Date: 16th April 2009 at 2:19pm
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Vinny Grella admits he still “owes” Blackburn Rovers as reflects on the hardest season he has ever had.

The Aussie and Sasman’s second best mate is desperate to crack on after having a stop start campaign.

No-one doubts that Grella is a strong, well drilled and talented midfielder but every time he looks like he is going to be the top draw £4 million player we paid for – he gets an injury.

However, things are turning a corner.

He played all 90 minutes in the Rovers reserves comfortable 3-0 win at home to Middlesbrough on Tuesday. Sam was there keeping an eye on things.

Grella, speaking to, said – “It has been one of those seasons where every time I start, I have to start all over again. I am feeling good, I am positive and hopefully should be ready for the game against Stoke.

“I still have six games where I want to be able to make my contribution whether it big or small for Blackburn. I feel I have a small debt to repay and I think in these games I can show what I am about.

“This has been one of the hardest seasons I have ever had. The expectation on me has been high but that comes with football.”

Grella has remained positive throughout the campaign despite all the setbacks.

“I have had strong support once again from the club, It has been frustrating but I have to be positive. Things happen in football and that is part of the profession.’ he said.

“I think in the pre-season I need to sort that physical problem out and start again.

It is no benefit for me to do to many looking to things with a microscope.

“It can become a bit of a mental thing. I don`t need that. I need to get out on the pitch and feel good and feel happy. I want to go out there and enjoy it, play the way I know I can play and I think everyone will be happy.”

Rovers travel to fellow strugglers Stoke on Saturday just four points away from the drop zone, with Grella hoping to have an impact and turn the tide after last weeks 4-0 demolition by Liverpool.

Vinny continued – “I am looking forward to it and I hope to be able to put my hand when I am called upon. Every game is a big game. Every game has its own story. Hopefully after the poor result against Liverpool, the players bounce back and we get a good result against Stoke. We are better than what was seen at Liverpool. It is never good to lose and it is never good to lose by four goals.

“I think the players of Blackburn have a bit of a personal pride and that would have touched their pride. They are all proud players and they would want to be walking with their chest out and head held up high.

“So I think it will be a great game against Stoke.”


11 Replies to “Grella Has A Debt To Pay”

  • everytime I have seen Grella play he has made a positive influence (like Dave Dunn) but they both need to stay fit for longer….

  • such a shame to be honest, grella has never had an injury run like he has had since this season, he has always been australias first choice midfielder, always available, lets hope he can carry through the season

  • Hehe, loving the optimism from the Aussis. I, like a lot of people, haven’t seen enough of Grella to have made up my mind yet. Looking at what the Australian chaps have been saying though, I really want him to finish the season with a good run in the side without injury. I think, all things going to plan injury-wise, I’d start: Warnock, Grella, Dunn and Diouf as a midfield 4 (that’s if there are 2 striker’s fit – or with Carlos behind the front man)

  • I wonder if there are problems with the training/backroom staff? Or is it just that we buy players who have a history of injuries? Either way, here’s to hoping that we have a full strength squad next season!

  • loving it retro!!!!!!

    Unfortunately I have not heard any inside rumours on signing any aussies in the offseason, all the word has phased down on Brett Holman, who we almost signed in the offseason.

    I’d like to slip a name in the hat though, Josh Kennedy. Would suit the English game perfectly. Big Target man up front, with Derbs or Benni Running off him. What you think retro?

  • Josh Kennedy would be amazing for Rovers. Just imagine the problems it would cause having both him and Samba on set pieces. McCarthy would have the ball given to him on a silver platter and with decent delivery from a winger, the headed goals would flow. But surely this is too good to be true. what would it cost to get him to rovers?

  • retro that’s a big call to make (the 18 points with a fit Grella), however, I love gthe positive vibe dude! A fully fit Grella WILL be superb for Rovers next season (and what is left of this one).

  • id say kennedy would be cheap. he had a fallout with the manager at nurenberg, so im sure we can steal him if we wanted to!!! comon emo, get in allardyce’s ear lol

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