Date: 28th May 2007 at 10:35pm
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The Greatest Ever Blackburn Rovers Squad had been finalised, now we have the Starting XI’s Goalkeeper! This man is Brad Friedel.

Eventually it was decided that the final selection of the three goalkeepers to get into this squad would be, Terry Gennoe, Tim Flowers & Brad Friedel.

From these three with 83% of the vote, most feel the goalkeeper should be Brad Friedel.

Congratulations to Friedel for becoming the first name inducted into the Greatest Ever Rovers XI.

Flowers gained 9% to take his place on the bench, with Gennoe collecting the final 5% to be the man who would be next in line for a call up.

This squad currently comprises of the following:

Goalkeepers – Terry Gennoe, Tim Flowers & Brad Friedel
Left-backs (or Wing-backs) – William Eckersley & Graeme Le Saux
Centre-backs – Mike England, Derek Fazackerley, Colin Hendry & Ryan Nelsen
Right-backs (or Wing-backs) – Bob Crompton & Keith Newton
Left midfielders (or Wingers) – Damien Duff & Scott Sellers
Central Midfielders – Ronnie Clayton, Jimmy Forrest, Eddie Latheron & Tugay
Right midfielders (or Wingers) – Bryan Douglas & Noel Brotherston
Forwards – Tommy Briggs, Simon Garner, Alan Shearer & Chris Sutton

Next up for selection will be the left-back so keep an eye out for the poll shortly.

Don’t forget this selection process, CAN and WILL alter over time so if you DON’T AGREE WITH THIS have your say about making a change by clicking here.

The current poll, suggested by Clint is asking your opinion on, “Overrated players in the Premier League – YES OR NO?? But who is most overrated??

As for what you think, cast your vote and why not have your say on the latest polls findings?



18 Replies to “Greatest Ever Rovers XI – Goalkeeper”

  • Watch out Terry Gennoe and Tim Flowers there is a landslide coming!!! How about that then a MASSIVE 83% think Bradders is our Greatest Ever Goalkeeper, I tend to agree, but not by such a clear margin though!

  • Congrats to bradders aye. Id say he won by this margin due to him being playing now and being freshest in memory, i dont even no terry whilst i was able to see tim in his later years

  • All three goalkeepers were very good, some better than others. Flowers was still one of the best goalkeepers produced by this country (England) for me, was just around at the wrong time as often happens for goalkeepers. I don’t think Bradders (as GREAT as he is!) is 74% better than Flowers though.

  • Flowers was an amazing shot stopper, maybe even better than Brad but he didnt have the all around skills, such as catching and kicking from hand that makes Brad the worthy winner of the 1st spot in the greatest ever team!

  • Must have had such a great history when Brad bloody Friedel, who couldnt get a game at Liverpool a few years back when David James was there, is your ‘greatest ever goalkeeper’. I’d joke about Stig Inge Bjornebye being your greatest ever left-back, but he’ll probably actually win that!

  • Nozzy who do u support. We dont want your trash here. Seriously are u related to chalky and ajaeb cause all 3 of you are scum. Unless ya have something positive to contribute then get stuffed

  • Brad didnt get a game at Liverfool because that is wot they are!! They got rid of Brad to sign Westerfeld, yes I hear folk going WHO??? Seriously, that must have to go down as one of the most stupid decisions in the history of the Premier League lol

  • I think Flowers got more credit than he deserved because he played behind the dog’s dangly bits of defence for so long. Brad has spent most of his Ewood career behind some average/poor defenders… not now though!!!

  • And Nozzy I dont see how you can insult us… why dont u go and mock Liverpool for giving away a great goalie for free!!!!! failing that why dont you go away and never speak again… seriously. No-one would care… give it a try you might like it… we would.

  • sasman – Nozzy06 is a tosser, I know this for a fact (obviously I’ve not witnessed this first had thank ***** lol!) He is a supporter of “the mighty” Liverpool I believe and is just jealous because we tapped into the fact that Bradders is such a GREAT goalkeeper when Liverpool failed to realise this. Some of the jokers they have had since give him good reason to be envious!

  • Agree, and even taking into account the reasoning both BomBom and MikeyGamst give surely Flowers was closer to Bradders than the poll suggest though?!?! Bradders is without any doubt the best we have had and probably are likely to have though, MUCH better than the ***** Liverfool (I like that one Clint, that is a KEEPER!) have had since they got rid of Brad.

  • Man whats with these tossers, we have nozzy, ajwb and chalky raiding our site with their stupid remarks. Really dont these guys have better things to do, maybe it is the friedel factor, cause like liverpool have had so many great keepers of late havent they……

  • As I say sasman he was jealous of so much of the garbage Liverfool (I still like this Clint lol!) have had to put up with since they let Bradders go for peanuts. Some of these ahem, tossers like to wind up opposing fans so this is why they do it, others genuinely believe what they say but they alone only know if they mean it don’t they?

  • HDM u never hear that one b4?? Another of my mates is a Pool fan and get them all lol I loved it when Diouf was there cos he used to get ‘ the hoof to Diouf ‘ tactic. See in NI Blackburn arent an ‘ IN ‘ team so all my mates are Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and Utd. I tend to have to use all the banter I can get lol As for the visiting *****s, they come onto this site cos folk like me answer them back instead of ignoring them, i’ll have to stop but its an Irish thing lol plus they prob talk crap on their own teams site. U’d wonder why they really bother!!

  • I must have heard it by never really paid much attention to it, it’s so simple but sooo effective lol! It’s not just in N.Ireland that Rovers aren’t an “in” team though is it dude, we are not really an in team in this country either, but do we care!

  • Well thats true mate but its a def exception to the rule over here, where its either Rangers, Celtic, Utd, ‘Pool, Gunners, Chelsea and Spurs – Thats ur choice in footballing terms lol Linfield and Glentoran dont count as that :0)

  • In all fairness, when you look around, erm, sites that shall not be named, we do seem to have a high proportion of Irish fans – Although it’ll only be a sliver of the amount that support the big four, considering our stature and European (ahem) might we seem to attract quite a few. I always had it down as the success of Duff, Gallagher, et al – We’ve always had a bit of a representation in green as far as i can remember.

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