Date: 27th November 2010 at 6:42pm
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First off, Sasman should be up with a full report in due course but it is difficult not to be utterly disgusted with what the fans of Blackburn Rovers had to put up with today from our ‘stars’.

On a good run of form heading in we had every chance to give United a game… what we got instead was the worst Blackburn Rovers performance for many a year.

The biggest insult we can levy at our side is that we made Man United look far better than they actually are.

Not a single outfield player has any defence. Not one defender can say they stuck to task, not one midfielder was up to the match, Jason Roberts cut a forlorn figure up front.

Only Paul Robinson can say he had a decent game and for a man who has just conceded seven goals in a match that is as sad as it is embarrassing. The madness in it all is that the best outfield player was young Josh Morris who came on as a sub.

Every travelling away fan should be refunded their ticket admission price and travelling costs along with a full apology.

As a fan of our great club it pains me to say that we don’t expect us to go to Old Trafford and roll over the champions but what we do expect is to see our boys play with pride.

They should all be ashamed of themselves and the worst of the lot is Sam Allardyce – don;t you dare try and blame the players in full boss. You were as much to blame as any of the men in blue and white.

Maybe I will calm down in the morning but right now the wound is open and it hurts.

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18 Replies to “Hang your heads in shame the lot of you”

  • Good one Mike, couldn’t have said it better. Watched game on laptop and we definitely made them look good! Everytime they got the ball they were off! We looked slow, lazy and so unfit!
    Just got to dust ourselves down! Am in Tenerife next weekend and on today’s performance wouldn’t be worried about missing it, friends got our season tickets!

  • The club should give you away fans your money back, taken from the players wages! In fact they should give this weeks wages to local charities like the EL Hospice!

  • Glad u decided not to go to this one. I agree with u there Mikey Man Utd aren’t that good a team to score 7 against us. The whole thing smells like Sam wrote this game off Before a ball had even been kicked, with the next games being against so called ‘lesser’ teams and more of a chance of winning.. that’s just not how football should be played in my view.

  • “Don’t take all the credit. United made u look like school girls. Out classed in every department lads” – And you wonder why people dont like Man United fans?

  • 7 out, blah, blah, blah………………but everybody except Mame Diouf was available from last week, so against an ordinary (by their standards) United side we were diabolical in every way possible. So I would say that with the exception of Robbo, Sam and and his merry men should be thoroughly ashamed of their gutless display.

    For Rovers to roll over in such a pathetic fashion, tells all our rivals we are a pushover, in a league this tight is tantamount to suicide.

  • Your new owners might just change their minds about backing Allardyce after witnessing that shambles. Would many Rovers fans be all that bothered if he went?

  • dont mind that mix he,s a tool sad to see blackburn hammered by those utd phuckers like that hope you guys get santa cruz back and he scores loads for you and shows mancini what he would be missing

  • Mikey Delap. I support Spurs mate. Even your own manager and pundits had the same thing to say. You were completly run over full stop. Sometimes u just have to accept the facts…

  • As I’ve already said in the other sad report, this has been coming for months time and time again I walk out of ewood and think how bad was that, even when we get 3 points I’m walking out saying that was crap!!! now that is sad???in the past when I’ve had to miss a game due to work, other commitments etc I’d be gutted, but not any more and I’m glad I’ve given up going to places like Old Trafford if Mr exciting Alladyce is going to set up a team like that, last week against villa we couldn’t even attack with 60 seconds to go when we were 2-0 nil up!!! entertainment not a word that is in much use at present.

  • Our defence was a shambles and were caught just when Manure clicked into gear. We were terrible and I don’t mind saying it.

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