Date: 20th September 2007 at 11:46pm
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Blackburn Rovers suffered the embarrassment of a 2-0 defeat to Larissa in the first round first leg of the UEFA Cup on Thursday Evening, and this defeat is something that Mark Hughes can’t understand or explain.

Rovers looked a shadow of their true selves as a POOR performance saw them rarely threaten, with Greek minnows Larissa (I mean no disrespect but they were quite possibly the easiest draw Rovers could have got!) looking more threatening, and they could have won by more than the two goals they did.

Hughes was furious, as he found it hard to explain just what had happened. He told Setanta Sports: “We are disappointed with the level of performance and product, and we are a better team than that.

“It was not a performance we were expecting, in particular after our excellent run of 15 games unbeaten.

“Up until now we have shown great quality and great energy, but they were missing.

“I’m sure at the weekend our performance will be a lot better, but this is a mystery to us

Rovers will still be favourites to win the second leg at Ewood Park in two weeks time, with it more than possible that the deficit can be overturned, but the job has been made MUCH harder than it could have been, however, it could have been worse!!!

Hughes added: “We have made it very difficult for ourselves,’ admitted Hughes.

“The one positive that we have is the defeat could have been greater, so at 2-0 we are still very much in the tie and it will be a different Blackburn at Ewood Park



14 Replies to “Hughes Can’t Explain Rovers Defeat”

  • STUNNED, absolutely stunned by this, I can’t believe that Rovers not only lost, but also lost so badly with such a poor performance!!! The saving grace is it could have been worse!!!

  • wasn’t expecting this. second goal sounded dreadful.. and I’ve thought o a couple of occasions that brett has been retaining the ball sometimes a little too long at the back this season. *********.

  • We can find many excuses… Poor Refereeing… Poor Pitch… Heat… but these are woeful excuses… it was a poor poor poor performance…. dreadful! the only svaing graces were Friedel and Santa Cruz, with a few brief flashes from DB. We were well and truely beaten…. Let;s hope the team spirit is good enough to bounce back and use the disappointment to our advantage… Benni was nowhere (as at Stamford Bridge!), time for Matty to get his chance… Emerton should be replaced by Martin OLsson… Sergio Peter should stand in for Gamst… Bring Reidy back instead of Savage… I AM STILL EXTREMELY ANNOYED!

  • Everton were almost as bad as us – Score draw at home against a part time team that was down to 9 men by the end. Neither team needs to go into major panic, but i think both were guilty of complete overconfidence, and as such both were very lacksadaisical. We (and Everton) need to see vast improvement for the next leg, or the European adventure will be over before it begins.

  • Rovers (and Everton) SHOULD both have enough quality to overcome their poor nights, however, Everton are in a much stronger position than Rovers, but we will be at home in the second leg.
    I’m with you Mr Mikey, I not only expect Rovers to overturn the deficit, they WILL!

  • At least you got the shocker out your system against the ‘greek minnows’ as you put it, there’s no way Hughes will let it happen again. This experience might even be a blessing for later in the tournament

  • nah lads im disgusted one thing is gettin beaten but the performance and drive has to be there both of their goals were in the first half and i thought we could have turned it round second half after a bollocking from sparky and maybe pull one back but it got worse! and i dont think we will go through they will put eleven men behind the ball! sorry to sound so pessimistic but thats how i see it!

  • i hear you mikey and while they were probably more used to a bad pitch both teams had to play on it and by all accounts only one team did! hopefully this serves as a kick up the hole

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