Date: 27th April 2009 at 2:29pm
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VBer Glen Mullan has taken time out of his already busy schedule to give us this seasons player ratings for all the Rovers players that have put in a shift this season.

Good read this…. over to you Glen –

Robinson – Was signed to replace brad, but to be honest no one was ever gonna be good enough to replace big brad, looked shakey at the start but as the season has progressed has looked more and more assured and im sure we will see the best of him next season and he will be pushing for a spot in the england team- season rating 7

Ooijer – Was signed as a short term replacement for neill and has played more games than even he probally expected, not everyones cup of tea, as his pace and distrubution is often questioned but has had quite a steady season and scored two late winners which has give us another four poiunts on the board, will leave in the summer but has been a good servant whilst here. :Season rating 7

Simpson – Looked a good prospect when he burst onto the scene at old trafford, and when rovers swooped to bring him in on loan it looked a good shrewd bit of business, however thats were the fairytale ends. Has been very dissapointing and has offered the team nothing apart from cover when other players have been injured, Not one who rovers should look to sign but one who may still end up being a rover as he has no chance at old trafford. He has had more bad games than good ones and is rightfully not in the team.: Season rating 5

Olsson – Scored a wonder goal early in the season but has been made to look very stupid against to many wingers this season, he has contributed to many of the poor goals rovers have conceded when he has played and is not premiership class, he has also spoken out against the manager who gave him a chance and his arrogance towards the matter was like a spoilt child. needs to be shown the door, as he is not good enough. :Season rating 3

Givet – What a signing this guy has been, strong as an ox, needs to be snapped up soon before one of the big clubs come sniffing. In my opinion he is the most natural footballer of all our defenders and his versatitility is invaluable to the team, his signing has coincided with more solid performances with the back four : Season rating 8

Nelsen – Benn a funny old season from the admiral, looked very much of the pace under the ince era, as to be fair did many other players, but in the last couple of months has put in some good captain performances and has looked more like his old self, lets hope that form continues for the rest of the season and into next.: Season rating 7

Samba – Came in for lots of critism in the early part of the season from many rovers fans but has developed as the season has gone on, still relatively young and his threat in the air has been utilised to the benefit of the side, Had a super run of games under sam and will only get better: Season rating 8

Warnock – Head and shoulders rovers player of the year, played out of position most of the season, and his impact now has many questioning if centre midfield is in fact his best postion, scored vital goals and has also shown good creativity, lets hope stevie sticks with us and he gets a game for england which his form and season deserves, Season rating 9

Zurab – Not had many games, but when he has played rarely puts a foot wrong, i really think he needs to move on to get the appearnaces he needs, and i will be sad to see him go as i personally like him as a player, but funds need to be raied for new signings and perhaps he is a candidate where we could get a couple of million, Season rating 7

The Axe – Played quite a few games this season which in fairness has been forced upon the team due to injuries. Under ince the first couple of games he looked very accomplished and was arguably one of the shining lights, however his natural ability is not of the standard for premiership football, he cant pass the ball, his positioning is poor and he is a liability in the team, ok he can kick people but his tackling is far to clumsy and hopefully he will be sold or given away at the end of the season
Season rating 6

Andrews – Was not a shock signing as it seemed inevitable that Ince would sign his old skipper, for a million pound the lad in fairness has performed much better than a million pound player, and has had more minutes on the pitch than most of the midfielders, but the lad is not at the age where he is gonna get any better, and is out of his depth in the premier league, sam has looked to play him at right back in recent games and maybe he could have a future in that position, but he is not good enough in the engine room lining up against the likes of lampard, fabregasc, carrick,alonso ect and is no more than a squad player Season rating 6

Dunn – Not been one of dunnys better seasons, injuries have again crept in and he looks so unfit most of the time, he has lost most of his pace although the effort is till there, needs to really get himself fit in the summer or his place next season could be in jeapardy, the jury is still out season rating 6

Grella – Spent most of the season injured due to being run over by a fly or tripping other a daisy, hard to gauge what this boy can do, but on the evidence of lack of games looks like a waste of money as for rovers budget we blew most of it on him and he has just not figured all season, i hope he is fit next season and starts to repay the club, the money he has cost :Season rating 4

Tugay – God we will miss him when he finally goes, still shows against the worlds best that age is no barrier and is a real role model to all, had quite a few games this season and his ability on the ball has still unlocked defences, hopefully there is a role under some capacity at rovers next season, but will always be a legend around ewood :Season rating 7

