Date: 19th January 2007 at 11:54am
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Blackburn Rovers boss Mark Hughes is set to block the proposed move of Lucas Neill to West Ham United and play him against Manchester City tomorrow.

The long running transfer saga surrounding the Australian finally appeared to be coming to an end as Neill rejected Liverpool’s bid opting to accepted West Ham’s bigger money offer (thought to be £50,000-£60,000 per week!) but still a deal hasn’t been concluded, and won’t until Hughes gets a replacement.

Sparky had hoped to get Stephen Warnock in a swap deal with Liverpool but after Neill’s rejection that deal was ruined, although we are reported to still be interested in doing a deal for Warnock for around £1.5 million? But until a replacement is found (with another triallist also set to arrive next week) or an acceptable deal agree Sparky insists Neill will be going nowhere. He said:

We have not had an acceptable deal and he can’t go until there is a deal on the table that I find acceptable.”

It is now likely that Neill will play against Manchester City tomorrow. I wouldn’t want to be in his shirt as I’m sure he’ll get a bit of grief?

Until Neill goes he’s still a Rovers player so you get behind him but I implore Sparky take the armband away from him, I’ve never been keen on a player so determined to move away being captain, even less so that his move forward (which we had accepted as being fair enough) will not even be so if he signs for West Ham!

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32 Replies to “Hughes Set To Block Neill Move”

  • I wish he would just go now, I’m FAR from happy that he would see West Ham as a “move forward” (money wise yes!) but we should move him on now before its too late… You have to pick the best so although I’d like to see him dropped you can’t cut off your nose to spite your face can you but he SHOULDN’T be captain!!! I don’t disagree with much Sparky does but have his selection as captain all along and will be most put out if he retains the armband (if he does play?) tomorrow.

  • I think picking him and not selling him while we have the chance is a big mistake, the club should make money on the player as he will leave for nothing, he’s a good player and I understand we need a replacement so lets hope Warnock signs and we let Neill get his BIG move

  • What if he gets injured? We’ll be in a position then won’t we as we’ll have to pay his wages until June/July and the wages of someone else that Hughes will probably bring in!

  • Lets just trust hughes he hasn’t let us down before and from day one he has always stated that Lucas would only go when it was best for Blackburn.If we can force a swap deal out of either Liverpool or west ham then we will have done well…if not then we let him go for nothing.We only paid a million for him so its not that bad a loss.

  • As I mentioned in the forums, am I the only one curious as to why the deal for Andriy Neshmashniy (sp) has gone all quiet? Seemed like a no brainer to me, experienced european campaigner with international experience for an alledged amount of £750,000???

    Seems Sparky has a real hardon for Warnock and, to be fair, he’s not been often wrong, but he’s costing double the price for less experience an hes only about 3 years younger.

    Regarding Neill, I felt that he was in the right to stand his ground regarding moving on for newer challenges but to West Ham? that move surely highlights that it was never about a new challenge (as west ham are in a relegation dogfight and could concievably, go down!) opposed to european football with Rovers, even Champions league football with Liverpool. No, it is plainly obvious that Neill was all about the money, which, to be fair, you cant blame him, but why all the smoke and mirrors bull**** then? Be straight with the fans that support you on matchdays!

    If he is selected for the Man City game, he should definatly NOT be captain, i agree with Hughes Da Man here, I would love Dunny to be captain but due to his injury susceptability and the fact that hes only just rejoined, I feel either Sav or Tugay be givent he armband until the Admiral is back.

    Sorry for the long winded post, but had to get this off my chest

  • Don’t say sorry at all BomBom WELCOME to Vital Blackburn! Nesmachny would be a superb signing, 60 odd caps for a quality European outfit lets not forget this. For £750,000 we could still afford to go after Warnock, surely a further £1.5 million wouldn’t break the bank, hell we’ve just off loaded one big earner in Matteo. I’d give the armband to the Maestro or Bradders, although I’m never that big a fan of a keeper being the skipper.

