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Its Summer, yet its cold and rainy, Sas’s next target can only be in the one place….god old England….

Money4Midfield is his name, and boy what a great read this is. With all the transfer talk and rumours, we delve into different topics for this issue of getting to know!!!!!

1) Money4Midfield aye… there any true meaning behind your username. The strength and lack of investment over the years in our midfield possibly???

The name speaks for itself. We sold Bentley last season and still haven`t really replaced him. People talk about a shortage of personnel up front at the end of last season, but they forget about how short of talent we were in midfield for a large amount of the year. We were forced to play Warnock in the middle and had to rely on our un-tested league two signing along side him.

Although Warnock played his heart out in midfield last season, and Keith Andrews surprised everyone with his energy as the season went on, I think we need to be realistic. Our midfield as it stands is not creative enough to challenge for Europe or even top half. Grella looks very much like he is an enforcer, not a creator, and as sentimental as I feel about them, Reid and Dunn are always likely to get injured for part if not all of the season. In short, where is the creativity and where is the investment in a decent winger?

We have funds. Bentley`s money was never spent last season and RSC (the one who`s name shall not be mentioned) gave us a parting gift of a few coins too. Along with a striker, this is our largest priority in my eyes.

2) Is it too long between spells, not long enough or just right? There is a 2 month gap between end of season and start of new season, however our players barely get a break with internationals and training camps….what do you think?

Hmm, tricky one this one. Personally, I don`t think footballers have it too bad – huge wages, playing sport for a living – hardly 9 to 5 grind!! That said, they are only human and everyone deserves a break.

The pre-season is absolutely vital, so that stays. International friendlies on the other hand? dump them!

The real problem comes during the season. Teams like Rovers do not have a big enough squad to compete on more than one front. An extended cup run or European campaign can leave a squad exhausted and can means a real end of season dip. Even If we do qualify for Europe this season, the EUFA Cu? sorry EUROPA League is now an absolute joke. Huge numbers of pointless fixtures against teams you`ve never heard of, decimate smaller teams like ours (just look at Villa`s collapse). I think we should be glad we steered clear of that this year.

3) Explain the game day process you take whilst preparing to watch a Rovers game, and the aftermath!!!!

Last season was a little different to most for me. I was away travelling for the start of the season which meant tracking down a bar showing the football and convincing the owner to turn it to the Rovers game (much easier than in England).

Back home, I often try to ignore proceedings until half time when I get a score update. I then usually end up listening out for updates on five live (the radio), getting increasingly agitated as the clock ticks closer to full time and there has been no score update for the last 15 minutes!

When the games are on TV or ‘other` sources, I have to try and convince friends (who all seem to share some misguided opinion that watching Rovers vs Bolton is likely to be a dull game – as if!) to come to the pub with me. Failing that, my girlfriend (hates football) will relent and keep me company. This tends to result in me getting increasingly annoyed while she reads the Sunday papers.

When I do get to see Rovers live, its always away. I didn`t get to see Rovers in the flesh last season as I`ve been pretty much skint since returning to England. However, I have very fond memories of sitting in the Spurs end and trying to suppress my delight when Samba struck that sweet late winner the year before.

4) What do you think of the clowns who decide to raid our site. Should we welcome them with open arms and run with the banter, or is there a limit to what we can take

Play with them like a cat plays with a mouse. Then, when we get bored of their CAPITALIZED rubbish, boot them up towards the moon.

That said, I`d love to see a “Getting to know” special featuring Oztheman. 😉 ( Its been done matey, check the Getting To know Tab link on the top of the page to see all the getting to know interviews!!)

5) And the question we all get, where will Rovers finish, who will get relegated and who will win the darn title……

Rovers will finish 9th, top half but only just – ‘top 4`, City, Spuds (*sigh* I know), Villa and Everton above us (and Fulham taking 10th). I`d be pleased with this. There are some very strong teams hovering around the EUROPA places this year and Spuds and Citeh are bound to be better than last year given the amount of money they`ve spent (in January in the Spuds` case).

There is also a lot of deadwood in next year`s Premiership: I think that Hull, Birmingham, Wolves, Sunderland, Portsmouth and Burnley will be scrapping it out at the bottom.

Portsmouth look like a club in freefall at the moment and they are top of my list of probably relagees. Burnley (shite) and Hull (second season syndrome) will be joining them in the Championship next season.

I think that Chelsea will win the league this season. Few people really mentioned them last season, but they had a really good last third. Manure haven`t bought in anything near the quality they`ve lost in Ronaldo yet and I think will suffer for it. Liverpool looked good last season, but they are so reliant on two players, that an injury to one will again scupper their chances. Also, I`m going to stick my neck out and suggest that buying Owen will be a clanger for United

Once again, a fantastic read……

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