Date: 9th June 2011 at 10:32am
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After the long, hard day that was the Phil Jones saga yesterday you could be forgiven for thinking we deserve a day of relative calm.

But oh no, you would be wrong. Rumours are circulating that Arsenal are ready to swoop into Ewood Park with a truck load of cash and expect Rovers to send Chris Samba back in their direction in exchange.

Samba is known to be exploring his options this summer and will hardly have been thrilled to see Rovers lose their main youth prospect to Manchester United yesterday.

Steve Kean and the Blackburn management will be loathe to lose Samba as it will mean having a completely new centre back pairing for the start of next season.

But money talks in football… Brace yourself for another nervy 24 hours.

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26 Replies to “If you thought yesterday was bad…”

  • Unfortunately I think Big Chris will be off to Arsenal.
    On another note – some possible good news – Stephen Warnock will be back in a Rovers shirt within the next month .Very good source 🙂

  • A signing would come in handy about now, and one which shows rovers mean business, Take a brave man to ring Rovers today though asking about Samba after Jones has just left the building

  • Just keeps getting better doesn’t it. :/ Agree with Glen we need a quality signing in the next few days!

  • Lol. Was that a joke which completely went over my head, Glen? Or was it just the most random comment of the week? Don’t panic, people, we have faced adversity before and we’ve always beaten it, so have some faith. Venky’s at least give us a chance of keeping hold of Samba, whereas under the Walker Trust, we would have no chance of matching Arsenal’s wage after. Wenger, as I said before, £18m or ***** off!

  • He was buying it if he needs to throw his toys :-p, but yes i agree No-one could have kept him at Rovers, his mind was made up, but it may just fall foul as its being investigated, Samba on the other hand needs to get his head down, act like the captain and keep the players focused. I’m sure Rovers will have players in by the time they return for training

  • quality player, far better than jones. hope he doesn’t go to the gooners, would have him a spurs tomorrow, great player.

  • Is there a mobil site of this page? Could see that fanben users his phone so just thought I would ask 🙂

    Those who want to leave, let them leave. I don’t want any players who doesn’t want to be here (getting a bit worried about the hoilett contact though). Steve Kean really get the change to set his own team now, like it or not. I might just think through the danish players who could be replacement if faxe has something to say. Will leave it at the forum.

  • It looks like he’s on his way. If Gary Cahill is worth £17m then Samba should be a minimum £20m but I think we’ll end up with about half that. We need a big signing in the next few days to have any hope of keeping Samba IMO.

  • if samba goes for 18million the chicken fu,ckers will have der money back in 1 year would like to see warnock back with us again bring in upson for a replacement 4 samba & c cole would be a great signing knowing are kean he ll probable dont bring in any CB and bring back og king hanley

  • Season ticket renewal packs arrived todayso that’s 2x£225 and a young adult at £145 , still cheaper than a united ticket ! A teacher friend whose dad brought her up as rovers fan / season tkt holder said today – she wished she,d been brought up as a utd fan and would pay £900 to watch quality ( I suspect she is hurting at the moment , only 23 and upset about state of affairs .guess my point is many youngish fans are thinking I’m not paying to watch my team struggle ? I say it’s cheap prem football and support team through thick and thin ! Rovers till I die 

  • I could cry, and of all days, today I arrived home to find my 2011-2012 season ticket application on my door mat!! Nice one!!

  • As long as Kean gets James Collins and Roger Johnson to replace Jones and Samba i will be content! It is crunch time for Keano now! If he gets wrong players in centre of defence then bye bye Rovers!

    Also heard today that DJ Cambell has a £1 million release clause. I think thats not a bad shout as part of a complete revamp up front.. Obviously still need a couple more forwards too but he did well last season

  • It is not crunch time yet for Keano at all!! Transfers is nothing, what means something are victories in the league. Keano can make a lot of stupid transfers (money out the window) but if he wins matches when the league starts, then that it is anything…..cheers

  • Samba will probably go but surely not for only £9m!
    They must have missed a one of the front, £19m please Arsen.
    We will be lucky to get £24m for Jones after £16m valuation but should hold out for £20m.
    Why on earth we should want to sign the two loan strikers, who both failed miserably to score week after week and nearly cost us our Premiership place, I have no idea. Kalinic is better than both of these put together.

  • well if samba does go we atleast know we will get what hes actually worth and not what Arsene wants to pay………Venkys

  • and ppl are saying the club cost 23 million this isnt true venkys paid 23 million over asset value and they also got the club debt so 44 million over assets in total but even then thats an amazing deal

  • Samba will be gone before this year ends, if not before the first month of 2012 is out!! If he’s going I’d rather the dude went sooner instead of hanging around throughout the summer and early weeks of next season.

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