Date: 20th May 2008 at 1:26pm
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Espanyol have confirmed that Mark Hughes has personally been checking on some of their top talent by visiting their ground personally.

Espanyol had a brilliant start to the La Liga season and looked on course for a top-six finish before a shocking run of form saw them drop to mid table

However their better quality players have still attracted interest and Sparky has been understood to have travelled to Catalunya earlier this month to watch their clash with Atletico Madrid.

Winger Albert Riera, strongly linked with a move to England, defender Marc Torrejon and striker Ferran Corominas are believed to have been high on Hughes’ wanted list.

‘I know that Mark Hughes has been watching but we’ve yet to receive any offers,’ said Espanyol’s sporting director Paco Herrera in the Spanish press.

‘The club is working towards a new project and it’s possible that players will leave for a good price.

‘Every player has their price and if we receive any interesting offers then we’ll have a look before making a decision.’

Does anyone know much about these guys? Wide spread interest from other leagues across the world would suggest they are worth a punt.


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  • Is a bit of speculation for you there guys but they are good players. Just something to perk up your afternoon.

  • Love the footy manager comments!! Spain is a good place to go for players as it is not a highly inflated market. Most clubs in Spain are selling clubs so it’s good pickings for us.
    I am sure we can have good faith in Hughesy picking the good ‘uns

  • Mikey, that article sails very close to the wind of Skysports’! I’m intrigued by these links though, particularly the defender and Riera. Still also trying to work out whether a Duffer return would be any good – I’m inclined to say no!

  • never heard of em, and im a crazy football manager man lol. as for duffy, nty he really has gone backwards

  • Marc Torrejón Moya’s a good player; 22 years old, a Spanish Under21 international, according to the Mail last week (where they were linking him to Spurs) he’s rated at around £5 Million. He seems the most likely, Riera might just be a link of convenience, seeing as he’s been linked with a number of other English clubs. As for Ferran Corominas, Hughes surely won’t sign another striker, especially one that’s only scored 9 times in 102 appearances for Espanyol?

  • Roversman – I can assure you no part of this was copied. I’ve just realised the likeness by looking at the article but my mind is guilt free.

  • Cool sound as matey. Blacheburne I agree, why buy a striker that has such a poor record, although I saw that on Wiki so may not be the most accurate!

  • You’re right there. Though I was looking on the Espanyol site earlier (i’ve had a busy, busy day clearly) and he’s got something like 2 goals in 30 apps this year, and 4 in 30 last year, hardly prolific. At 25 he should really be looking to be getting into his peak now. I don’t know, maybe his build-up play is just outstanding?

  • Foreign players need too much time to adapt. We have enough quality in Britain; Defenders: C. Morgan/*Shittu/M. Hudson/L. Ridgewell. MC: G. Barnes/Muamba/O. Garvan/B. Howard/M. Tonge/T. Soares….. I could have written strikers as well, but I don’t think we need any…..

  • You’re right IsraeliRover, but British players are so much more expensive. Pound-for-pound, it’s better for a club in our position, without a lot of financial backing, to dip into the foreign market. Think £6 Million for David Nugent, and £2 Million for Luke Varney, and the current £5 Million bid from Tottenham for Crystal Palace’s John Bostock. Hugely inflated prices, you could get a far better player on the foreign market for that kind of money.

  • Blacheburne agree- the question though is wether players from the english Championship cost more/less than a player of a strong spanish team….

  • Blacheburne – Cruz didn’t have the best domestic scoring record before coming to Blackburn, and he’s done alright. Also the over inflated prices for English players could be to our benefit in the future, as we have 3 crackers at Blackburn (Bents, Warnock and Derbs). When, or should I say if, the time comes for them to move on, we could command a more than adequate price for them. So it’s not all bad…

  • Yep D.P – also we were able to snap up those three at bargain prices! So it is possible to get reasonable priced English players… it just depends on their circumstances and the demand for them. I had to laugh though when I heard Chelsea were asking for £5-7million for Sidwell to Villa (whom they bought for free!)

  • as an aside – I’m not sure about Duff returning. He was a great player for us, as was Dunn… but have the injuries taken their toll? I don’t think Duff could last a season in the top flight anymore (I hate to say it, as I think he’s a talented player no doubt) But saying that, Hughes knows what he’s doing and if he can nurse him back and get the best out of him, as he did with Bellamy, then go for it.

  • With regard to the Espanyol players, I dont think we have enough pull for Riera. If we had UEFA Cup then possibly. Torrejon is a possibility but when we have warnock and olsson, is that a wise position to spend the cash? and I dont think Sparky would sign Corominas unless, as Blache said, he is phenomenal at holding the ball up. As for Duffer, his legacy at Rovers is secure, why risk it by coming back when he clearly isnt the same player and is very injury prone? Any one else noticed that the whiney little poof, Hossam Ghaly from the Spuds is claiming that Rovers want him? God I hope not!

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