Date: 16th April 2007 at 10:20pm
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For sometime now we’ve been trying to put together what we feel is the Greatest Ever Blackburn Rovers Squad. This has been selected but now is time for a recap and in some cases a re-evaluation.

This recap will entail us going through the positions, looking at those already selected and deciding are “they really worthy of their place in the Greatest Ever Rovers Squad?

This squad comprises of:

3 Goalkeepers

2 Left-backs (or Wing-backs)
4 Centre-backs
2 Right-backs (or Wing-backs)

2 Left-midfielders (or Wingers)
4 Central Midfielders
2 Right-midfielders (or Wingers)

4 Forwards

When we looked at the right-backs first time round, these six men were the men with the most mentions, and hence they made the poll.

Bob Crompton
Jeff Kenna
Lucas Neill
Keith Newton
Chris Price
Dave Whelan

From these six the following two were selected.

Bob Crompton (32%) &
Lucas Neill (37%)

So what do we do next?
Next we will go over the positional selections and once we have these positional placing selected to a level the majority agree on (not all will, but the majority will speak and be heard? hopefully!) we will start selecting the Greatest XI!

How do we review this?
Quite simple, YOU look at the people who have been brought into the squad, if you are not happy you mention the name in the comments section below for the name you think should come out and put forward the name (PLEASE NOTE – This doesn’t have to come from the original six mentioned!) you thought should come in (ideally why in both instances!)

From the names put forward to come in, and those to go out we should have a majority voicing their fair and honest opinion more fairly than a poll for this process. In a poll you just select a name, in some cases maybe that you like, by asking you to comment you mention a name with a reason why!

What happens if no one comments?
Quite simply if no one comments then no one comes in or out of the Squad and we’ll select a keeper for the Greatest XI from what we already have.

I DO NOT want this re-selection process to go to a vote, I want this process decided by the majority through your comments. People have no excuse to moan or be unhappy about who is and who isn’t in if they will not debate (not argue!) their point. In a split decision we will, well we will cross that bridge if and when it comes to it!

It’s a lot simpler than it may seem!
So simply leave the name(s) below for who you think should go out and add the name for the player that you think should come in, all ideally with reasons. This doesn’t need to be fully detailed but some reasoning would help.

Things can and will change over time
Do remember the squad can and will be changed over time at your request. This is a long running process as hopefully I will be around this site for YEARS to come, as will you?

Once we have decided (to the majority, not minority I’m afraid) we will have a finalised squad and then select a Greatest XI (this will go to a vote though!) I will reveal how the “appeals” process for change will happen once we fully finish this project.

So what are you waiting for?
You know what to do, have your say below. This re-evaluation process will run for a maximum of a week, this should give people plenty of time to have their say. If you don`t the true Greats (again I’m not saying those already selected aren’t, I’m not looking to sway opinion within this article, will do this below LOL!) could miss out, then who will be to blame? Without wanting to be harsh you, the Vital Blackburn members will as you would not have voiced your opinion…

Don’t forget the forum, you can talk about whatever you want there and YOU decide what it is! Forum Link.

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16 Replies to “Greatest Ever Squad: Right-Backs”

  • Your help is needed now, let’s make sure the RIGHT people get in. Have your say and PLEASE try to give reasons rather than just giving a name.

  • How the HELL Lucas Neill can be classed as a “greater” right-back (according to the poll results!) than Mr Blackburn himself Bob Crompton I’m still AMAZED!?!? Neill (and this is not a reflection of his move to the Hammered) is not in Crompton’s, arguably even Jeff Kenna, Keith Newton, Chris Price or Dave Whelan’s League! Neill out for me (Kenna and Price both superb, but not quite great, Whelan maybe would have been but for injury) with Keith Newton probably in for reasons previously mentioned: England International who was one of the best full-backs during the 60’s and 70’s could play at left or right-back, simply brilliant! Only missed out on being a left-back as Eckersley HAD to be in. That said Henning Berg was unlucky to miss out on the centre-back selection, but he mainly played as a right-back early on didn’t he. Newton or Berg?!?! Not sure a squad is complete without either! BOB CROMPTON and one of these two, but I’ll mull it over for a while before deciding 🙂

  • For me, Crompton shouldn’t even be discussed – Deserves an automatic place in there. The other, well, i have to go for Newton – As I mentioned previously i think he has to go in somewhere, and as we seem to have been blessed with centre backs he can fill in on the right.

  • I’d go for Berg and Neill. The problem most of people have with Neill is the ugly way he left us. In my opinion he added much to our team, and unfortunately he prefered the money.
    Kenna was one of the worst full backs I’ve ever seen: slow, can’t tackle and can’t read the game well. Can’t beleive we’ve even mentioned him 🙂

  • I’ll have to go for the untouchable Crompton and Newton, I think these two deserve the Greatest tags, although Berg did well he’s not in their class for Rovers. Neill was a good, solid player for the club who made him after bringing him form Millwall but def not one of the greatest in this club

  • I’m sorry Israeli but HOW can Bob Crompton not make your selection for a GREATEST EVER ROVERS squad, especially with Neill ahead of him!?!? I know it’s opinions (and these are respected) but come on. I can understand why you would say Berg (I’m still torn between him and Newton) but Neill over Crompton, NO WAY! Neill’s not even fit to hand Crompton his moustache brush (that is a fine Mootache (moustache in others words) isn’t it!) is he. Neill was a VERY good player for Rovers, bad blood aside for his move to the Hammered he is not a Great!

  • I only go back some 17-years or so when my interest in Rovers started so Crompton was NO WHERE near around in my time (wasn’t even around in my parents time, not that they are Rovers fans anyway.) The guy was Blackburn through and through, you must know about him surely?

  • A very brief history lesson about Bob “Mr Rovers” Crompton – Played 528 games, captaining Rovers to league championships in 1912 and 1914. 41 England caps, including 22 as captain between 1903-14. Went on to Manage Rovers 1926-30, winning us an FA cup, then re-instated as manager 1938-41 leading us to Div 2 championship in 38-39. Passed away in service, after serving the club for a total of 50 years. On most “English league legends” lists, you’ll find Mr Rovers somewhere around the top 10, for the entire history of the game. True Rovers legend.

  • Personally i voted for neill when this poll first ran, after recent events, get rid of the****, i couldnt care who we replaced him with, just get rid of him

  • I didn’t vote for him first time round, but wasn’t totally opposed to him being in but am now (but I like to think this isn’t because of his move to the Hammered as I genuinely think he isn’t a GREAT!)

  • crompton and joe bloggs, couldn care less to be honest. Sorry guys, but ive stressed this before, he serviced our club for a lengthy period, but the way he left is a disgrace, being a fellow australian, he let me down and let many of us down. I firmly believe whilst he is a top player, he no longer deserves the honour of being classed as one of rovers best

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