would be a gem lol

  • Nice one sas, you’ve done a good job so I’m glad that you did kick on with this idea (with the approvial of the Vital Portsmouth Editor, who we must thank for letting us modify their idea) keep up the good work dude.

  • It’s one of the best features on our site. Do you lot meet up? We had a vital pompey gathering before a home game recently. Hope you enjoy the feature.

  • Great stuff this Sas… you;ve come up with a corker!!! great stuff from pompey rug, cheers for your help mate, the pompey lot are a good lot on vitalportsmouth. It is tricky to meet up pompeyforme, you should see how hard it is trying to get HDM to come to a game!!! Seriously though guys, it would be awesome if we could all get to a game.

  • Have a meet before the game, weve done it, and become quite friendlly! We have members from Oz that come over and try to meet. Seriously tho guys, keep up this feature, it’s good conversation and it’s always good to see what makes a fellow supporter tick.

  • Sasman – I’ll get you the Match ticket lol!!!
    pompey4me – Yeah dude this is something that we have often tried to do it’s just difficult isn’t it, I work at the weekends, which is a crime!!!
    MikeyGamst – Dude, you lot should just go for it.

  • hdm i think mikey is just passing on the responsibility of aorganising it lol. Cheers mate send the ticket over, at least i can pretend ive gone to a game lol

  • Its not that I cant be bothered orgainsing it!!! lol.. I would be delighted to see some of the guys on here. Sasman… you are aware of how much these plane tickets cost!??!?! We should start a bring Sasman to Ewood charity fund!!!!

  • Rofl Brilliant idea matey, you should even write a article about it hahaha, promote it over the vital network rofl, while ur at it , u might as well split the fund so HDM can get a day of work and come to a game lolll

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