Date: 23rd November 2008 at 11:49pm
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Without a win in 7 Premier League matches, Blackburn made the trip to London to battle against the resurgent Tottenham. With 5 wins in their last 7 in all competitions, Tottenham where on there way out of the drop zone, could the same be said about Rovers.

Blackburn welcomed back Brett Emerton and Benni McCarthy into the starting squad, with Martin Olsson dropping in at left back.

Blackburn did start of the brighter of the two teams. A whipped in corner from Morten Gamst Pedersen was fumbled by the rather eccentric Heurelho Gomes, however the Rovers front men couldnt pounce on the opportunity. Repeated corners followed, but no chances were created. Blackburn then paid the price for trying to play their way out of defence. Aaron Lennon robbed Martin Olsson of the ball, and darted down the flank, cutting into the box. Despite a last ditch attempt by Nelsen to cut the play out, Lennon cut the ball back towards the oncoming Pavlyuchenko, who side footed past Paul Robinson. Tottenham 1-0.

Things almost became worse for Rovers. David Bentley stepped up and whipped a trademark free kick on from the left flank, 35 yards out. Pavlyuchenko almost doubled the lead, his glancing header striking the woodwork. The ball dropped at Ledley King’s feet, with his shot cleared of the line by Captain Nelsen.

Rovers almost clawed their way back in the game. A delightful throughball by Ooijer sent Emerton free, who chipped the onrushing Gomes, but Woodgate was there to clear the ball. Rovers then started to push on, with Martin Olsson trying to make amends for his error, whipping the ball in from the left flank. McCarthy beat his market, but his first time shot blazed over the bar.

Rovers next chance really should of found the back of the net. A Brett Emerton free kick from 35 yards bounced nicely in the penalty box, however Chris Samba was unable to make any contact with the ball, with only the slighest of deflections needed to send the ball goal bound.

Inexperience from left wing back Martin Olsson left Rovers short one player. Olsson lunged into a tackle on Aaron Lennon, with Howard Webb playing the advantage for Tottenham. Olsson was definately going to recieve a card at the next stoppage. The next stoppage occured due to a late tackle by Olsson, who was immediately given a card. Olsson was fortunate to find him self still on the pitch, but he ran out of luck 10 minutes later. Aaron Lennon raced down the flank with the ball, and Olsson slid in, at least a metre away from the ball. Howard Webb showed no hesitation, Olsson picked up his second yellow and first red in his Blackburn Rovers career.

Lennon almost doubled the lead before the break, but his deflected shot was saved by Robinson. 1-0 Tottenham Half TIme.

Benni McCarthy could count himself unlucky, but Rovers needed to take of a striker. He was replaced by Danny Simpson. Rovers best chance of the second half fell through another Emerton free kick. The ball was chipped into the box, with Roque Santa Cruz attempting to head the ball from ankle height, directing it straight at the keeper. Where was the volley?

In a rather tame second half, Tottenham directed play, but created minimal opportunities for the second goal. Their best chances where through David Bentley free kicks. A cross from the left flank found the head of Jonathan Woodgate, who struck over from only metres out.

The only joy for Rovers in the second half was the rousing reception each time Robinson got his hands on the ball, with the Tottenham crowd chanting Englands Number 1.

Frazier Campbell had a chance to seal the game late on, but his glancing header rolled wide of the post. The second was not needed though, as Tottenham climbed out of the relegation zone, and Rovers dropped into it, 1-0 Tottenham

Player Ratings

Paul Robinson 7
Made a great save, couldnt do anything about the goal

Ryan Nelsen 8
Captain Courageous. Saved us twice of the line, gave his all

Chris Samba 5
Poor game from the big man. Found himself out of position several times, really should of got on the score sheet also

Andre Oijer 5.5
You could see he was trying, but it just was not good enough. Bentley ripped past him every time, and Lennon got his way in the second half

Martin Olsson 2
Gave away the goal, 3 really rash tackles, deserved to be sent of. The kid has talent, but it wasnt there today at all.

