Date: 20th January 2007 at 3:39pm
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If you had the money of a Roman Abramovich and even a time machine I’m sure you would love to put together a Blackburn Rovers Greatest Ever Squad? This is your chance as we continue compiling this squad with the Left Midfielders!

We all have our favourite players and know of the legendary ones even if we haven’t seen them so now is our chance to get these brought together as you the Vital Blackburn Rovers fans get a chance to compile what you consider the Greatest Ever Blackburn Rovers Squad.

This squad will comprise of the following, with the goalkeepers, left-backs, central defenders and right-backs already selected:

3 Goalkeepers (Tim Flowers, Brad Friedel & Bobby Mimms)

2 Left-backs (or Wing-backs) (Stig Inge Bjornebye & Graeme Le Saux)
4 Centre-backs (Henning Berg, Mike England, Colin Hendry & Ryan Nelsen)
2 Right-backs (or Wing-backs) (Bob Crompton & Lucas Neill)

2 Left midfielders (or Wingers)
4 Central Midfielders
2 Right midfielders (or Wingers)

4 Forwards

To put together this squad we need to think of names so below leave your suggestion for the LEFT MIDFIELDER or LEFT MIDFIELDERS you would like to be considered for selection. Remember left wingers are also viable options.

Once we have enough names (at least three, ideally six) we will put it to the vote and the top two will make it into the Greatest Ever Rovers Squad.

Should you suggest more than six left midfielders I will either have to consider those most frequently suggested or somehow get you to decide on the final six people voted on? JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE MENTIONS A PLAYER DON’T THINK YOU CAN’T AS YOU CAN the more mentions a player gets the better his chance of at least making the poll!

This is your chance so post your left midfielders or left wingers names below. Why not also post a word or two on why you have selected them?

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21 Replies to “Greatest Ever Squad: Left Midfield”

  • I’m away for a few days now but hopefully upon my return we will have names aplenty suggested!!! DON’T forget just because someone mentions a name it DOESN’T mean you can’t also; the more mentions the better their chance of making it into the poll.

  • I think we know the man that will be suggested most and probably win the poll but to get things going I’ll mention one name Jason Wilcox. NEVER regained the heights of his time at Ewood Park, a quality yet underrated footballer.

  • Wilcox is a legend, or was. He was awesome at Rovers but his departure paved the way for the one and only……..Damien Duff!! Would we consider Gamst in this bracket yet? Hmm tough one.

  • What about Noel Brotherston? was a class act. I do agree that in the time Duffer was with us, he was one of the most talented players in the league and deserves his spot. however Jason Wilcox was an average player who was in the right place at the right time! I personally dont think he wouldve got into the side if we didnt have injuries to Gally that season. Wilcox isnt deserving of “legend” status IMO Also, what about Scott Sellars and seeing that I have mentioned him and admittedly it isnt his natural position, Kevin Gallacher. That lot oughta get you lot talking

  • Duff will win this hands down.. I wonder how the current man in that position will do? Recently he has been oustanding. Morten Gamst Pedersen should surely feature???

  • Neill has left us for west ham …. i dont see the point int hat becuase its not a step up in his career, its more of a step down and he made up a lame excuse of sayin he supported them as a lad, i dont think so… do you ? i wouldnt be that botherd if he left us for a better club but not for west ham united for a meer £1.5m and we are also in talks with warnock + ouch ooijer out broken leg … more bad luck for us

  • Left wingers…..urgh this is a toughy! As a club its a position we have always somehow managed to have filled witha quality player! Wasn’t Lars Bohinen classed as a lefty? Mike Harrison Ally McLeod, Dave Wagstaffe, Bobby Langton and he went to war! Brotherston, Sellers, Wilcox, Duffer and Gamst. I’m not going to bother wasting my time trying to explain my reasons for some of the old boys I’ve put forward because, lets face it. It makes no odds…. I guess Duff and Wilcox will be the winners!

  • Chelsea have the Russian money and after todays match at Liverpool they may come here for advice as the dont have a clue at the moment what their best midfield actually is…. 🙂

  • Hey Gov, Lars was predominently a central midfielder. I’d forgot about MacLeod, he was the MoM in the cup final IMSC. Another good suggestion m8. I still say Duff and Brotherston however.

  • Your best defender leaving you for just £1.5 million, and Morten Gamst Pederson soon to be a spurs player for around £10 million. Two first team players leaving you because they know that you are going nowhere. Atleast Pederson will have some chance of winning this year with spurs.

  • I can’t believe it! Scott Sellars has hardly got a mention. He performed admirably for Rovers for a number of seasons. He improved every season and had one of the sweetest left foot’s that the Riverside has ever seen!
    I agree about Duffy who was at his very best with Blackburn and of course the current incumbent Gamst is filling the role superbly

  • Hey OAL, I like the way Martin Jol decides his transfer targets, “Who’s on the back page of the Sun today” MGP has a good game, hes off to Spurs, last week, It was Downing. Get a grip m8, ur a decent team, but if MGP is going to leave it’ll be for a better team than Tottenham.

  • Good names coming out MacLeod, Duffers (obviously the daddy!), Wilcox, Brotherston (top player but wasn’t he more a right sider?), Sellars (superb footballer criminally underrated!) and of course MGP. Kevin Gallagher another fantastic footballer but one that is sometimes forgotten. Good names guys doubt there are too many more to add

  • Yeah OneAaronLennon it really looks like Rovers are going nowhere… top six last season, last 32 (at least!) of the UEFA Cup, heading towatds the top six of the League again, a favourable draw in round four of the FA Cup! Neill WASN’T Rovers best defender and getting £1.5 million as opposed to nothing in six months time suits me. WHAT THE HELL do you propose MGP would win with Spuds this year dumbass? Surely he would be cup tied for the FA, UEFA and League Cup’s wouldn’t he? Oh of course you are going to win the Title aren’t you!!!

  • OneAaronLennon… I would be really offended if you actually knew what you were talking about. Rovers are on the up and we’ve been down this road before… Last time he was linked with you he signed a four year deal with Rovers. Fantastic.

  • Yeah, those Spurs fans have a real delusion of adequacy, we should be thanking them for stoppin Mido signing for us, that allowed us to get Benni and Mido is off to Spain LOL. Who’s on the back of the Sun lads?

  • I was gonna come on here and congratulate your club for saying it will put down its ticket prices cos of the telly money thats coming.
    Hopefully it will do and then some other clubs might do the same! About time us fans got something back.
    PS would love MGP at spurs, but cant see it happening. As long as we do the arse tonight, i dont care.

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