Date: 23rd April 2007 at 3:39pm
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Blackburn Rovers boss Mark Hughes does not want to have to fend off offers for his star players all summer, and this includes Benni McCarthy. In fact he plans for quite the opposite, keeping star names, welcoming some back from injury and bringing in others!

Although McCarthy has adapted fairly quickly to the Premiership, after getting this first season out of the way I fully expect him to be even better next term, a view that Hughes shares.

So Hughes is looking to keep his best players this summer and that includes McCarthy, and rather than selling players (as we are under no pressure to do so) he is looking to add further quality to make Rovers the force to be reckoned with we all feel they can be.

Hughes said:

I spent most of this time last year fighting off interest in my players and I hope I don’t have to do that with Benni.

He signed a four-year contract and his attitude has been first-class even though he has struggled to adapt to English football sometimes.

Craig Bellamy was a big player to replace when he left and Benni – who we tracked for 18 months at Porto – has come in and done a great job.

I will be adding players to the squad in the summer and with people like Robbie Savage, Steven Reid and Andre Ooijer to come back from injuries, Blackburn is going to be a great place to play.”

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17 Replies to “Hughes Aims to Keep Big Guns”

  • Blackburn certainly is going to be a great place to play, let’s hope the current crop of players share this view, which, although I worry slightly about some I’m starting to come round to the view they will!

  • Hopefully every1 stays, with the exeption of franny, best of luck to him. Strong rumours i hear of a return for bellers, where would that leave the likes of roberts and derbyshire. A central midfielder would also be great to targert, maybe a versatile defender to cover central and right back as i really dont rate kishinishvilli and im sure berner can cover left back

  • its good to hear that Hughes will be adding to the team, it shows that he’s happy with the squad but that he’s has understood that there are areas in the team that do with a touch-up so to speak. I would like to see a central midfielder come in, I know that Reid and Savage will be back with Mokoena, Dunn and Tugay but there are two the wrong side of 30 there so a younger player to come in, basically to challenge the 1st team, I do think that the lad Helstad could do a job for Rovers as Wigan didnt or indeed couldnt give him a chance

  • Oh and on the subject, why would any players playing 1st team at a very good side want to move to another club where the chances of playing may be halfed, you have to weigh up the options at times and take stock of wot u have already, im sure there are none of the players at Rovers would be on the breadline so why not stay and try to break up this supposed Top 4! Wot would be better than players at a small town club breaking up this dominence?? ala 1995. Hughes is building a very good side which as we have seen can mix it with the biggest some of the biggest clubs in England and Europe and these players must see this!

  • I think i said b4 on this that he’d be a cracker player but it all depends on WBA and promotion, if they dont go up I think he’ll want to leave he’s just too good for the Championship, although u would never wish that another team didnt get promoted just so your team could get a good player off them

  • I would be more than more than happy to see Koumas arrive, said this more than once. Mikey I’ll be using your poll tonight to see what others think?!?!

  • Murphy is a good footballer, certainly better than a bench warmer at Tottenham but would he fit in here?!?! Maybe I’m too sentimental but I still feel most of our midfield are good for a year or two so new arrivals need to be quality but also need to maybe be young or not epecting assured first team football?!?! Plus would his missus let him move away from the London spotlight?!?!

  • HDM- Ithink that leaving for lancashire is better than playing for the reserves for another 2-3 years.
    Another options:
    RB: Chris Baird, Phil Bardsley, Stephen Kelly.
    CM: Fabrice Muamba (he’s a copy of Veira!), Giles Barnes
    FC: Earnshaw, Morrison, Marlon King.

  • By the way, I thought of adding Boaz Myhill(25) & Kelvin Davis(31) to the shortlist this summer, but with Friedel declaring he is to play until 40 it’s to be PP. {How come he can play until 40 if he owns a school in the USA???)

  • You mention some good names there, but also some that maybe are not quite right? Are you not so keen on him staying until then Israeli?!?! He has people that work alongside him, so they will help him out until he becomes the main man.

  • You talk about McCarthy? First of all, I’d love him to stay. We need 4 others to compete with him though:Derbs, Gallagher, Roberts and ? I assume Nonda will leave so I offered a variety of names….

    PS As I said before, if you’d offer me Bellers back instead of McGoal I would’nt reject the offer….

  • Fair enough, but I still think you’ll be hard pushed to find many that would take Bellers in place of Benni though Israeli?!?! Sorry, I was talking about Friedel, are you not so keen on him staying until he’s 40?

  • Friedel- no way! I think he’s the best GK in the league by far! what I meant to say is that now- since he intends to play until 40 or so- we don’t have to be worried for cover…..
    I’d wish he’ll play till 50 🙂

  • Sweet, I was hoping as much. We may not agree on everything (and that is the beauty of football and this site in general!) but i think it is hard to disgree on how good Bradders is.

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