Keith Andrews 4
To win a game of football, the 2 central midfielders really need to be involved in most passages of play. Our two central midfielders were not in involved in almost every piece of play. Hence, we did not win the game….

Aaron Mokoena 4
Same as Keith Andrews

Brett Emerton 5
Poor game from Emo. Could of done better with the chip, a few poor crosses, was of the pace.

Gamst 4
Who? I have backed him, backed him and backed him, but he was embarresing. 1 good corner, thats it. What has happened….

Benni McCarthy 7
Benni worked well up front. COuld of scored, but was creating, running around, worked hard. I feel the wrong man was taken of at the break.

Roque Santa Cruz 5
Should of come of at the break instead of Benni. Roque just doesnt look like his mind is focused on the game. He wanders of, doesnt chase like he use to, and really should of buried a goal.

Danny Simpson 6
The kid aint doing too bad. But he is lacking confidence whilst moving forward, should of pulled the trigger a couple of times

Matt Derbyshire
No Real impression
No real impression

I dont understand.
How can we see things, and the manager, assistants, board, everyone else cant.

Why do both our strikers feel the need to challenge the same ball on every goal kick?

Why do our wingers like to come in and sit as central midfielders?

Why do our defenders think they are creative midfielders and want to take on half the team? Olsson paid the price, Samba lost it a few times.

Why cant we put the ball in the back of the net?


Yes he is 38. Yes he cant play every game. However, we simply need him out there. I dont see how we can have 2 of Mokoena, Warnock, Andrews or Grella in Central Midfield. We need a creative player in there. Maybe Carlos is not ready to play 90 minutes every game, but we sure do know the influence Tugay can have.


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  • Some of the lowest ratings i have given. but deserved. Something needs to change, hopefully, for Ince’s sake, our boys find some form soon

  • Where is the manager rating? I think Incey should definitely stop puttind Derbs on the right wing! Just shove him up front for the last 10, we were losing FFS!

    I’ve said most of what I had to say on the forum. Mokoena and Andrews need dropping and someone, whoever else there is, maybe Tugay, Vogel, whoever need to come in.

    Agree with assessment of Gamst, I doubt he’ll ever get back to the form he once had. Time to sell I think.

    Disagree with you about Samba. Thought he was pretty immense today. And I thought Simpson looked good when he came on (much less Lennon related shenanigans).

    Also thought Santa played ok… hell we had no-one to support him once McCarthy came off. Andrews and the Axe aren’t going to drop in the hole behind him… too often he was just stranded up front on his own.

  • Absolute garbage once again from us!!! I cant believe that Ince keeps on playing people that quite abviously are not good enough! Agree with u on the Simpson thing Bents, however didnt think Pederson was as bad as u say. Maybe if our left back wasnt so bad today, he would have been better, as he did start brightly. Oh well, all i can say is… BRING BACK MATT JANSEN!!!!!!!!!

  • (Spurs fan) I think your ratings are a bit harsh. Considering you played an hour with 10 men I thought you were you were pretty unlucky not to get anything from the game. Your strikers looked bright but without Dunne I don’t think you’ve got that creative quality in midfield which probably cost you today. Good luck for the rest of the season (though not too good, we need every position we can get!)

  • No Warnock was suspended. I feel your ratings are harsh Sas mate. Andrews was def a lot better than you suggest, as was Santa. I think we need to keep in perspective that we have played with ten men for 50 mins. We had clear chances to score, we lost fair enough but all we need is a bit of luck with injuries and on the pitch and our fortunes will change. Lets all calm down a little bit please.

  • Andrews is Championship quality, at best!! Ince gives me no confidence with the players he has signed – Grella, always injured!!
    The way things are going we are heading for the Championship – at least Andrews will be at home!!

