Date: 9th August 2009 at 2:03am
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The transfers are quieting down, now its time to move our focus onto Rover 23!!!!

The Segment where Sas asks the questions is here once again, with Rover23 put on the spot…..

1) Not long now until the season starts. Do you think our inconsistent pre season has got us on the right path?

I’m not too worried about the pre season results. I think the inconsistent results and performances are due to Sam getting to know the squad he has, now that we are out of the relegation dog fight! I wouldn`t judge a team just on pre season alone… regaining fitness is a big part of it! However the lack of goals does worry mea little going into a new season… but, we managed to stay up without Santa Cruz the last half of the season, and I`m sure we can do a lot better now we have added to the front line!

2) Kalinic and Di Santo. How will they do? Will Kalinic be our 15 goal striker to spear head the front line?

I’m very happy with these two.. Kailinic is rumored to be the ‘next big thing’ to come out of Croatia and he is already in there national side at the age of 21! Scoring 32 goals in 59 games for Hajduk Split he comes with the ability, but the Premier League will be a big step.. I think if he hits the ground running he will be our 15 goal man for sure… and for 6.4m I`m sure Big Sam thinks the same! who are we to argue? 🙂

Di Santo is a player who has been linked with Rovers for a long time… and I`m glad he`s finally here, he`s a big lad, which is exactly what we needed to replace Santa Cruz! and he must have quality if he is on the books at Chelsea. I would however, have liked a buy out clause.. I just feel that Chelsea will be gaining more in the long run as they can recall him in January, after he`s had the experience and hopefully found his form at Rovers!

3) Warnock and Samba are targets for Villa and Man City. Do you think these two key men will go, or will they continue on at Rovers?

I really rate these 2, and with a combined fee of £1.9 million we paid for the pair of them, it is incredible how well they have done!

Warnock – I think out of all the Rovers players, we would miss Stevie more than most.. his versatility and quality combined are bound to attract other teams! He was a Key player in our survival battle last season, which is shown by him being awarded Player of the Season.. Will he still be at Rovers come September? I hope so, but if a fee above £15 million came in, we would have to accept! And in this inflated market, with Glen Johnson going for around £17 million, anything less would be unacceptable…

Samba – Chris is a big player for us… with his aerial ability, and huge presence, he is a handful for any premier league team. He is a good defender no doubt, but with all the money Manchester City have, I doubt they will go for our Chris.. £8 million or more and we would accept, as I feel a replacement could be found for that kind of money… but he will be with us in September I think…

4) Who do you think will stand out for Rovers this year?

I think Stevie Warnock will be great this year as always. With the added bonus of playing either Central Midfield or Left Back, he will certainly figure in the side week-in week-out. Guaranteed to give 100% every game without fail… never a bad performance…

Also Kalinic’s form will be vital to where we end up next season. Bought to score goals, and our big money signing, he needs to produce the goods if we are to get up the table…

5) Where will we finish, who will get relegated and who will win the EPL

think we will finish in a safe, mid-table position… anywhere from 12th to 8th. With the players we have, we should be pushing for a Europe spot, but with the likes of Spurs, City and Villa all very strong now, I think we will miss out.

It’s got to be Chelsea to win the League for me.. With United losing Ronaldo and Tevez, and Liverpool yet to find that extra striker to partner Torres, I think Chelsea will win it… Ok they haven`t really strengthened much, but If Ancelotti has a better start than Scolari did last season, they will be a lot stronger, if they had hiddink from the start last season, they would have won for me…

As for relegation, I think it will be Burnley (and not just because I’m a Rovers fan!) and Hull to go down… with the 3rd spot undecided! Burnley really don’t have the squad to survive in the Premier League… and by not adding many players they haven`t improved their chances… Hull will suffer the 2nd season syndrome… the striker situation needs to be sorted… as there lack of goal power will see to their downfall…

Another great read! Cheers mate.

With two more VBERS now lined up, it looks like Sas doesnt have to go hunting….but then again, Sas likes to strike when you dont expect it…just like Stuart Clark and Peter Siddle!!!!!


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  • lol Sas with the last comment, its still 1-1 all buddy and up for grabs. Great read that rover23…. top stuff, especially like the bit about Samba and Warnock.

  • 1-1 and up for grabs? your mob actually have to win this test match mate,, and with Kp and flinty struggling, good luck!!!! and who knows, Brett Lee might be in to cause more damage!

  • 1-1 and up for grabs? your mob actually have to win this test match mate,, and with Kp and flinty struggling, good luck!!!! and who knows, Brett Lee might be in to cause more damage!

  • ashes should be coming home, theres big talk that we’re going to pull out AAALLLLLLLL the stops! you better have one last look at that urn!

    and sorry rover23, i did mean to comment on your article, and not just the sas’s comment at the end! everythin u said its pretty much spot on! though im abit more worried than you about the preseason!

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