Date: 18th April 2007 at 12:19am
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Mark Hughes is confident Blackburn Rovers will be able to retain the services of Morten Gamst Pedersen next season despite reports Manchester United are keen on signing him.

Although Hughes openly admits to the fact that Rovers players are always likely to be linked with other clubs he will not give them up without a fight and sees no reason why Pedersen would not want to remain at Ewood Park as he believes he is happy with the club (which he always seems to be despite constant interest from others) and Rovers are the best club for him at this present moment in time.

Hughes told Sky Sports News:

There’s always talk about my players. I think I spent most of this pre-season fending off interest in my players because we’d had an exceptional season.

I’m sure this pre-season we will have other offers for other players.

The situation with Morten is, basically, that he signed a new contract and was very happy to do so.

He knows this is the best place for him at this moment in time in his career.

He’s made that commitment, we’ve made a commitment to Morten, and both parties are happy with that decision.”

You wouldn’t expect Hughes to say anything other would you. Although he hasn’t confirmed that there is no release clause in place in Pedersen’s contract (due to run until 2010) the use of the word commitment more than once suggests to me that the contract is just that a commitment for it’s length, with no escape route, or am I reading too much into this? Am I seeing it the way I want it to be and maybe not the way it could be?

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16 Replies to “Hughes: Gamst STAYING With Rovers!”

  • We will almost certainly have clubs showing an interest in MGP again this summer (and others), hopefully he does see Rovers are the club to be with for the time being, if not WHY would he have signed an four-year contract last summer?!?! Let’s just hope this release clause nonsense I just that. I’m still not 100% but all this stems from what happened with Bellers last summer, it leaves me worried we’ll lose our best player(s) this summer?!?! But Although Sparky is saying what you would expect it fills me with more confidence.

  • Why these release clauses, maybe with bellamy it was an exeption but i dont see why such players like gamst who was not a proven premiership player being given the option of a minimum release clause being placed in their contract. Surely withg this opton it will come back to bite us. Hopefully there is no such clause

  • All we can do is hope there isn’t one sasman, and then trust that MGP will see his future is STILL at Ewood Park and not elsewhere. After all he is just ONE-YEAR into a FOUR-YEAR commitment isn’t he!

  • I don’t think there is one…

    have you noticed that all these reports come from the Mirror who hate Rovers with a passion. They always stir up trouble… (yes the same paper who helps out by printing fake pictures…)

  • Hughes was never going to say there was a clause, this would alert more clubs should there be, we just have to trust that Hughes can keep his best players at the club. I personally think that release clauses are the footballer having to much control, it should be the club that decides on these things after all they are paying the player huge wages in some respects. If a player is happy to sign a big contract at the time ( not forgettin the payments in signing on fees and the bounes they get for themselves like appearance fees and goal bonus, then he should honour it, unless he and his club come to an agreement which is beneificial to both parties

  • Contract aren’t worth the paper they are printed on, much like the Mirror 🙂 LOL! Hence my original “if it’s in the Mirror it must be true LOL” statement. It’s time power shifted back to the clubs, IF this happens then I think you’ll find football will become FAR more affordable again, as if players aren’t paid as much clubs will feel they might not have to charge as much. HIGHLY unlikely to happen but you never know?!?! Clubs do have to start stamping their authority though, but with it being such a big business their prize assets are worth to much aren’t they. Back to the point in question though, MGP all we can do is like Clint says trust in Hughes and hope that MGP sees it’s best to stay here for now.

  • I’ve got it and I’ve now SHARED it with the world 🙂 GREAT stuff! Hopefully others will follow suit?!?!

  • The key words in Hughes statement are that, he (Morten) knows that this (Blackburn) is the right club for him at “THIS MOMENT IN TIME”.
    August will no longer be the same moment in time!

  • I hear what you are saying r.waterfall but SURELY this moment in time doesn’t literally mean this moment in time?!?! It must mean for another season at least? Or is this just what I hope?!?!

  • That’s great news for you lot – if you are going to move up the premiership you need to keep players like Gamst and sell the likes of Jeffers!

  • I doubt there is a clause and seriously doubt it would be that low. After all why would we have agreed to it, we were under no pressure to extend his contract but decided to reward him. I think he knows what is good for him and that is Rovers. There is quality in this squad (of which I will definately now add Dunn to) and with the right purchases in the summer we will only improve. Don’t worry guys, Gamst is going nowhere!!!

  • I’m starting to relax abit more now and I’m starting to believe that MGP or anyone else for that matter (maybe Tugay aside?!?!) will leave. I still feel for Jeffers and IF he was still here next season I wouldn’t really mind, the loan will have done him good he’ll just have to show more if and when he gets a chance IF he stays?!?!

  • We need to get rid of Jeffers, Enckleman, Gray – Keep Tugay, Morton and Benni – add a couple of players like maybe a quick tackling riteback and maybe a left winger, although Treacy and Peter are there, but depends whether Hughes thinks they are ready or not

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