Date: 11th August 2007 at 10:33pm
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Tottenham Hotspur were most people’s tip to break into the top four this season, but Blackburn Rovers Manager Mark Hughes can’t see this, in fact he can’t see past the usual suspects himself.

Tottenham (who started their season with a 1-0 defeat to Sunderland today) have spent VERY big this summer, which has led to many of the experts believing that they could be the team to break Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United’s strangle hold on the top four places (with Arsenal most believed to be in danger?!?!) in the Premiership.

However Hughes (and I’m sure this will not be liked by our friends at Spurs) is not buying this theory, he said (in some quotes I saw on, not sure where they came from as they didn’t say):

The top four are very strong. People suggest Arsenal may slip out of the top four but I don’t go along with that view. They are a top-quality side still.

“There’s a lot of money sloshing around but more often than not the big four get the majority of it and so that does have an impact.

“When the champions of the Premier League are investing significant amounts that tells you that even when you are strong you still have to strengthen.

“United are champions and they are used to having the gold lion on their sleeve.

“They have defended their title well in the past and it will be a good team that beats United – but plenty of them want to do it


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20 Replies to “Hughes: Spurs WON’T Make Top Four”

  • Before it is suggested this IS NOT intended to win up you Spurs fans!!!
    Personally (as much as it pains me lol!) I would have to admit Spurs are close to catching these teams but if they lose to teams like Sunderland (no offence to them) they WON’T do it will they. Chelsea, Liverpool & Manure are away, but as much as I thought Arsenal might have fallen away I’m not sure now, so it’ll probably be normal service this season.

  • Despite your protests i’m currently visualising the monsterous grin across your face whilst posting this article!!! You’re right though if we don’t get our act together against middle of the road opposition it’ll be UEFA next season [or even worse intertoto! :-)]

  • First game of the season, in terms of merely qualifying for the Champions League, doesnt honestly mean a lot. Spurs are a really strong side, I’d say its very close between them and Arsenal for fourth place regardless of what Spurs did today.

  • OK then, maybe I’ve taken some satisfaction in this, which I must admit when I came across it I found it to good to pass by, especially after a few run ins the two sets of fans had last season 🙂 lol
    Personally Spurs are the closest team realistically to the top four, but if they DON’T make it this season then you could be in trouble next summer?!?!

  • Agree, we’re in a similar boat to you in that respect. If we don’t at least maintain the standards from the previous seasons the better players will probably be off and with all the sugar daddy?s floating about it could become a real dogfight

  • I agree HDM. Players like Berbatov, Lennon, Keane and King will be demanding Champions League football now, rather than wanting it. It really is make or break for spurs this season!

  • simmy, why do Spurs have a genuine belief that they can finish ahead of us? With players like Jenas, Zokora, Gardner, Malbranqua and Tianio they dont have a chance. Our reserve players are better than thier first team!

  • I think Spuds do have the quality but after watching yesterday’s game I would be concerned for them largely due to a horrendously average midfield. Granted, superb striking options but a basic midfield will thwart the boys from white heart lane. No width, no ingenuity, and meagre glimpses of skill. Berbs was the most creative player but he can’t do it all. Jenas was laughable! So on the evidence of yesters display I will whole-heartedly agree with Hughes. Alas, I’m sure there is more to come from Spuds.

  • He speaks complete sense Mr.Hughes. the top 4 this year will be the same as last. With Blackburn 5th… ha ha sorry couldnt resist.

  • arsenal are in little danger of droppin from the top four! spurs optimism came from henrys departure but i see it as a good thing as more arsenal players will step up now they cant rely on henry! and without knig for the first few games of the year spurs are well dodgy at the back!

  • The more early points Spurs drop the harder it will be to claw them back at the end, no matter WHAT any of them say.

  • Spurs I feel have to break the top 4 this yr, not just get close, as was said there are players at Spurs that the top teams are interested in and they play Champions League football. Could be hard to keep them should teams like Utd and Chealski come calling next season. Apart from that Spurs have, after Roman, spent the most in transfers over the last number of years, the men behind the scenes will start looking for a climb up the table from 5th, which for any club is a great acheivement

  • No top four place this season mean no Berbatov next season, and maybe other top players as well?!?! CLOSE will not be good enough will it (as you say dude.)

  • If Spurs play a lot of games like the one on Sat then they should worry about making it into the top 10 and not the top 4, I cant honsestly see this happen though b4 anyone starts but for a team with those stikers that midfield of Spurs sometimes look as though they have no idea of how to set them up. Its a good midfield, well apart from Jenas, but maybe without Lennon looks a bit too defensive minded?!?!?

  • Both of you are spot on, King/Berbatov/Lennon etc will not be satisfied with UEFA cup football so unless some youngsters really blossom this year we’ve too many ‘top 8’ quality centre midfielders to consistently challenge. Despite (on paper!) a bril attack and defence if MJ and DC don’t pull thier finger out by the transfer window close we’ll only get in the WEFA, not good enough!

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