Date: 25th March 2008 at 7:29pm
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In what is becoming something of a reoccurring theme Blackburn Rovers have again been linked with Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Tom Huddlestone. In the newspapers anyway!!!

The 21-year-old seems to be a regular part of Juande Ramos’ midfield at White Hart Lane as the moment but the Tottenham manager had expressed his displeasure at his fitness when he first arrived, and ordered him to lose weight. The former England Under-21 International did this but the suggestion in the newspapers is that if Ramos can’t offer Huddlestone a regular spot in his side next season then he is willing to move on, and with Ramos preparing for a busy summer of transfers the former Derby County star might not be able to get the assurances he wants?!?!

Rovers have been linked repeatedly with Huddlestone for the past year or so, so with Mark Hughes being given some money this summer Hughes may try to tempt Spurs with an offer, which could also interest Huddlestone? I’d be happy to see him at Ewood Park I know that!



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  • I’d not be unhappy AT ALL if we signed him you know dudes, but I DON’T think Spurs will let him go anyway!!!

  • theres no way we will let him go hes loking beter and beter, he needs to lose a bit more weight and keeping getting fitter….he has some of the best passing i have eva seen and his techique is up there with the very best….no chance of us selling and he is also young! so lets forget this dead rumour!

  • have him, he’ll still be playing for eng u21’s when he is 30. I dont think he’ll ever step up to champs lge class

  • The only way you guys have a chance of getting Hudd is if he is part of a deal to bring Bentley to the Lane. Just wondering what you guys think of Bentley moving in the summer. He is hot property and every player has his price, You might not get European footy next season too. 15 million might do it you reckon? he is on Liverpool’s radar apparently as well as many others.

  • for any blackburn fans who doubt huddlestones natural ability check out the highlights of our last 2 prem games….hudd has a natural passing ability that i beleive to be second to none….when he looks up and picks out keane or berba 60 or 70 yards away he has the ability to put the ball at their feet time and time again, and also has an eye for goal. bear in mind how young he still is and i beleive we have a star rising….he is featuring more and more under ramos and i cant see him going anywhere. id be gutted if we sold him to anyone!!!!

  • spinaker7081 – think your letting your preconseptions influence your judgment a bit. Nobody is saying spurs are currently champions league standard but it’s where we want to be and the only way you get there is by having CL class players. Whether Huddlestone will ever develope the killer instinct or stamina to transform him into that ‘complete’ midfielder only time will tell but IMO he probably wont go anywhere so early in Ramos’ tenure, especially as he’s been featuring so often recently with pretty impressive results

  • We will give you guys 10m plus Hudd for Bentley, how about it? 🙂 Hudd won’t be going anywhere IMO! Ramos rates him.

  • Just forget about it he’s staying put. We’ll take bently and McCarthy (back up striker) for bent though if ya like. And we’ll chuck in Hossam Gahly, i’m sure he’s only on loan.

  • rofl bentley and mccarthy for bent? wow……bentley would be worth more then bent, gahly, lennon and huddlestone put together!!!!

  • Id take 15 million and Bent and Huddlestone for Bentley and McCarthy. If Bentley is going ANYWHERE this summer it will be for a MINIMUM of 15 Million IMO. As for Hudd, I was a tad disapointed that Juanker, oops sorry, Juande started playing him as BMJ didnt seem to fancy him. He has responded to that challenge and now would be harder to prize away. Mind you, you let Defoe go for peanuts and overspent on Bent so who knows, you Spuds are a funny lot. We’ll still finish higher than you in the league though and we will beat you again in the league!

  • But will you be in Europe??? All the top players want to be involved in Europe, I guess there is the intertoto cup. We made a profit on Defoe by the way and he had a year left on his contract so we did OK for a 3/4th choice striker;)

  • that you did cockeril but i doubt that bents will take the sideways step(next season at least, as lets face it in the next few years you lot aint breakin the top four monopoly no matter how hard you believe it) so i think while the huddlestone moving topic is dead in the water you lot aint getting bents (unless he loses his marbles in the summer) no disrespect intended but if he does go its for definite CL football not a risky shot at it like he already has with rovers!

  • Moving to Spurs would only be as ide ways step for Bents. You may be in Europe but that only masks a poor League campaign for you lot. You started the season off all high and mighty and it didnt materialise. I would like Huddlestone but Juande Ramos prob won’t sell him. Bentley wont move to Spurs. In fact he will be all reports probably stay with us…

  • The difference is guys we have Ramos now not JOL. Ramos’s win ratio is good and if he were here at the start of the season we would be top 5 right now. We will only get better and we will sign some good players this summer. Next season is when we can be analised. This season in the league was a right off and we have JOL to thanks for that.

