Date: 3rd October 2008 at 10:25pm
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Sasman has taken on the storm head on, with our latest interview with the controversial, Oztheman

1) Oztheman, you are one of the most vocal members of our beloved website, however a lot of members tend to disagree with some of your opinions. So lets get it all out here and open for discussion. Paul Ince. Was he your first choice as manager to replace Sparky, or was there some one else?

Paul Ince nor any body else was my fixed choice..I mean would you like Jose Mourinho? I think he would spark life into Blackburn and Mcarthy I had NO ONE in mind.. but at the time thought big SAM who has worked with low budgets could do a good job he has took Bolton places they never dreamt of also BERG but not fixed..

2) You continously mention, ‘the friends club’, referring to Paul Ince, Keith Andrews and Robbie Fowler. Could you explain to us why you think these footballers should not be part of our first team squad, or even at the club?

..The reason is fairly simple if understood..
INCE.. he has been given a chance by Rovers to prove himself in the big time he walks through our doors and welcomes FRIEND Fowler…Wait I did NOT like HUGHES’s dicision on getting rid of TONY PARKES I felt for the guy he had been manager on 4 occasions.. but was not wanted any more as this was his style he wanted to implement he was outside the PLAYING scope.. here INCE goes to get Fowler.. hold your horses mate Have you done ANY homework on the team you will be in charge of? Creating unrest in the dressing room which NO manager wants and if those who play for a team find out another player in their position has been bought it does not go down too well and it goes down worse if he is NOT great striker but someone having difficulty in the division below but being a FRIEND of his means chosen in all friendly games ahead of our four.. Then goes to buy someone playing in THREE divisions lower than us,what a slap if you needed one.. just because he played for him there no team in two divisions above wanted him.. I WOULD LOVE TO GIVE HIM A CHANCE BUT ONLY AFTER HE RESPECTS US AND DECIDES THAT HIS FRIENDS ARE NOT FOR THIS LEAGUE.. He has to wake up this is no longer division two or the championship where he has been tooo long.. get a grip INCE..
FOWLER..A great super wealthy guy but after Man City showed Fowler the door or in reality since Houllier made him second to Owen his game has NOT improved but gone sadly downhill here he played alongside Ince and in the England set up and made good FRIENDS with our present manager..he was a GREAT striker but after his injuries,like we have seen with Shearer, has been a yard or more off the pace of the premiership up to a point where even Cardif who are in a league lower than us dont require his services..he HAD and HAS the quality not the pace hes 33 no longer getting younger but plays in a position where sharpness is vital the greatest strikers have that extra half a yard or can create it sadly whilst at city 4 years ago we watched his demise. he tried there OR do you think he played cards there?? and is going to run his guts off for us Rovers? 33 for a keeper is young,for a striker tested by others SORRY..
ANDREWS this guy makes the Hull AND Wolves fans wonder and laugh at us..Keith who?was the first question I asked google sorry cant find, has he played international football at any level many years has he wasted himself by sitting on the bench for the above teams playing in 94 outings and NOT managing a single goal.. So if Ince thinks hes going to score in this league and he does and you see ambulance men at the rovers end upper tier its most likely me.. after watching him playing he does run a lot but lacks 2 MAIN QUALATIES 1 holding the ball and looking up when passing if you notice his passes have been telegraphed which is not clever and shooting??? well I wonder if Warnock can score in 3 divisions down? but ‘he sat for Ince playing’.. for me it is a quality of a looser,he moved down not ONE, BUT TWO DIVISIONS to prove himself,there he was good but not great, maybe division one standard not even championship..but his FRIENDSHIP with his new manager,the one he sat on the bench at Wolves for, meant him doing well in league two means he can play here.. Ince didnt do that well for Wolves the next season they went straight down no backbone in the team (we won 4-0 Ammorouso goal first game of the season) there he,Ince played for 5 seasons in that division but to INCE because you owe someone something you dont give them to us.. because I presume all INCE has been asked to do like ‘SOUNESS IS TO STAY UP’ ..we have been in the top eight in the last four seasons.. so sad Ince brings his old useless friends for a dinner they dont deserve from us.. I CAN LOVE OR HATE THEM BUT I KNOW I AM STUCK WITH THEM..

3) Being the passionate man you are, if there is one thing you could change about the club, what would it be?

Robert Coar greedy get..

4) A multi million dollar investor has coming knocking at your door, and he wants you to sign 3 players. What 2 players would you sign regardless of cost, and what 1 player would you sign who would fit in well with our financial status.

4a.. Depends on availability and him wanting to play in the north west for us..but if you want the names of 2 MESSI and RONALDO lol ..
b.. Momo Sisoko WAS the one I know that startles you but any player who can force Houllier to force Gerard to play out of position must be good and I think he could have been affordable.. but since having Grella I would NOT BUY ANYBODY TELLING THE GUYS LIKE WENGER ‘PROVE YOUR WORTH AND THE FAITH I HAVE IN YOU’..Maybe a lack of comppetition but we have enough good players on the bench and in waiting to beat the first team..the only danger being EMO.. think why?

5) Where will we finish, who will win the Premier League and who will get relegated?

If I knew that i would be in remember teams after 6 games in the top half have gone down toooo early to call we have played well but would be even better without the services of his FRIENDS.. INCE CAN LEARN AND BECOME BETTER..

Thanks for your point of view Oz, im sure there will be a bit of discussion, ehmmm Mikey….


Better then Mikey lol


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