Date: 8th January 2007 at 10:04pm
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While watching the FA Cup match on Saturday evening between Liverpool and Arsenal on BBC One I couldn’t help but laugh at chants from the Gooners towards the pool fans.

As we all know Blackburn Rovers were recently crushed 6-2 by the Gooners at the Emirates Stadium just before Christmas; arguments on fair reflection of the game scoreline etc. are not the issue here the chants that I heard coming from the Arsenal fans towards their Liverpool counterparts following two quick goals brought a rise smile to my face. These chants were:

Are you Blackburn, are you Blackburn, are you Blackburn in disguise!

You have to take some things in good humour don’t you, I took this as one of them plus we got some free publicity on the BBC!

Some of the funniest things you are ever likely to hear come from the terraces. Had we not reacted to that defeat with four straight League and Cup victories maybe I wouldn’t have been so amused by it but as it is with the FA Cup holders crashing out and us marching on towards Cardiff? I mean “the New Wembley” and our upturn in fortunes and form as it is I was happy to give a little tip of the cap to the Arsenal fans and accept their friendly jibes towards us?

As has now been more than pointed out to me it was in fact “are you Tottenham, are you Tottenham, are you Tottenham in disguise!” And not Blackburn. D’oh! I should have know better really but HONESTLY thought it did sound like Blackburn on TV and was some quick thinking Gooner fans making a clever reference to our 6-2 defeat.

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  • Obviously the aim was to add a picture of the Arsenal fans but there was a problem in admin so put ours in instead!

  • Lol. I didn’t hear that. Full credit to you for taking it with a pinch of salt, our little neighbours would have got the right hump…Although nearly every time we’re winning we sing “Are you Tottenham, are you Tottenham, are you Tottenham in disguise?”.

  • Need some syringes up there old son. It was ‘Are you Tottenham in disguise”.
    They’re MUCH worse than you boys. You gave us a game at the Grove!

  • Yeah I was at the match and it was ‘Are You Tottenham in disguise.’ You guys registered a few shots on goal at Emirates and tried to play football. Spuds exploded like the pathetic ratbags they are.

  • Obviously I know it would be Spurs being main rival and all but it sure sounded like Blackburn to me and with it being hot off the heels of the 6-2 defeat knowing football fans it wouldn’t have surprised me.

  • Well pardon me for trying to inject a bit of humour into things Henry14, whats the point in adding the “joker” part? I know its not highly offence but a simple it was Tottenham you were wrong would have been fine!

  • Bit of a pointless article now, but an honest mistake, TV made it sound like Blackburn… honest! At least its got you guys on here so maybe we can have a little debate about the game this weekend. We gave you a good game at the Emirates (as most will agree) think we more than do the same on Saturday.

  • Hughes Da man, i can confirm it was tottenham. when you guys played us at the grove, at least you showed up, whereas spurs sent ringers i think, including gladys the tea lady, celebrating 25 years sterling service. But after she kindly offered to cook the team a scrummy lasagna before the last game of last season, i have it on good authority that although she has been presented with a delightful carriage clock, she is banned from the spurs kitchen theses days….

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • by the way, Hughes Da Man, In your banner at the top of the page, why has Mark Hughes got a ghost? Is he a secret member of torchwood?

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • As I said it honestly sounded like Blackburn (I’m not trying to say I’m right as I’m not, you guys were there I wasn’t) which although the 6-2 defeat was anything but would have been funny hence the point of this now pointless article.

  • Nice to see such praise of the Rovers from the Gooners. Wouldn’t have surprised me in the least had it been ‘Rovers in disguise’ but I guess you lot are right….we did try and give you a game and that is why we got unfortunately thumped. Boring boring boring spuds!!! Lets we can return the scoreline on Sat!!! Hmm!!!! That would be a turn up for the books

  • Nice to meet someone new Hughes. What makes you think yu can do us Saturday just because its a 5.15 kick-off on a Saturday in the north west where we always play so well in the league!
    You will win because you’re not Liverpool or Man United. We only win the easy ones up your way!!!

  • (ref to scottish hotelier dude from little britain, in case you thought i’m been hitting the crackpipe…)
    »»Arsene knows««

  • I didnt think it would have been Blackburn, still, full credit to you Hughes Da Man. If you beat us on Saturday I’m sure I wont be so nice, I’ll come and sulk on here, telling you how much we got the s**t kicked out of us.

