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Strap yourselves in, as Sasman and Vinjay knuckle out the important issues….just dont mention takeover to me again!

In probably the most serious interview yet, Vinjay steps up to the plate, giving us his opinion on issues around Blackburn, 1 in particular….

1) Who is Vinjay, what does he do? Why Blackburn Rovers?

Well I’ve always lived locally and it seemed like a natural choice. Most people are influenced in some way by family and friends towards their choice of football club. That went some way towards establishing an affinity with the club.

Ultimately however you need to feel a connection with the club as well. I took an instant liking to Blackburn Rovers in the same way I took an immediate dislike to Manchester United. There was nothing but positivity around Blackburn Rovers not the endless stream of belittling comments like now. People accuse me of being negative but that was never the case up until 2004.

Nothing pisses me off more than people running this club down. Yet the bad guy label is aimed at me. This club has been a leading symbol of excellence in English football since its foundation. It is time our supporters treat this club with a greater level of respect. Maybe people belittle the club as a way of feeling better about themselves. Why else take the areas leading symbol of success and run it down time and time again.

People call me a lunatic but the only thing that really drives me mad (other than the walkers) is seeing comments like ‘little old Rovers.’ If someone spit in my face it would be less offensive. People who spread that kind of poison are the problem at this club not supporters like me. Actually describing supporters like that as poison is being too nice. People will say I should let them be entitled to their opinion but there’s no other way to react to stuff like that.

Supported the club for 13 years now and the first few years were very good in regards to positivity. Even 99-2000 the mentality of the club was at the level it should be and there was still a sense of ambition. Back then it used to be me criticising others for negativity. Looking back any negativity (aimed at the players performance level) was fully justified but with an owner like Jack Walker there was always reason to be positive.

Unfortunately the last few years any level of success has been overshadowed (except for the league cup win which was great) by the current owners still being here. The Mamut link in 2003 turned me pro takeover and the pathetic funding in summer 2004 turned me against the current owners for good. Even then I said nothing for a full year until joining BRFCS and protesting against them. There’s only so much you can take.

Its much better to say what you think than contain that level of growing anger for so long. If you think I’m negative now you should have seen me in 2005. The Rothschild appointment went some way towards a slightly more positive outlook over the past couple of years. Still they should have appointed them in 2003 so they wasted 4 years.

Who is Vinjay? Had questions like this directed at me before but contrary to popular belief I don’t visit the board to talk about myself. People moan about that yet then ask to know more about me. Lets just say Vinjay is someone who wants the absolute best for Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

I don’t have deep hate for Rovers fans like someone suggested. I have relatives and friends who support Blackburn Rovers. No secret that there is a certain level of bitterness from my perspective but no hatred. The overall mentality of the fanbase however is wrong. Its funny how Rovers fans think they can relate to Jack Walker. How he was ‘one of us.’ Mentality wise he was on a different planet and that’s before he made his millions.

Look at those quotes by Delap at the top of the forum. The very first one that he should have submitted is Jack Walker-‘think big.’ Yet even Alex Ferguson has a quote while Jack does not. That’s not acceptable. There’s few things sadder than the quote I see in reference to Jack most often is that Zidane one. He may well have said it but that shouldn’t be the first quote which comes up when people think about Jack.

2) The Debate is on, the potential takeover of the club, and you seem to be taking a rather negative approach to the saga. Can you clear it up for us, exactly what is your perspective on the situation, and what is the way forward?

y negative comments are aimed at the current owners. I couldn’t be any more pro takeover. People call me obsessed with the issue and that’s true. It is a misconception for anybody to think that I enjoy talking about takeovers. Trust me nobody is more tired than I am of talking about it.

It has overshadowed everything else but that’s because a takeover is the only potential way forward. Other than if the Walkers started showing ambition which is about as likely as an apocalypse. It may also seem that any takeover would be good enough from my standpoint but that isn’t true either. My disgust towards the current owners makes it seem that way.

3)10th spot under Sam Allardyce, is that what was expected? Or did we over/under achieve?

Personally considered a top half finish to be perfectly realistic at the beginning of the season. The manager is competent enough (even if he isn’t my long term preference) so overall it was an ok season. Reaching a semi final will be good from some people’s point of view but the losing run in semis is getting a bit tiresome now. Some decent funding in January might have helped chances over the 2 legs but of course that was never going to happen with the current owners.

Was also pleased to see Man United lose out in the title race.

4)How ambitious can we be next season, with this emerging crop of stars?

Ambition is a banned word with the current owners in charge. They have put a straight jacket effect on this football club. Anyone hoping for the likes of N’Zonzi to stay better hope for new owners. Any progress that is made can not be sustained while they remain in charge.

New owners hopefully will equal new found positivity and ambition. Then I can focus on that instead of takeovers all the time.

5) Fifa World Cup- How will the rest of the tournament progress, and who will win it!

Well it looks like the world cup may seem much closer to home starting from next season. Apparently those silly instruments haven’t been banned from Ewood by the current regime. UFC have banned them from an upcoming event and can’t really blame them. Still if they blocked out some of the more annoying chants at Ewood they might not be an altogether bad thing.

Much harder to predict a knockout competition. I guess the unpredictability makes it more interesting.

Thanks for that Vinjay! An interesting read! Even though I didnt get my world cup question answered! And the man they call Vinjay remains a mystery!!!

If you have not stepped up to the plate, feel free to send me an inbox message, and we can go from there!


13 Replies to “Getting To Know…..Vinjay!”

  • Oh and if you want a quote adding Vinj just add a quote in the forum and I will gladly put it up. Sadly it is not your job to tell me what is and isn’t acceptable. That condascending tone is the reason quite a few have a problem with you. It doesn’t bother me that much but it is a shame you can’t see it.

  • Are you able to answer a question without adding a slagging off the Walkers comment? And if you’ve only been a supporter since the 1996/97 season then you don’t know what it was like before Jack Walker. I can remember reading stories week after week in the LET about Rovers having their electricity and phone cut off because they hadn’t paid the bills – and believe me if we didn’t have the Walker Trust’s support, that’s where we’d be right now.

    People call you negative because you are – we are as well run a club as you can get, but all you can do is slag off the owners, who are carrying out the instructions left by Jack Walker (who is a family member of theirs you seem to forget).

    If you want to watch a club that chucks loads of money at worthless causes and money grabbing foreigners, go and support someone like Newcastle or Portsmouth or Notts County.

    Try putting at least one positive comment in your article and people won’t call you negative. Try leaving the owners alone and people might even think you want the best for the club.

  • What a bitter and unrealistic person this clown is!!

    There is no actual option about anything football on here, just a ridiculous hatred for the owners and United. It’s tiresome and irritating, and I find myself unable to read the garbage he puts on the forums. We all have serious points that we make about the club but I think most of all on this site we have a laugh and get on, I have never once laughed at anything Vinjay has had to say and that’s why he bores me!

    He flits from forum to forum spreading his poison and *****ing people off.

    If your points weren’t so tedious out we may take you seriously, but I read your name, skim read and move on.

    Well done Sas for proving how fair you/the site is by publishing this tosh!!

    Lighten up Vinjay!!

  • Should be a warning sign before each answer stating there is a possiblity you might actually die of boredom reading his one track responses.

  • He did find a way every question of bringing it back to the board and the trustees…. 6.) what is your favourite colour? A – Grey, it is the the only colour the current board will allow. 😉

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