Date: 21st July 2011 at 6:40am
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The Hunter has been Hunted!!!

So normally Sas hits the road, chasing his very next target for Getting To Know….Not this time, oh boy not this time.

Mr St_Jimmy_77 decided to hunt me, on the forums, on twitter, on the forum and on twitter again! He even hunted Rover23 down to get an interview!

So here we go, Step up, St_Jimmy_77!

1) Tell us a little bit about St_Jimmy_77. Who is he, what does he do, and why Rovers!

Well I am 24 years young – almost 25. I work for a major high street bank. Why Rovers? Having it drummed into me from a young age that it was Rovers or no team at all. Used to live near Ewood Park so that helped my passion grow.

2) We seem to be linked with a different player, every single day. What are your thoughts? Do the media have any idea on whats happening!

The media seem to be spinning a lot of stories about Rovers and to be perfectly honest I don’t think they know everything they are making out. Only the people that know whats happening. And all these rumours are causing distress to fans! We will see who’s right soon I guess.

3)Venkys. What are your thoughts on their impact on our beloved club?

Well they certainly have made quite an impression. I am impressed by their passion they have for the club but their PR skills are to be desired. I don’t place any blame on them whatsoever because they are involved in a totally different environment than theyre used to.

4) Chris Samba. Will he or wont he be a Rover come the closure of the transfer window

I don’t know – its a wierd situation with Samba. I expected a bid straight away from Arsenal but they don’t seem to be forthcoming with a bid. They seem to be focusing on Gary Cahill at the moment. My head says yes and my heart says no 🙁 but I will love him forever – just for his legendary tweets.

5) 26 Million pounds. Who would you realistically attempt to sign

I like the sound of that Cisse guy from Freiburg but seems to have decided his immediate future is with his current club. He’d be a realistic signing I’d like us to make. Noone else immediately comes to mind. But it’s obvious what we need, defender, midfielder and a goalscoring striker

6) What is your favourite all time Rovers moment and who is your favourite Rovers footballer ever!

My all time favourite moment has to be beating that that team from up the road 5-0 at home. Atmosphere was insane! Loved every minute of it.

Favourite player ever has to be Ronnie Clayton. Ex rovers and england captain who I met on a lot of occasions. No nonsense tackling was his trademark and rovers through and through!

And there we go, a great read as always! Cheers buddy


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