Date: 31st January 2007 at 11:33pm
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Vital Blackburn’s most recent poll suggested by BomBom asked “which player (Shearer & Hendry aside!) would you plug into Rovers 1st XI now from years gone by?

Matt Jansen is the man!

Obviously Alan Shearer and/or Colin Hendry would be most people’s first choice but given the selection of Matt Jansen, Simon Garner, Bryan Douglas, Ronnie Clayton, Tim Sherwood with Other (as this had to be an option with only six allowed) as options for players that you would like Rovers to turn to now if we could the man most would like would be Jansen (34%) closely followed by Sherwood (31%).

So in summary
Matt Jansen – 34%
Simon Garner – 12%
Bryan Douglas – 13%
Ronnie Clayton – 7%
Tim Sherwood – 31%
Other – 3%

The search for January’s Player of the Month begins, so the current poll is asking, Defender/Keeper of the Month for January? Don`t forget this is a quick-fire 24-hour Poll!

Although Lucas Neill has now gone he was here for the most part of the month so couldn’t have been left out of the selection, technically Stephen Warnock could have been included but as he`s been here for little of it I didn’t think this fair.

As for what you think, cast your vote and why not have your say on the latest polls findings…

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12 Replies to “If Only We Had Matt Jansen…”

  • A fit, healthy and on top form Matt Jansen was as good as anyone, if only he’d not had the accident? It was neck and neck with Sherwood but Jansen just piped him at the last.

  • Do me a favour………. Jansen good player yes, Sherwood also good player……however Clayton 35 caps for the England national football team, including 5 as captain………..Douglas 438 league appearances and 100 goals. He also earned 36 caps and scored 11 goals for the England national football team. He appeared in two World Cups, in 1958 and 1962, appearing in all of England’s matches!

  • Come on govtpros be fair mate, its an open poll so people should be able to vote for who they want. Surely EVERYONE that voted had heard of all five of the guys, the majority just choose Sherwood and Jansen over the rest, you might not like it but to say its a “baised” poll is unfair…

  • Douglas and Clayton legends of the English game let alone Rovers legends this can’t be doubted, as for Garner what can you say you could argue the greatest Rovers striker ever (although some will disagree I’m sure). It’s all opinions isn’t it.

  • That man was Graeme Le Saux, he orginaly was going to be part of the poll along with Mike England but with only six options available in polls (this is again something you have to take into account) BomBom decided that they would dip out. Le Saux arguably would have then won the vote, not being funny but would that have pleased you anymore though?

  • Yeah I’ve got them and replied to you via e-mail. I understand your frustration govtpros but its all opinions isn’t it, and sad as it is like you say some probably miss a vote because people don’t know them as such, know the name but not much else. People probably vote over and over again which doesn’t make for fair polls so I’ll ask about the possibility of vital looking at how polls are conducted to reduce the number of times a member can vote?

  • Hey Gov, i tend to agree with you, Douglas and Clayton were very classy players and unfortunatly I never got to see them play, however they were still suggested. Personally, i voted for Simon Garner, aside from super Al, best striker this club has ever had. At the end of the day, I would envisage that the majority of the visitors to this site were not around when Douglas and Clayton were plying their trade at Ewood and therefore, yes, they will vote for who they remember playing. Do a vote on all time greatest player with everyone suggesting one name (aside from Al and colin) and you would get so many different names! Look at the left side midfield vote, MGP got in as a Legend for christ sake. Hes classy but a legend? not yet IMO, i voted for Sellars but twas not to be. Remember this in future….opinions are like *********s, everybody has one!!!

  • lol. I’d agree totally on the MGP selection, and did. The Geatest Ever Squad is going to be an on going thing, people can suggest changes and then we’ll debate it and change accordingly. MGP probably would come into it in the future, just wish it had been just that, in the future. The alterations to the Greatest Squad and remembering the past players etc. can be one of the first topics we ALL speak about when we have our first online group chat, a new idea I’ve got planned. We all meet up online, go in the forum and chat between certain times on certain days. Like an msn online chat but online in the fourm! Having a couple of different threads running at a time should give people time to float around them.

  • Yeah, MGP is not a legend….yet, lets hope he sticks around long enough to be considered one soon, but at the moment, Sellars should really have his spot.

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