Date: 5th March 2008 at 7:13pm
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Blackburn Rovers manager Mark Hughes has hit out at the growing number of foreign managers that are being turned to ahead of the British ones.

Hughes views this as “snobbery” against British managers and feels that this is another reason for the so called demise of the England game, as many overseas Leagues appoint mainly (on the whole) managers from that specific country but the Premier League is turning more and more towards foreign managers.

Hughes told the Daily Mirror: “There is a snobbery in favour of foreign managers here.

“Look, every British manager has respect for managers like Benitez and Ramos but the quality has to be right with other guys coming in, too.

“Maybe in other countries, they look after their own. And then they export coaches all over the world. We don’t do that because the top jobs here don’t go to British managers

This is a problem that Sparky can’t see changing anytime soon, as he feels this trend will keep on happening, which it probably will.

He added: “Sometimes familiarity breeds contempt for what we are trying to do. I think a lot of British managers would like that to change but I doubt it will in the short term.”



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  • I have nothing against foreign managers (much like Sparky), the majority are superb, but it is true that FAR to many are being appointed ahead of other British managers. The argument is that these are BETTER, but this isn’t the case AT ALL in all instances is it.

  • I really don’t know what Sparky is on about here. First of all there are quite a few Brittish managers in the Premiership; I’m not going to name them all but I reckon there are 13. Foriegn managers like Ramos, Benetiz & even Sven were appointed because of what they had achieved at their previous clubs and thats the way it should be. I don’t think there is a problem to be honest.

  • I made it 14? The only clubs with foreign managers are Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Sunderland (Irish = foreign?). However, those managers that ARE foreign (with the exception of Fergie) are clearly the highest profile and most likely best paid. They also seem to earn the most respect for being outstanding mangers (Grant excluded) in a way that the English managers don’t seem to. I see Hughes’ point, but he’s put it across badly (just look at the appointments this year, with the exception of Grant and Ramos.. all the many managers coming in have been English)

  • O’Neill is Irish too and I think what Sparky is trying to refer to is the national job and also the top4 jobs, Ferguson obviously the exception here. I can see what he trying to say but perhaps hasnt been clear enough.

  • So he is.. my bad and good correction FN1. And yes I here Jose is pressng to become manager of Blackburn any minute lol

  • Martin O’Neil is N.Irish but I can say he’s def not British mate, not to cos an arguement but look at the NI players he got rid of from Villa. As for the debate on managers surely its the same as players u bring in wot u think is the best for ur club! Maybe its being seen that British managers are not getting a chance at the bigger clubs, its up to them to prove that they can cut it! U dont just get these jobs based on ur nationality after all, Ferguson is lucky he got as many years as he did to get Utd to where they are. I agree that Hughes is one of the best managers, along with Big Sam outside the top 4 and could easily manage these clubs, especially saying Grant at Chelsea hasnt the qualifications, maybe he does now though I dont follow him closely, but this was the chairmans whim after all. Wot im saying is that apart from the couple i mentioned who can name another english manager who could manage a top4 side?

  • Agree with everything you’ve said there Clint. The problem in my opinion is not a Brittish one but an English one!!


  • Take your caps lock off Ozanne. The best managers to me outside the top 4 are David Moyes, Martin O’Neill and our very own.

  • ozanne park rangers – Easy to say when you are being overrun by foreigners!!! Sparky is ten times the manager you manager ever will be.

  • I’m not sure I agree with you Clint – if an Englishman was given the opportunity to run a top four club I think he would be successful – it’s just that the English managers are at lower clubs and therefore their success is limited.

  • Ah come come on now FN.1, what good English managers are out there that could do a job at one of the Big Four?

  • Hughes is a legend ozanne – definitely not a loser. And there are probably English managers capable of managing Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal or United. It’s just safer to go with a foreign manager with a big reputation.

  • Are you serious mate, Redknapp would’nt know what to do with a club in the Top4, much like Big Sam at Newcastle he’d be way out of his depth. Don’t get me wrong I think he’s a decent manager and he’s doing a great job down at Portsmouth, but do you really believe that he even deserves the oppertunity to manage a club like liverpool, United or Chelsea ahead of more successful managers who have actually won things. Your a Chelsea fan, if Grant was sacked in the morning would you want him?? Be honest!!

  • Believe me – I’d trust Harry more than Grant! Being a big club manager is in a way, easier. There is less worry about relegation, there is more money, there is more quality.

  • True but as we saw with Big Sam (who did a fantastic job at Bolton), he was given a lot of money to spend and most of his signings were disasterous. I can see where your coming from but I still believe that if there were English managers out there good enough to manage one of the top clubs they would be given the oppertunity to do so. Sparky is Welsh and Moyes is Scottish and I have no doubt that one or both will eventually manage one of the Big4.

  • No need to worry Spinaker – whenever a Scot or Welshman is doing well, the English will you remind you we’re all Brits 😛 I agree with you that Hughes and Moyes are the two that stand out as the cream of the crop (Outside the big four).

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