Date: 10th August 2008 at 12:17am
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Anthony Annan who impressed at Blackburn over the last 2 weeks will now go on a trial with arsenal, all this because Blackburn are unwilling to match a bid of 2.5 million euros!

How tight are we for cash at the moment!!

Surely the club need to push things ahead QUICKLY! The lad is one of the most highly rated midfielders going, so Ince and Mr Williams, pull your finger out before we miss out on a real gem!!!


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15 Replies to “Hurry up before it’s to late”

  • Interesting read kendog. We can’t throw money around like it is going out of fashion (despite selling Bents) but from the sounds of it Annan would easily be worth the ?2.5 million.

  • Pull the finger out indeed!! I thought this deal was all wrapped up. It’ll be an absolute disgrace if we miss out on this kid over half a million or whatever it is!

  • Hope Arsenal would get him so our board will learn the lesson and start spending money instead of signing players on loan.

  • Bad news, but what happen if Arsenal reject him…. is he still good enough or is it just all media speculation and hype.

  • Yeah it looks like we have completely flopped this one. It does concern me a little. I know the board are working in the interests of not just accepting any bid because we have some money (or at least we should – by my reckoning about £16m) but surely we can stretch for that extra half mill.

  • ITS NOT just buying the quality players quality freebies demand good wages.. bad players and unknowns have very little wage demand..this is my thinking for Anan and for trying for foreign unknowns cheap labour..

  • this is bad. if we lose this lad to arsenal then surely the talk on here over the past week about the boards tight pockets will surely be confirmed

  • The fact he is even on trial at Arsenal shows how good he is… lets make a move. I have seen him play and he is worth that amount of money easily.

  • Don’t worry guys, have a feling that this will still happen if Rovers want it cos he’s confirmed that he wants to join us today……cant tell u how good it will be if he comes…TOP TOP player who will be able to push us on to better things…

  • God knows wot is going around behind the scens of this one, maybe the selling club has heard of other interested and the money is rocketing up, or Ince may be unconvinced by Annan, who although Essien ( his mate ) has called him ‘ the new Essien’ has anyone actually seen him play?? I cant imagine the Gunners going after him, or indeed him going there, they would much rather Rovers got him and then try to steal him cheap at the end of the season IF he;s any use – Utd have been mentioned but where would he play for them?? If we dont get him, it may be a massive mistake or may turn out to be over-rated again by his mate and we were lucky – who knows until it happens, but then again there are loads of central midifelders out there for the picking

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