Date: 8th May 2007 at 12:46pm
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Clint shares his views on the Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez debate involving West Ham United and their fine as opposed to points deduction. As he points out it’s not ALL about the relegation threatened sides!

All the talk of the Hammers has been centred around the likes of Charlton, Sheff Utd and Wigan but what about other clubs like ours??

A little while back we were beaten in a game that we should never have been beaten in at home to the Hammers, and not only was Tevez offside and the ball never crossed the line! But now it seems that the player himself was ineligible for the game even. Now am I the only one that considers this to be as much an injustice as the bottom 5-6 clubs have said there fight with the Hammers seems to be?

Yes they are talking about being relegated from the league when the TV money has gone up and this is lot of money, money which Rovers will receive I know, and I feel for these clubs that should not have put in this position as I believe that West Ham should be deducted points for breaking the rules, which they surely knew they were doing. There is an argument for past regimes and stuff but the club itself should be punished.

But for the point I’m making about MY team – Rovers, it seems a kick in the spools for our run towards a 2nd season in UFEA Cup and the extra money that this brings. While we are a smaller club in the league who have done really well with bargain buys and such when you get the opportunity to test your team against some of the best in Europe whilst making some extra cash then you have to take it.

The West Ham defeat, which was never a defeat at the time now takes on a new level, as Blackburn certainly lost 1pt and quite possibly all 3pts then this would have given us some more room in the tight run in for Top 7 and I certainly believe that should the other clubs, who have a case against the punishment handed out, then I think so do Rovers and maybe other teams that West Ham have taken points off this season whilst playing Tevez and Mascherano.

Maybe I’m wrong but…………………




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  • I think Clint makes a VERY fair point, and I’m not just seeing this with a Rovers biased opinion. Had Tevez NOT have played in that match he wouldn’t have won the penalty, wouldn’t have scored the penalty and wouldn’t have been as influential for the Hammered in their comeback (including the goal that NEVER was!) The Hammered were given a “record” £5.5 million fine but is this any consolation to the teams that will go down, is this a consolation to Rovers should this mean we miss out on the riches Europe will bring? WILL this bring back players clubs may lose as a result?!?! NO!!! That will be pocket change to the Hammered if they stay up. What about what happened to Middlesbrough? They broke rules and HAD 3 points taken away, this cost them relegation. Different rules were broken, but they were broken nevertheless so WHY weren’t the Hammered docked points? If there is ANY justice the Hammered WILL go down anyway, but it looks like they will escape, if so the inquest will continue and why shouldn’t we feel aggrieved also!

  • Whatever your point, the punishment has been decided. You can not expect the premier league or fa to go and revise the punishment. Furthermore it was an independent committee, so the fa will stand behind that. I agree there was an injustice in the goal you refer to but football is like that. All teams can point to incidents where they are rightly aggrieved so pointing to an individual incident is not going to win any arguments.
    Get over it

  • per daily mail

    The Premier League, under fire on various fronts, have no fear of the legal action launched against them by disaffected relegation rivals over West Ham escaping a points deduction.
    This is partly because the clubs have rubberstamped the disciplinary system themselves.

    The Premiership send a list to all 20 clubs asking for their approval of the names being put forward to form the independent tribunals who judge on serious cases like West Ham’s admitted guilt over rule breaches in the registration of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano.

    The trio on the panel are generally made up of a legal expert, a high-ranking public figure and someone with great knowledge of football but totally independent of the Premier League.

    So the three who gave West Ham their £5.5million fine were Simon Bourne-Arton, a QC, Lord Ouseley, chairman of the Kick It Out antiracism campaign, and David Dent, former secretary of the Football League.

    None of the clubs now protesting made objections to the West Ham tribunal when they had the chance, or to any of the other Premiership tribunal figures, making it difficult to see how they can mount a successful legal action.

  • im not saying that Balckburn should complain to the FA but I think that there are too many clubs that are affected by wot basically a balent cop-out by the FA. West Ham have broken the rules of the game as laid out by them and should be punished, sure £5.5m wouldnt even have bought Tevez outrite at the time so they have got off cheap, I read somewhere that the FA took into affect the clubs fans, why just one clubs set of fans then?? Wot about the others affected through the season, Wot of Wigan and its fans, who unfortunatley have dropped into the btm3, as a result of losses of course but if West Ham had of been deducted points then, would they be there?? I dont think so. When u look at there possibility of losing up to £30m the the Hammers ‘ may as well not been fined ‘ £5.5m who’s fans are set to lose the most???

  • Breaches of rules SHOULD hurt clubs (if this hurts fans it’s the way it HAS to be!) where it hurts the most, their wallets, which a £5.5 million fine did, but POINTS deduction would have hurt this wallet even more as they would be down already. Were Middlesbrough fans taken into account when they were deducted points for not playing a match?!?! I hope the Hammered go down as they deserve to go down after breaching rules however they are set out, but they probably won’t now. The FA, this independent panel, the Hammered should ALL be taken for as much as teams affected by this ruling can get, but then sadly this will probably affect football even more as these powers will look to recover this amount.

