Date: 22nd June 2008 at 4:04pm
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Paul Ince has been confirmed as the new manager of Blackburn Rovers.

Finally the search to replace Mark Hughes has ended with Rovers appointing Milton Keynes Dons’ Ince, with the former Manchester United and England International star confirmed on Sunday, signing a three-year-contract at Ewood Park.

Ince would appear to have beaten of competition strongest competition in the shape of Danish legend Michael Laudrup, with Steve McClaren accepting the FC Twente job when he knew he wasn’t getting the job at Ewood Park, and Sam Allardyce withdrawing due to the fact he would have been beaten to the post by a manager who doesn’t even hold the necessary qualifications at the moment. However, it is understood he will get special dispensation from the Premier League to earn this.

Ince has performed superb jobs with Macclesfield and MK Dons, now we just have to see if he can do this at the VERY highest level as well, however, I am sure that he can.



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  • Interesting appointment, could be a good one that, will be fascinating to see, a massive jump up in standard for sure!

  • That would be my concern. He is going to need time but we need to be kicking on so not overly excited about this appointment to be honest guys. He has my backing but I can’t see him making us better!

  • Is he bringing ex-Latics boss Ray Mathias with him? Mathias has been Incey’s assistant at Mac and at MK and he will undoubtedly need him at Ewood, if he does you’ll have got a cracker, Mathias is an excellent coach

  • He did tremendously well in League Two with both Macclesfield and MK Dons. I doubt he will have any trouble adapting to managing in the Premiership when he played under a manager like Alex Ferguson for so long.

  • Welcome to the club Paul, we wish you all the best and I’m sure we will all get behind you! I’m not gonna lie I’m surprised at your appointment, I championed Laudrup from the second Shearer pulled out. I’m surprised that he did not get it his achievements far out weigh yours so far, his pulling power and fan base in Europe would only have helped push us forward. Its gonna be an interesting year I do not see our top players hanging round if we miss out on Europe again! So Paul over to you Prove us all wrong!

  • Interesting bet Laudrup was asking for large transfer kitty, so that is why, Ince going to be an interesting season now. Hopefully will get some media praise for having first black english manager in the premiership.

  • Roverjoy sorry pal 30M is a large budget!!! OK and I don’t want our club to be drawn into the media generated First Black British Top Flight Manager rubbish, He got it because JW thought he was the best man for the Job, Period.

  • Where has the £30mill come from, and yeah one season then, look at Hughes last bet it is a nice hello but then it will be back to peanuts again.

  • its what being reported, but last year it was 15 and we spent 5 signing on fees will come into it. you have to expect the board to give him the Majority of the Bentley and if he goes Cruz funds, he will need it. There is also fresh impetus to the takeover, as apparently the trustees approve (read on BRFCS)

  • Exactly £15 to £5 probably will happen this year, but yeah Bentley looking at £15 if we are close to selling then the board won’t stump up, but then it won’t matter. I will read the article but im surprised if a takeover was going to happen then they wouldnt off appointed unless the takeover people agreed with who was taking over. So maybe that is why it took so long?

  • Roverjoy If they don’t give him the cash to spend from the bender transfer then serious questions will be asked surely. I’m still not completely sure whats happened to all this new TV and prize money etc anyways. would love to know how big a dividend our trust takes?

  • I think this is a great appointment by the board. Ince is a young hungry manager and i think he will command the same respect from the players as Hughes did. He did well at MK Dons and even though he had the biggest budget in the league he still had to win the league with league 2 players and that is not taking into account the miracle he performed at Macclesfield. IMO the fact he started in the lower leagues will stand him in good stead as i believe that it is as tough to win games down there as it is in the premiership. You just have to look at how hard it is for relegated teams to come back up to see that. As for taking us to the next level i dont think there is any manager who can take us into the champions league with the resources available to the club but with a big transfer budget and some investment i would back Ince to bring in some good players and make us a better team and perhaps take us into the top four. I just would not expect too much too soon. There are exciting times ahead for Rovers i think

  • Welcome to Ewood Paul. I for one feel this is the best move for Rovers. Paul Ince’s Blue and White Army!!!

  • Agreed Mikey – Congratulations on your appointment Incey – I’m looking forward to the season now that we have our new manager and keen to see how we’ll perform.

  • The LMA have once again proved they are very useful when it comes to inconsistency and making up rules as they go along. They have backed Paul Ince in his new role even though they were publicly against Gareth Southgate when he found himself in an identical situation without the UEFA pro license. The fact that Ince has worked his way up and Southgate dived straight in means nothing as they were also publicly against Glenn Roeder taking the Geordie job. Dont get me wrong, i wish Paul Ince all the best in his new job and look forward to him coming back to the Riverside, but the LMA are a bunch of useless *********s………………………..anyways, good luck Incey.

  • I agree – I think they should bin this rule anyway – what’s the point of having it if they keep breaking it? Football clubs should be able to appoint who they want for jobs – badges and certificates are just hoops to jump through.

  • Its aint a great rule anyway. Badges are just like hoops (As FN1 says). They should judge on past results and if a club is comfortable enough to appoint then that should be their funeral (so to speak!)

  • Yep- you’re right Maji and Mikey, it’s up to the clubs to appoint and they live or die by those decisions. Stuart Pearce has loads of badges and is a fairly decent coach, doesn’t make him the best one of the job though!

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