Date: 13th May 2017 at 12:15pm
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Ian Battersby and Ian Currie (Seneca Partners) proposed a joint-ownership deal to Blackburn owners Venky’s a year ago, which was declined. A year on, after Championship relegation, will they accept the help Battersby is in little doubt is needed?

Things were bad enough for Blackburn when the proposal was made to the owners in May 2016 but the situation is now worse following relegation and rising debts – these are in excess of £100m and have steadily increased since Rovers dropped out of the Premier League in 2012.

Battersby told BBC Radio Lancashire: ‘This has moved on a million miles from 12 months ago. The situation is disastrously worse than it was back then. What you’re dealing with here is not just stressed situation, you’re dealing with a distressed company in terms of its finances.’

Now entering into the world of League One, Blackburn will play in the third tier of English football for the first time in 37 years, a far cry from the Premier League win in 1995.

This is a level completely alien to most, especially Venky’s. So, Blackburn’s owners are going to need held in order to stop the bleeding.

He said: ‘I do believe we’ve entered a completely different phase here in terms of the clubs history. This is a very, very different situation for Venky’s to be trying to deal with and they are going to need help. There is not the structure there to deliver the change and take the remedial action needed to take this club back on an even keel.’

The Rao family previously rejected Seneca Partners’ approach but an offer to do ‘anything’ to help is still there.

Adding: ‘If we [Seneca Partners] can do anything to help that then we absolutely will.’

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