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If you had the money of a Roman Abramovich and even a time machine I’m sure you would love to put together a Blackburn Rovers Greatest Ever Squad? This is your chance as we continue compiling this squad with the Right Midfielders!

We all have our favourite players and know of the legendary ones even if we haven’t seen them so now is our chance to get these brought together as you the Vital Blackburn Rovers fans get a chance to compile what you consider the Greatest Ever Blackburn Rovers Squad.

This squad will comprise of the following, with the goalkeepers, left-backs, central defenders, right-backs, left midfielders and central midfielders already selected:

3 Goalkeepers (Tim Flowers, Brad Friedel & Bobby Mimms)

2 Left-backs (or Wing-backs) (Stig Inge Bjornebye & Graeme Le Saux)
4 Centre-backs (Henning Berg, Mike England, Colin Hendry & Ryan Nelsen)
2 Right-backs (or Wing-backs) (Bob Crompton & Lucas Neill)

2 Left midfielders (or Wingers) (Damien Duff & Morten Gamst Pedersen)
4 Central Midfielders (Ronnie Clayton, Howard Kendall, Eddie Latheron & Tugay)
2 Right midfielders (or Wingers)

4 Forwards

To put together this squad we need to think of names so below leave your suggestion for the RIGHT MIDFIELDER or RIGHT MIDFIELDERS you would like to be considered for selection. Don’t forget right wingers also apply.

Once we have enough names (at least three, ideally six) we will put it to the vote and the top two will make it into the Greatest Ever Rovers Squad.

Should you suggest more than six right midfielders I will either have to consider those most frequently suggested or somehow get you to decide on the final six people voted on? JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE MENTIONS A PLAYER DON’T THINK YOU CAN’T AS YOU CAN; the more mentions a player gets the better his chance of at least making the poll!

This is your chance so post your right midfielder’s names below. Why not also post a word or two on why you have selected them?

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30 Replies to “Greatest Ever Squad: Right Midfield”

  • DON’T FORGET the more times members (different members not that same person repeatedly!) suggest a name the better the chance of that player making the Poll therefore the greater chance of then making the squad!

  • Two names that HAVE to get mentions are these two guys NOEL BROTHERSTONE and BRYAN DOUGLAS, so I?ll kick things off with these. Have a few more in mind but will sit back and leave it to you now to agree, disagree and add others.

  • I would say David Thompson, when he was fit and on form he was touted as being an England player – he was a class act – shame about his following injuries.

  • I wont repeat his name but come on Wellsy!!! hardly fitting for the “Greatest Squad EVER!!!” Ill throw a few names in the ring too. Stuart Ripley and Roy Vernon. If you are going down the “Wellsy” route then I will also throw in Georgios Donis and Brett Emerton too

  • I never rated Ripley – it was a running joke between me and my mates about how he would mesmerise the full-backs – only to always hit them with the cross!! How can you compare Thommo to Donis??

  • Ripley was good, and as such will get a mention from me but at the same time he could arguably also almost fall into the Jason Wilcox category, right place at the right time; but was he really as good as we thought?!?! Comparing Thompson to Donis is an insault BomBom I have to agree with Wellsy here. On his day just before his arrival at Ewood and during the height of his power at Ewood he was superb. Injuries ruined him, but for this god only knows what would have come of him.

  • Here, here HDM. I thought the guy was excellent. He had two good feet, pace and got stuck in when it mattered. His lack of height never seemed to cause him problems. If he has stayed injury free he would have been a Rovers legend.

    Remember, he kept Dunn out of the team.

  • Well if Bentley does stay i believe he can have a greater influence then even the Maestro hass had over the years. Whether or not he is a rovers legend, he surely deserves a mention

  • Yeah, Bentley is becoming a legend – it is reported that he has just signed a new deal – good one Hughesy!! Shows his respect to the club and to his manager – especially with all the rumoured Man U interest. He has been head and shoulders this season above anyone in the squad fo consistency. Even when Rovers were playing poorly his performances stood out. I am sure he will get even better.

  • The height was always a worry but he more than compensated the lack of this with his other attributes. Had this been conducted a few years down the line then I think Bents would get into the squad no two ways about it, if he keeps going like he is then a place in the XI will also be VERY probable.

  • Bentley will be an important player for us over the years. Good news about his new contract. He has earnt the wage increase. Im gonna go for Ripley here. He was a heralded member of the League winning side and played consistently. Thats good enough for me. He never let anyone down.

