Date: 31st May 2008 at 11:46pm
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Its back, bigger and better, and its Mikeys turn….

First of all I would like to apologise for taking a break on this segment, have been caught up in so many things, but as promised, a cracking interview has been completed with Mr Mikeygamst.

Mr MikeyGamst, lets start of by explaining your screen name….you in love with Morten?

Being a hetrosexual male I’m afraid the answer is no. At the time of joining VB about 2 and a half years ago Morten was one of my favourite players and it just rolled off the tongue so I went with it. Further more, since I have now lived in Sheffield for 5 years every time you ask anyone round here to name a Blackburn player his name always crops up first. For the last few months I have simply been known as ‘Mikey’ to many but the Gamst bit just sticks with it.

Being a journalist now my name gets out there a lot and is visble on the site so I’ll always be known as Mikey Gamst. (sure coming out of the closet are we….)

Just missing out on Europe was dissapointing, however, how do you feel on our fortunes in the 2007-08 season?

I think overall we have to be pleased. We didn’t get into Europe and didn’t go on a long cup run but we gained 3 positions in the League and that is progress, particularly on the limited budget that we exist on. If it was any other season our finishing position would of guaranteed us Europe.

Player wise the most impressive performers to me were Stephen Warnock and Brad Friedel. Warnock has been our most consistent outfield player, it’s a true testament to how good he is that Ronaldo had to switch wings at Ewood as he got no joy out of the boy, more of the same please. Brad on the other hand is our best player. Every week he is amazing and keeps us in games. He is worth 15 points a season and is the best goalkeeper in the league. The lack of recognition he receives is pathetic.

I know that Santa Cruz and Bentley were the top 2 but they get the praise, as a person i like to give credit to the unheralded, such as Zurab Khizanishvilli. Bentley was great the year before and improves all the time but needs to keep his feet on the floor and Santa Cruz is world class, it’s just injuries that have held him back before. 19 goals in the League for a ‘non-penalty taker’ is immense.

I feel that Morten and Benni in particular should be dissapointed with their showings granted Morten was much better after his first goal but he needs to be more consistent. Benni will be back next season as his head should be in the right place.

Overall though I have been pleased with this season. Not amazed, but pleased.

Is Sparky Ready to go to a big 4 team or will he still be at Rovers next season?

I am sure Sparky will stay with us till the end of his contract. he signed it and tells big players at our club to honour their contracts… he should do the same. He is ‘ready’ for a big 4 team but I’d like think he will still be with us next season, e has built this team and should reap the dividends of it next year with a few additions. He has more money this time around so let them have it in the transfer market Mr.Hughes and make YOUR team better.

If you were given 10 million pounds, who would you buy and why?

First off I would buy Sebastien Larsson for £4 million. He has been a cracking player last year and has the ability to succeed at the top level and can add creativity to the midfield. I would spend £1 million on Derek Geary at Sheffield United as he is the most consistent right back I know who would be a bargain buy. right back is the main position we need to tend to this summer and he fits the bill for me.

I don’t honestly feel we need another striker as the 4 we have are very good in their own rights. However I would take the remaining £5 million and spend it on Michael McIndoe from Bristol City and Tom Huddlestone from Spurs. Get that central midfield sorted and get some goals in it.

I know we’ll get a few unknowns knowing Sparky but that’s what I would do with my player knowledge.

How will we fare next season, and where do we need to strengthen to improve

I feel finishing position wise we will finish in about 7th again in the League with a few wise additions. I thinkwe could go on a long Carling Cup run next time out though and make a real fist of it. I hope we qualify for Europe again and believe we can. We just need a bigger squad so we don’t burn out… that has caused inconsistency last season and with a few more players could be avoided next time out. We are on to a good thing here. Lets get the fans behind the team and make Ewood a fortress again.


A Fantastic interview completes the series on our reports on site editors. Now if one of the editors gladly do one on me, we can start on the VBERS!!!!….



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