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Yes, the man himself, The best thing to come out of Norway, Mr Morten Gamst Pedersen!

For a few years now, Sas took up the challenge of sharing some brilliant conversations with some of Blackburn’s finest fans. From the United States to England, New Zealand to Australia, India to Scandinavia, Sas has spoke to VBERS (Vital Blackburners) across the globe. And with great pleasure, it brings us to the biggest scalp of them all.

Step Up, Blackburn Rovers Midfielder, Morten Gamst Pedersen!

1) You were a young man, playing for Tromso in Norway. How did it feel when you heard Blackburn Rovers were interested in you all the way back in 2004?

It was a fantastic feeling! Their first bid was already in May (Prior to the signng), but Tromsø didn’t accept that, and that was of course dissapointing. But I just kept working hard, and eventually it all came true and I was a proud Rover.

2)After enduring a slow start to your Blackburn Career, how did it feel when things just finally clicked, Gamst Pedersen started firing in corners, free kicks and whipping in those trademark crosses.

My start wasn’t slow, it was flying. I came to Blackburn and was thrown onto the pitch against Manchester United and almost scored and I got an assist. Then Souness went to Newcastle and Sparky came in as our new manager. He thought I wasn’t ready for the Premier League and sent me up to the stands, I couldn’t even be on the bench. But I just kept working hard. First man into the training ground and last man out. Kept on smiling and be the best where ever I could be the best. And when I finally got the chance, I took it and it felt wonderful. I knew I had the skills, but Sparky was right, I had to get strong enough and adapt to the pace of the Premier League.

3) As discussed many times on our site, Morten Gamst Pedersen is firing before Christmas this year! And it has provided Blackburn with a couple of very solid victories. Do you attribute your form to the move to central midfield? How did this change occur?

Well, I played central midfield last season as well. But I attribute my form to my hard work this summer when i had my hollidays. When the PL season was over I had some national team duties, and when that was over I could start my hollidays. But I took my best friend Stig, who is really important to me both as a friend and a training partner and a man who i can trust with everythning. He is really skilled in sports and business. And i took Mark Holmes who is a sports therapist in Blackborn Rovers and went to Marbella in spain for one week of HARD training. We had 19 sessions on 6 1/2 days. So it was three sessions every day. And the rest of the summer we just kapt that good form and trained on things I needed to improve. And that I do think have helpt a lot this season.

4)Realistically, can Rovers snatch a Europa League spot this season?

The competition in the PL is huge. Chelsea, Man.Utd. Arsenal, Liverpool, Man.City, Tottenham, Aston Villa, Everton is just some of the teams who is competitive for a spot in Europa. We can be amongst those teams, but it takes a lot of hard work as a team. Becasuse when we get a 15-20 goal a season man, the ‘big’ clubs want him. And those teams can offer more money and a fight for a Champions League spot. That means we have to perform better as a team, and don’t be dependent of one man. And we do perform, and when we got a man or two who can score more than 10 goals, we will definitely snatch a european spot. Just like now, in the match against Bolton, if we had won we would have been in sixth place, half way through the season. And we definitely should have won that match, and it pisses me off that we didn’t. (it got to all of us mate! unlucky)

5)Martin Olsson, Nikola Kalinic, Steve Nzonzi, Josh Morris, Phil Jones, Grant Hanley, Junior Hoillet, the list of youth coming through goes on. What do you, as a senior player, provide in terms of experience, to keep these kids heads in line, and focused on the game?

As a senior player I always try to be present and available to to the younger lads. But these guys have to find their own way, and learn on their own. Us older guys can only give the support and advise that they want. And some of the younger guys goes flying the minute they get their chance, but they always end up chrash landing. The guys you mentioned here are different though, they do work hard and are willing to learn. And I think some of them will play Champions League football on a regular basis sooner or later. We have had some really talented youngsters in my time in this club, and they have been on top of the world and acted like world class players the minute they have gotten their debut. Perform over time, invest your money wisely first, for example in a home, an appartment or a house. And if there is some money left then you can buy a fancy watch or a fancy car. Don’t go buying a diamant earring just because you have kicked a ball around for 20 minutes in the PL. Do well the first season, and if you are satisfied with your performance, go and treat yourself. But as I said, most of the lads you mentioned are skilled and professional and above all, willing to learn. (Superb, humble answers there MGP)

6)Of your teammates, who is the one you would least like to be stranded on an island with and why?

Well, if I get stranded on an island, I really really hope it’s not with any of my teammates. I so desperately hope it’s with a beautiful girl who is smart and caring. And I hope she isn’t married or have a boyfriend. I hope she willing, but not easy and promiscuous, and I hope she is a challenge but not a prude. And I wouldn’t mind if she was from Norway or Sweden eighter. But I do not discriminate, and those qualities I accept on whereever they come from! 😉
(Love it! Superb Answer)

Well there we have it, what a superb read.

On behalf of the Vital Blackburn fansite, I would personally like to thank Morten Gamst Pedersen for taking time out, and sharing some amazing answers, and most importantly of all, standing up to the hunter, Sas!

Please take the time to visit Morten Gamst Pedersen’s personal blog, where he takes us through many of the happenings at Ewood Park and in his life

Morten Gamst Pedersen Blog

Who’s next! Well you just never know who Sas has lined up….Do You Now?

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