  • I have always rated Huddlestone and would love to have him here. However, as some of the Spuds lot have pointed out he is becoming something of a mainstay in the starting eleven under Ramos. Shame as earlier in the campaign I think a deal could have been brockered. As for Bents going spurs – this is just folly! I think Spuds have a good squad and a realistic chance of breaking into the top four if they can hold onto their top players but you aint that much better than Rovers yet I’m afraid to say for you guys. Still good on ya for wishing!

  • JMD all jokes aside until your lot prove otherwise you are just wat you claim we are… midtable monkeys!!! (11th = mid table).And real deal that may be so but every team is judged on the WHOLE season… regardless of what has happened, your lot have been a let down this season. Bragging at the start of the campaign and players believing their own hype… it blew up in their face and deservedly so.

  • You guys are still catch able but will you hang on to prize assets like Bentley & Santa Cruz? If you held on to Bellamy you would be in the top 6 for sure. got to say Hughes is doing a grand job but most neutrals would rule B/Burn out of the running for Europe. Your gates are embarrassing and you are a top 8 side at best and is remarkable really. I hope you guys do well as I like the underdogs and you have a good manager and some top players.

  • bentely is staying with us and huddlestone is staying with you fullstop! i wud be suprised if any blackburn players did leave in the is not tired of saying what he feels like as you all seen regarding the under21 championship and he would rather settle for first tram football rather than go to a top 4 side and be a bit part player!

  • Think Bentlys proven to everyone he’d be more then a bit part player even if he moved to a top 4 side. The only thing is because Blackburn don’t want or need to sell he’d cost 15-20 mil and with Hughes prudence you’d end up a stonger side overall anyway

  • Bently would be bit part at Liverpool and Chelsea, but thats cos of the rotation system at both clubs, Arsenal he would not go back to and Utd dont need him, wot with Nani and Ronaldo already there. So outside the top 4 I think Rovers is maybe his best option, Cos Spurs have Lennon and Malbranque for the rite of midfield. Aside from that he be taking a step down joining another Premier League club.

  • I’ve never known Spurs fans so eager to sign an ex-arsenal player… you guys have really let yourselves down!

  • To be fair to the Spuds boys they aren’t as grotesquely arrogant as normal and some have made some good points. I think we are very much in the mix for the UEFA spots along with clubs like Everton, Villa, Portsmouth, Tottenham, Man City and West Ham. However, when you compare expediture you can’t help but praise rovers. If we had Spurs’ budget, we would have left you guys, and others, for dead.

  • Have to say though that Huddlestone would be a good signing, although were for?? Central defence or Midfield?? We have a player who can do both already at the club – The Axe! granted no were near as good a passer but none the less a good player!! In the centre of midfield there may be players on the same scale as Huddlestone but for cheaper throughout Europe and we all know that Hughes is looking lol So although TH is a really good player, I cant see Rovers wanting him, there are similar and better players out there and for less than wot Spurs would want for him!!

  • haven’t a clue but u would think £8-£10m?!?!? possibly more with English player tax on him lol b4 anybody starts thats wot ” I ” think he’s worth in the real world

  • Roversman you can have all the money in the world but does not guarantee you success especially the likes of Newcastle, City & Spam. Top players want to play for big clubs with big crowds in Europe and London is an attraction too. So to say if you had spent big money means nothing, You have a good manager who has found some real gems in Mc Carthey, Santa Cruz, Samba, Friedel & Bentley but lets see you break that top 6 it is harder than ever.

  • Off topic! Bad bad bad bad bad bad news

    This is from the Paraguay vs. SA game:

    “Paraguay suffered a cruel blow midway through the first half when leading striker Roque Santa Cruz had to retire with an ankle injury after being tackled by Blackburn team-mate and South Africa captain Aaron Mokoena”

    Please God NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! The ironi is to cruel!!

  • If that is true it might be time for the maniacs to make light work of the Axe!!!! In all seriousness that does not sound good.

  • I’ve read it in the match report, so it shoulod be true! Lets hope its just a knock thoug! Even is a tackle fra the Axe hardly only gives af slight knock.

    I hope he is allright, because Europe seems very far away without him in the team

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