Date: 27th January 2008 at 12:27pm
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Blackburn Rovers picked up a point in the 1-1 draw with Aston Villa on Saturday but manager Mark Hughes wasn’t happy as he felt we deserved all three.

Having taken the lead through Roque Santa Cruz (when he poached to follow up) Rovers were pegged backed at Villa Park by Ashley Young who converted a free kick a little over ten minutes later, which left the scores at 1-1 but Hughes felt we deserved to win.

Hughes said: “I thought our performance merited three points today.

“It’s a difficult place to come obviously. They like to throw balls in the box and they’ve got huge quality from the set pieces.

“In the general play we were the better team but they’re a big, strong, powerful side and you have to match them on that respect

Sparky was also aggrieved at the Villa free kick which led to their equaliser as he felt there was little contact and Gabriel Agbonlahor was “looking for a free kick”.

He added: “I had a quick look and I don’t think there was any great contact,’ he added.

“On the edge of the box they’re looking for set plays and obviously looking for the free-kick. It was a great free-kick from the lad

Before any goal was scored Rovers DID have a chance to take the lead when Nigel Reo-Coker fouled Matt Derbyshire. The England Under-21 International striker picked himself up to take the penalty but this was saved by Scott Carson. Most the time a player fouled will not take a penalty but Sparky didn’t have any problem with Derbyshire taking it even though he had it saved.

Sparky also said “I think he just grabbed the ball and fair play to him.

“We’d have preferred if he’d have put it away but we’ll get over that



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  • Sparky is stating the obvious really isn’t he with saying we’d have preferred Derbs to have scored his penalty, but that’s the way it goes.
    We were unlucky to not have got all three points, but again with this that is how it goes!

  • Blackburn had a very good game plan, and it worked. as a Villa fan I thought a draw was a fair result but if either side deserved to shade it, it was Rovers. Very poor game though. I think only Ashley Young will have impressed Capello. Both Bentley and Barry were ordinary. I like the job Mark Hughes is doing at Blackburn. You haven’t got the biggest fan base, but he is slowly turning Rovers into a ‘big’ team. From Villa’s point of view we have been very poor in the last couple of matches, but haven’t lost. Our squad looks tired, and we desperately need some fresh legs in the next few days to give the likes of Agbonlahor a well deserved rest. Good luck to BRFC for the rest of the season. Always enjoy going there on an away day!

  • Are you joking me, Villa had a number of chances right at the end, Young was unlucky not to score again and Harewood hit the bar, not many chances either side, And blackburn didn’t really threaten just packed the midfield.

    Poor game draw was a fair result, but Blackburn did not edge it.

  • some of the free kicks villa got yesterday were soft it seems amy time that lad young falls over the refs give a free its very annoying! but i did say it in a thread after the boro game that if we keep conceding stupoid fouls outside the box it would cost us and one game later im proved right

  • well V4E the free you got your goal with was soft, i can see why the ref gave it but agbonlahor went over far too easily. and as i say everytime young went over he got a free sometimes justified, sometimes not

  • I dont think Villa fans can argue with getting a rough deal from officials lads. The game at ewood which was 4-0 to villa had a very good mccarthy goal ruled out and a ridiculous sending off and a villa goal that was offside counted. It was an even game but Rovers did just shade as the stats show…

  • have to laugh here,mr bentley seems quite adept at this old going down to easily lark himself including for the soft pen which also seems to have been over looked by your moan of a manager and yourselves,i personally lost count how many times he threw himself down yesterday and also thought the ref was shocking mostly towards villa.and as for the ridiculous sending off in the 4-0 game,you must be having a laugh!!! nelson clearly stopped gabby scoring a clear goal and as the rules go that is called a professional foul which then enquires a straight red. i have never heard a manager moan as much as hughes in all my days,he is just unreal. suppose 4 points off you guys will do for this season,we will probably settle for our usual 6 again next season! lol. UTV

  • omg we shud av ad a penalty! and we were unluky not to score another freekick and we hit the bar!!!!! SO SHUT UP!

  • How about no. Take the point with dignity guys, both teams have their points of view… neither is fact. If you dont like it then go on your own site.Hughes is renowned for being one of the fairest managers in the league, as is your gaffer. Bentley does go down easily, as does Gamst. But so do Agga and Young. And Belfast Villain… I hope your ignorance comes back to haunt you coz quite frankly you deserve it.

  • who are blackburn again? wait are they bigger than bolton no, wigan? probably not. blackpool? no. prston ? no? OH UR THE SMALLEST CLUB IN LANCASHIRE! wait let me think how many other teams have only had the lower tear in the corner of the doug ellis this season? oh that would only be u!

  • You do realise people who talk about club size are a bit sad don’t you??? And our “pathetic small club with no fans” drew with yours yesterday… shoulsnt you be embarrased???

  • Also, those that like to talk about the size of a club and refer to theirs in great magnitude they are generally relying on long lost pasts to prove their point. When was the last time you won something? Silly. I think Sat was a fairly even game between two vastly improving sides that have bright futures. We got lucky with the pen, you got lucky with the free-kick. All-square, except you still owe us forthe poor decisions in you favour at Ewood, which even your esteemed manager admits! Good luck to Villa for the rest of the season!

  • good point durks.. I like Villa and their fans but what they are saying here sounds like they are Spurs. Dont ruin your image guys.

  • villavillavilla – Refresh my memory when was the last time you won the Premiership?!?! Hmmm, try never!
    Aston Villa are a VERY good club, and a MASSIVE club at that that has MASSIVELY underachieved over the years, but don’t get ahead of yourself dude as you’ve (and many other “bigger clubs”) been living in our shadow for years!!!

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