  • Friedal has every quality needed to be captain but has one problem, he plays in the most uninfluential positions on the park when it comes to being “mon capitan” We did pay Brum £750,000 up front for Dunny, maybe thats where the Nesmachny money has gone. I cannot believe things are that tight at Ewood! I know we arent the easy spenders we wer in the Walker days (god rest his soul) and there is the utmost importance with balancing the books, but with the TV money due in the summer and especially as you pointed out, we have got rid of the dodgy liverpool offcast to the potters, surely we could afford the Ukranian and his wages until then? Out of curiousity, I just read somewhere that Feyenoord have been booted out of the UEFA cup, anyone have any info on it? Is it related to the Gamst incident? Also good to see Joe Garner getting some league experience at Carlisle, in a couple of seasons, i can see this lad having the same impact as Derbyshire and it would be nice to see a “Garner” banging goals in the Blackburn end again

  • I don’t know what to believe any more, Harrison says one thing and then Neill’s rep in Australia says that nothing is certain. However i think the media have had a fair bit to do with this story. i don’t know if you guys know of Simon Hill but he is a british commentator in Australia and he said the he spoke to Peter Harrison and he said said that Lucas was contemplating every deal he has been offered and nothing had been cemented.

    This is fresh out of Australia:
    [Dominguez announced that Neill had not yet undergone a medical, had not travelled to the capital and had not yet committed himself to West Ham, or anybody else.
    “West Ham have made Lucas an amazing offer and Lucas is currently considering that offer very seriously, along with all the other offers that have been presented to him.”]

  • we have money coming in from the UEFA Cup also don’t we, sure its not lucrative like the Champions League but it doesn’t leave you out of pocket does it… Feyenoord have been in trouble a few times this season haven’t they, they’ve obviously breached one too many rules if they have been booted out. Joe Garner has the potential to be star; I just hope this will be at Ewood. The loan will work wonders for him. He’ll score goals with Carlisle then hopefully with us. In a year or so’s time I could easily see him and Raffael De Vita following in Matty Derbyshire’s footsteps!

  • We’ll just have to see what happends won’t we jordz, conflicting reports have constantly been coming out of both countries surrounding Neill haven’t they. Liverpool have lost patience with him now so this move is all but out of the window???

  • So how are the reports coming out of the UK Hughes Da Man?? They have been pretty harsh coming out of his own country so I can only imagine how brutal they are coming from over there.

  • One thing is veing said here and something different in Oz, this has been happening since the summer hasn’t it. Here it’s just basically “he’s choosing money over success”, “swapping mid table safety for a relegation dogfight” etc.

  • I think Lucas should sack Harrison as his rep. Lucas has denied everything Harrison has said so maybe Harrison gets more money or something if he gets Lucas a bigger pay-packet. Somehow I still have a little bit of hope he will stay.. if his heart is still in it. But I really think he will leave very soon, I’m gonna hate to see tomorrow’s game if he gets a really bad reception. No one has heard Lucas say anything at all about West Ham so maybe the deal isn’t on and Harrison’s just trying to talk it up. Most reps are liars anyway, trying to get the best deal for their “clients”

  • I totally agree with you roverselle. I would love to hear what Lucas has to say about it instead of it being sencondry information from Harrison’s dirty mouth. For some reason i have a tiny little bit of hope too. I’ll be up in the early hours of the morning watching the game to see the reception he gets from the fans. Should be interesting.

  • me? Im an aussie, I have to get up at 4 anyway for work but I will be watching it. I will miss the last bit of it though so I hope we win it way before I have to leave

  • well thats the only place that is saying that at the moment. it could be true, not sure. i dont think he was going to get a good reception when he ran out.

  • I think he should sign a new contract with Blackburn but thats not gonna happen after reading that article. I didn’t think he would or should play, defiently after Harrison’s comments this week.

  • What Neill is doing is contradicting everything that he has bein saying for the last six months. He sold out and should certainly not be captain… how about Ooijer for captain?? has all the right qualities.

  • Harrison makes a lot of people sick me included also but if Lucas wasn’t happy with him he wouldn’t be working with him would he if we are honest? He wouldn’t stay with the guy if he wasn’t happy with what he was doing? Until a deal is signed somewhere else he is still a Rover so I’ll back him but WON’T back his captaincy status. Plus unless he signs with a Liverpool, Milan or Barca I have to agree with Mikey he would have sold out! Even if he goes to Everton (said to moved in with Newcastle hence his missing today’s game?) this wouldn’t be the move forward he always said he wanted. The glory days of Everton are long gone.

  • I’d agree I think playing him today even without some reported late moves from others would have been bad. Focus would have shifted to him, had he played and captained the side some of his team mates might have lost respect for him and this could effect us? His head wouldn’t be right for this game. Give him the weekend to mull things over and we’ll see what next week brings eh?!?!

  • Exactly City are on a roll so will be no pushovers the least distraction we have the better; although I do fancy Rovers to bounce back and hault the City revival.

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