  • by the way, Hughes Da Man, i thought you’d like to know that you have precisely (as of this post) 164 more vital football monthly points just yourself than the entire BWFC VF site (when i checked it earlier tonight, which seems to consist of just four members… »»Arsene knows««

  • It’ll be a cracker as I’m sure Arsenal will show some attacking flair once again and we aren’t doing bad goals wise ourselves recently! with Chelsea (away) up next we NEED to beat you guys, wouldn’t be surprised if we did, may the best team win!

  • I showed some imagination in just thinking it could have been Blackburn in disguise didn’t I simmy8_2000… wasn’t as far fetched as it sounds 🙂

  • I’m with you know Wingston, Little Britain, class act! Just as good live as they are on the box. Vital Bolton will get there eventually then I’m sure they’ll be saying similar things to others. You’ll get a tough game from then in round four thats for sure!

  • LOL at W.n.k.y Wanderers! Its nice to be given the chance to jump straight back on the horse, since our 6-2, we’ve been in great form. Would be amusing to take the points back!

  • Hughes da Man, yeah, they’ll no doubt give us a tough game, they always do. And fair play, when they beat us at their place last season in the league, they outplayed us, didnt clog us about. we were just pants… looks like we may well a few faces back off the treatment table by the time we face you guys at the weekend. Bentley is suspended isnt he? And Morten Gamst Pedersen is looking pretty lethal, another cracking free kick yesterday… »»Arsene Knows««

  • You know what would be superb would be if the Rovers fans sang to Arsenal “Are you Blackburn, are you Blackburn, are you Blackburn in disguise!”

  • I think Bolton sometimes have an unfair tag much like ourselves, we can’t shake our tag no matter how much good football we play. Sometimes Bolton aren’t great to watch but what they do they do well. Yeah Bents is out which is a massive blow but gives others a chance, MGP is back on form and Benni’s on fire; hopefully Matty Derbyshire will be fit though.

  • I will pay you guys full credit, actually. when we played you in the FA semi a couple of years ago, you were kickers, but the past season and a half, you boys have been playing some good stuff, from what I’ve seen… »»Arsene Knows««

  • Thanks Wingston. We were brutal, Toddy certainly was as Van Persie knows! We really do so its good to hear opposing fans say this now. Some stuff we play would have people (the pundits!) drooling if it came from you, Man United, Chelsea or Liverpool. Sparky has got us playing without letting us forget how to be physical (within the rules.) The Benni goal against Liverpool recently was top drawer; what a move!

  • I’m certainly not shocked at your rapid move up the table. Although it ended up 6-2 at the Emirates I thought you were the best side to come all season, I was bricking it at 3-2. Looks like Bentley is benefitting from playing regular football and we were probably fortunate Benni wasn’t playing. Should be a good game on Suturday.

  • Never mind HDM, it would of been good. But I dont like Spurs anyway so all is fair I suppose. That 6-2 game was never a fair reflection on the game as even the most hardcore Arsenal fan will admit.

    I thought we gave them a real game and it might be just a little different on Saturday.

  • We’ll its got a decent bit of banter and some debate but BEST OF ALL some GENUINE PRAISE FOR ROVERS FROM OPPOSING FANS which is deserved! Can see us winning Saturday you know Mikey.

  • Unfortunately I can see you lot beating us. I cant see Hughes going with the football approach this time though I think he will revert to the strong arm tactics employed last season. Its funny actually because over the past two seasons I have seen a bit of Blackburn on sky etc & you can play some of the best football in the premiership along with ourselves & man utd. The game you played at the spuds last season was superb you absolutely murdered them yet ended up losing somehow. However last season Hughes was still too scared to give it a go against us (By give it a go I mean playing football) he used the tactics of the previous season when he had just taken over. This season he obviously felt a lot more comfortable & I can understand that. I think for all arsenal fans Blackburn at Ewood is exactly what we need right now because if we win then we know our season has turned because you lot have an excellent team & are in awesome form, however should we lose again then we know the Liverpool fa cup game was yet another false start!!

  • Well it is superb to hear some of the commenst made by the Arsenal fans. I really am hoping for an open fre-scoring game on Saturday (only this time we could score more than Arsenal, just to balance it out). We spend so much time on here going on (mainly to narrow minded Spurs fans) that Rovers can and do play good football. It is a great honour that fans of the best footballing team in the Prem have praised our game!

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  • Well isn’t Henry a clever boy he’s learnt how to copy and paste words repeatidly… either that or he went through the painstaking long process of typing the same thing over and over and over.

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