  • It’s just a shame that with their win over Wigan at the weekend justice will not be done. Let’s all pray that the Manc’s put on a party show against the hammered and that Wigan beat whoever they are playing and that Sheff Utd get the points they need – it’s a long shot, but would make me happy. Let’s not forget Lucas in this…

  • The WHOLE of the league should have been effected by it as both Tevez and Mascherano should NEVER have played for West Ham. The fact that the FA have re-drawn a contract that allows Tevez to continue playing is the biggest con though. Why the hell are West Ham able to re-sign a player when the transfer window is closed??? The whole situation stinks of corruption!!!

  • I feel that this record fine is a cop-out from the FA, they stated that they were taking into the West Ham fans but wot about the other teams fans that have been affected. Teams like Rovers and others have lost points to a team who broke the rules, im sure they’re are more but none I can think of that have been affected like Rovers have been by West Ham and Tevez in particular, I feel for those in Wigan who have slipped into the btm3, this has been due to bad results and in a fair world then yeah they deserve to be there, but if West Ham been deducted points for a balent breach of the rules, then Wigan would not be looking to lose £30m or wot ever the new TV money will bring each club. If of course West Ham stay up then they make 6 times more than this record fine imposed. £5.5m would not even been enough to buy Tevez so to say they got off lightly is an understatement. I sure Boro will be having a look at this to as they lost out on money as well then after a points reduction relegated them, could they have a case against the FA?

  • Problem is Wellsy Wigan play Sheffield United! For the Hammered to go down Wigan would have to beat the blades and Manure thump the Hammered, which I’m not so sure of, with the FA Cup Final approaching what sort of team will they play, how much will they feel they need to put on a show?!?! Feel we could see a game similar to that in a World Cup in the 70’s I think it was (maybe Germany vs. Austria) played at a pedestrian pace were a draw was enough for both, so they took it! I’d LOVE to see Manure win (god, can’t often say that!) and win big to see Lucas and his Hammered go down.

  • I’m surprised Middlesbrough haven’t already had something to say. Money is making too much go on that SHOULDN’T be going on.

  • I dunno about the Utd game, as long as Utd remember that it was West Ham that cost them the league against us!! but i think that whoever Ferguson plays they should be good enough to beat West Ham, some players will be playing for a crack at the Cup Final team and I do think Man U will put out a decently strong team

  • I do agree with Blade1889 when he asks how West Ham have been allowed to broker a deal to allow Tevez to remain at the club outside the transfer window, seems strange!

  • All it takes is a Man U victory, and a wigan victory. By any margin they’d be relegated on goal difference. Hopefully, if west ham are getting tonked, sheffield will let wigan win to ensure justice is done properly.

  • Are we not also forgettign that Liverpool got special “dispensation” in order to sign Mascherano? Perhaps a closer look at Liverpool should be considered. From a legal perspective… has this happened before? If a club in the past as been found guilty and have points deducted then Wigan have a legal stand point. I don’t actually have a lot of sympathy for clubs that have left it too the end of the season before making this protest. If Wigan had been battling for UEFA instead of a relegation dog-fight would Whelan have opened his mouth? No of course not! I’m sorry but it is a case of too little too late… And Clint – the point is well argued but i’m afraid is bollox – Tevez was on the pitch… and the linesman – Jim Devine was at fault – the blame is his and his alone!

  • Now that WOULD be justice wouldn’t it. I’ll get on the phone to Davie Whelan and whoever the chairman of Sheffield United is!

  • Superb point Clint… Im behind you that. No matter how much moaning the West Ham fans do, the punishment didnt fit the crime….

  • Anyone that thinks the punishment does fit the crime can’t genuinely believe this?!?! How many biscuits do you reckon it costs egg head to get the outcome he did? Only joking, I’m not wanting to go down the bribary and corruption route……

  • Kevin McCabe that’s the one, I knew it was something or other McCabe as it’s the same surmane as a friend of mine.

  • man u will put out a good team fergie said as much himself as he respects the relegation battle and all teams involved he will rest utd players against chelsea to ***** them off so hopefully wigan will beat sheffield and they both stay upcos west ham deserve to go and bring their dodgy dealings with them!

  • Yeah I know, but I was posting a comment at the time, and couldn’t be bothered to look for the name or send an email. Have you seen Scotty Sellers recently mate? I’ve not heard a peep out of him I think ALL year! Get on his case 🙂

  • I have just mentioned it mate…. his youth team season has just finished and he’s got about 3 weeks before he goes to America with Mr. Friedel… he says he’ll get on it mate… that ok???

  • Brilliant Mikey, nice one. I would drop him a line (to say thanks and that) but don’t want him to think I’m keeping on at him.

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