  • Mikey im sorry mate, gotta disagree, ANdrews was poor, he and mokoena had no effect. Especially with 10 men, they should be chasing down everything. As for Santa, he was poor, Benni was much more effective

  • I think the reason we sufffered is not due to Andrews, it is due to the midfield combo of Axe and Andrews, it doesnt dovetail at all. Andrews and Grella or Andrews and Tugay or Andrews and Warnock, that works… we’ve seen it work. That and having Brett back will cuase us to be a lot more menacing.

  • I just don’t see what Andrews is bringing to the midfield. He’s not great going forward, and he’s not great defensively… I just want Dunny or Reid back dammit!

  • Yesterday’s performance was extremely poor. The team didn’t look good even with eleven men on the pitch. Roque seemed to have his head somewhere else in the world. Too bad we’re in such a low position now 🙁 I reallu hope this can get better somehow

  • the players need to take the blame in my eyes. Yes the tactis weren’t greeat but at least the team had balance yesterday. But they didnt do enough to win – simple as that.

  • Yeh i agree with yu totaly mikey, but for me a think its time for a little bit more back to basics, with both warnock and emerton back at full backs, and play derbs upfront!! and i think it is important we get tugay a few games,

  • Sasman I don’t know what you’re basing those ratings on – Gamst, Andrews and Mokoena – 4? A bit harsh in my opinion – the only difference in the game was Aaron Lennon – he was quick, took players on and played an assist. Aside from that there wasn’t much between the two teams

  • I don’t think so, Gamst, Andrews and Mokoena offered very little both going forward and defensively. We really are missing the guys that are out injured!!

  • friedel we normally agree on most things, but almost every1 here agrees with the ratings, they were shocking. Gamst lost the ball so many times, didnt track back, couldnt cross for peanuts. I am one of Gamst’s biggest supporters, and he dissapoiinted. As for Andrews and Mokoena? They were lucky to get a rating let alone 4… lol

  • Sorry mate I’m not having that – we were down to ten men, stretched, but still kept Spurs out. Mokoena can’t pass for toffee, Andrews wasn’t the best, every time Gamst got the ball he didn’t have many options, but higher than a 4!

  • If you look at the ratings below, and their meaning, 4 is poor, below the standard expected. I expect a premiership midfielder to be able to pass a ball. I expect a premiership winger to be able to cross a ball. If they don’t they fall below what is expected, therefore 4 is the correct rating…

  • I am with FN1 on this… we were solid but didnt offer much going forward. Spurs scored only 1 passed us and we created several chances to score ourselves. I think we are on a bad run is clouding peoples judgement of the game. We weren;t great but we were hardly shocking. This is peoples frustration coming out.

  • lol.. Mikey, I could make the same arguement about yourself mate, cos I think you are talkin up the performance a bit. Spurs created a lot of good chances, we never looked like scoring, I agree with Decimus Poole, we were lucky we were’nt beaten by a bigger margin.

  • Yeah but DP it wasn’t a heavier defeat than it was! Spurs were average, we were average. The only half decent player was Lennon!

  • i want to commend the performance of the 3 defenders who played out the match to keep us in the match, but our midfielders right now are incapable of creating any chances…we’d better starting creating before santa cruz sets his mind to leave. how come tugay and carlos seem to have drifted out of the squad recently?

  • Spurs def could of scored more but they didnt. We could of scored but we didnt, the score was 1-0, we lost because we didnt take the chances we created. To say we played rubbish in my eyes is a reaction to this bad run we are on. We played adequately but not great IMO.

  • I hate to say i told you so about MGP but here it is!!!!!! The guy owes us his last 18 months wages……its theft that he has even kept them!!!! Having said that, lets get some perspective boys…the reason Andrews and Mokoena played was because we have very little else at the moment. THEY both lack any real quality but i still believe that Andrews has a part to play in certain games in the future… for the match, two crap teams and the difference Aaron Lennon and a horror show from Olsson….simple

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