Emerton – Like warnock was on course to be one of the players of the season before getting injured. This season he has played the best football for the club since he was signed and hopefully will come back the same player he was before he got injured: Season rating 8

Pedersen – Been poor now for the last two seasons and really needs to pull his finger out or he will be sold. He has all the ability but has not been consistant and we cant afford to carry players on past reputations- Season rating 5

Treacy – Another who is not good enough for the premiership, was awesome against blyth in the cup but blyth are not man utd chelsea ect, would do a good job in the championship but not the prem: Season rating 6

Roberts – Cant knock him for effort, works tiredlessly and of all our strikers works the hardest, but is just not good enough for the highest level, his finshing is woeful and has missed so many vital chances which could be the difference when 38 games are played to were rovers are playing there football next season, rovers should cash in on him and look for more lethal finishers: Season rating 7

Cruz – Very disspointed with his attitude and constant nagging for a move and even now whilst out injured finds the need to reiterate his intention tho leave. The boy has quality but in fairness has not shown an awful lot of it this season, too many players think the grass is greener on the other side and he could prove to be a one season wonder and rovers get richer of it, sell him and move on : Season rating 5

Benni – Been hoit and miss all season but a when he is in the mood and fully fit he is a match for most strikers in the prem. Needs to get the focus back and become a regurlar starter, if that is not posible then maybe a move elsewhere will be inevitable. : Seson rating 7

Derbyshire – His loan move puzzled many including me, and how we could do with him now with all these injuries we have, im sure he will not be sold as i still believe he has a big future at the club and if he was partnered in attck with a crouch type player we may have the jackpot for nexr season: Season rating 7

Villanueva – Jury still out if his signing will become permanent, going buy minutes on pitch i think his chances are slim, it will be pity i think as he has the ability and will only get better, but at the same time 5 million is alot for rovers and its a gamble which the club cant make at this moment in time: Season rating 6

Diouf – was a nice bit of business for sam and has fitted into the team nicely, he offers a different dimension to the team and work rate is unquestionable, didnt realise how much the lad tracked back when he was at other clubs but he is certainly not scared to put a shift in season rating 7 i agree with that rover23

Big Sam – Really steadied the ship when he arrived, only worry i have is rovers no longer play football and we are too predictable, its not the brand of football we are used to or in fact want but only next season will we discover the direction sam wants to take us in : Season rating 7


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  • I agree with most things you say Glen, though I think the majority of the rating were too high. We’ve come very close (I hope “close” is apt here) to being relegated this season, with the bulk of a squad that finished in and around Europe under Hughes. The only explanation (other than a host of injuries – but are Reid and Dunn ever actually fit for more than half a season?) is that a lot of players have under performed for large parts of the season. Looking at the season as a whole, I’d drop Nelsen and Samba down a point or two… And Benni has been a waste of time for large parts of this season… As most people probably know, I’m Derbyshire’s biggest fan, however, this season, 7 is very generous… This season almost needs a pre and post Ince ratings because some of the chronic underperformers under Ince have seriously picked up their game under Sam…. Warnock was definitely player of the year and I agree Emerton would probably have taken the honours before he got injured.

  • It’s hard rating players, as it’s just one persons opinion. However, agree with Warnock being player of the season, and the Emerton theory. I would guess next season Big Sam will bring in players that suit his style of play, and many of the above mentioned names will not be on there…Andrews, Mokena, Simpson, Ollson, Derbyshire, Gallagher, Cruz, Ooijer, Zurab, Grella…

  • agree the majority of the ratings are quite generous. also i am not so sure that there will be a massive turnover of players. I agree people like mokoena and oojer and santa cruz and gallagher will leave but players like zurab and andrews need to stay as they are good squad players

  • thx guys glad you liked it, and most of us agree, thinking back now, i was a little kind with the ratings, but my thoughts on the players write ups were as good as i see it, although some may disagree, it was just my opinion as a whole

  • Not easy to please is our Sas!!!… I think its not easy to give ratings sometimes as people have different expectations of what to expect and how they view different players.

  • Agree with most of this mate, especially the Givet and Diouf ratings…only one slight problem…Big Sam deserves a 9 or 10 if he gets us out…..10 points, bottom of te league and 4 adrift refresh your mind???? Come on, this man has dragged us out with an average, ageing team dessimated by injuries!!! When u think that Southgate and Shearer cant fashion a win with Owen, Viduka, Martns and Alves on the books (combined approx 50 millon) then this has been nothin short of magic!!!

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