  • Donis was part of an unfashionable, unfancied Panathiaikos team that reached the semis of the CL back in 1996. United wanted him and up until he signed for us, was a bona fide class winger. He never repeated his form in England. The whole purpose of this is Greatest Ever. Doesn’t stipulate that the player in question had to have his greatest years as a Rovers player! Mimms, Berg, Kendall and Tugay in the squad prove that point!

  • Have to go with Ripley. The best winger besides Duff on our books. I’ll never forget those great crosses and the way he rounded people with ease (just like Duff). Another player who was injury prone though…

  • Tugay has been world class with Rovers as he was before. Never saw him play but by all accounts Kendall wasn’t too shabby either at Ewood. Mimms had been around for a while before but gave some great years of service to Rovers, his 20 odd clean sheets in he Premiership isn’t bad is it! And as for Berg his best years were with Rovers no matter what anyone says. So on this basis, on Rovers form alone for me all four are in the squad on merit regardless as to what they’ve done elsewhere.

  • OK, ill offer a counter argument to ALL of those HDM. Tugay – Won nothing at rovers (was suspended for league cup game!) agreed that hes a fab player but has been more successful at Galatasaray and Rangers than at Rovers. BTW, was made the youngest ever captain of Galatasaray when he was with them! Kendall played 79 games for us, approximately 2 seasons, whereas he clocked up over 400 games between Preston, Everton and Brum. Won a league title while at everton. Mimms was first choice for what? 1 season in the premiership! Lost his place to Flowers. Made over 100 apps for us but was affectionatly known as “Booby Mimms” says it all lol. Berg out of the others mentioned you have the strongest case for, however he went to Man Ure and won countless medals including 2 Leauge titles, 1 CL trophy and the FA Cup. If you are looking at the greatest players in a rovers shirt, maybe, but if you want the players who had their best, most sucessful period whilst at Rovers, you can count those out now. I tell ya what HDM, when we get to the Strikers, boy is this gonna get interesting LOL

  • I know ALL this about Tugay, the Maestro is one of my favourite players of all time, Rovers or otherwise. Successful doesn’t make you great though does it! Alan Shearer for example won ONE honour in his entire career, the Premiership with Rovers still he is one of the Greatest EVER strikers this club will ever see, and one of the Greatest this country has ever produced and is likely to! There was life in Mimms before the Premiership though remember, he played his part in getting us their also. Again Berg won honours a plenty at United but was he a better player with them? The answer in my opinion no. This whole process is based on opinion, we won’t all agree but it doesn’t make people wrong, some names clearly are wrong but what can you do…

  • I agree, Success doesnt prove your greatness but it is a very clear indicator. Lets be honest, as a pro footballer, when you reitre, you would like something to show for all those years of adoration and whilst i appreciate that most will not get those medals they may deserve, its a very good barometer! It is quite probable that Tugay is one of the best players ever seen in a Rovers shirt, but has he had his best, most successful years at Rovers? that is the difference for me. Shearer, no doubt had his best years whilst at Ewood, yet he scored over 200 goals for the geordies! He did get 2 FA Cup runner up medals but was by far more sucessful at Rovers, so poor comparison really. Now Chris sutton however……One of the greats? he had his best seasons at Celtic IMO had 2 good seasons with us really the leauge title year and the one before we got relegated in, other than that…..Ooh I love a good debate!! 😉

  • You do make good points in this debate but lets face it how many medals are players realistically going to win with Rovers? The FA Cup this season sure but most other seasons at least four other teams will be more likely, or at least favoured to win honours ahead of us so players can rarely be rated on success can they, if they were then the whole squad was comprise of players from the late 1800’s, early 1900’s…

  • NAMES PEOPLE! Doesn’t matter if they’ve been mentioned, mention them again but from your user name, and why not say why!

  • Quality players no doubt, Le Saux is already in as a left-back but we are looking for right midfielders though…

  • Good names AustRover. Right I’ll keep this open for a couple more days then reveal who has made the poll so KEEP names rolling in…

  • Thats why I made the point of saying we are looking for right midfielders. Ripley is looking likely as being one of the men, getting a lot of mentions. Bents could be one of the best but FAR too early to be thinking of this yet, for me anyway. Speedie, did he really play on the right of midfield, even in a wide roll?

  • I always liked Kevin Gallacher quality footballer. Yeah Gally is certainly worth a mention so he gets one from me also.

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