Date: 13th December 2008 at 11:48pm
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I am truly sad to be writing this but the Ince Circus has gone far enough.

It is tough enough to watch Rovers succumb week after week but we had been fighting in those games.

Today, all Rovers did not do was to ask for their belly to be tickled.

It might be unpopular amongst some here but….



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  • As u all no, I’m from Australia and I stay up until wicked hours to watch our boys play. This morning was the first time I ever have fallen asleep wstchin rovers play. Disgraceful performance INCE OUT!!!!!

  • That was the turning point for me Sas, the capitulation without resistance. I can deal with Rovers being relegated after given their all every game all season but our squad isnt “that” bad yet we looked awful against Wigan and once the performance starts to change, its time to change the name plate on the gaffers door.

  • Sadly i have to agree. I dont care what Ince or Ryan says there is no way those players are playing for the manager. We seem to have no tactical know how, no fitness and no idea where to play. I have no doubt that the squad is good enough to stay up but if Ince continues in the job then i have no doubt that 3 or 4 players will leave in January and then we are in trouble plus i dont know if i would trust Ince’s judgment on players anyway. If he does go who will step in on a temporary basis. Knox? Hopefully he will take his whole backroom staff with him but it is imperative that this is sorted asap so that teams stop looking at us as a guaranteed 3 points

  • we need to get sum1 with a bit of a modern viewpoint on things, a more scientific manager, that looks at opta index and what have you, to reeeeealy sort out tactics, one man out of a job is big sam, say offer him a rolling contract like we did with hughes, and like we shud have done with ince, and i believe he could get us out of trouble!!! the time has come boys, its not a good day!

  • I agree that Ince needs to go, but do not want Big Sam either, when his name was 1st being touted as Hughes’ replacement there was a massive uproar and everybody was saying how much they didnt want him to be our new boss! How come all of a sudden, most people i speak to, want him in now? The only person I could think of would be Curbishley, as I dont know who else would take the job!

  • It’s a sad day, where can we turn? This is not our Rovers of recent years, Hughes could have put this team out bar one player and won 4 nil…something is missing. Training fitness, tactical awareness, individual development plans, focussed training programs…these are the scientific things Hughes introduced..remember Hughes was the first premiership manager to introduce pro-zone…we need a modern manager with intelligence and I don’t think that is backhand Sam!

  • I think Ince came into prem management too soon……he should have done a few more years in the lower leagues…..he still has a lot to learn……and you cant afford to learn it all in the prem….

  • It just doens’t look like Ince will leave though, please it was too soon and i think in a few years he will come good. He jsut doesn’t have the backroom staff around him to succeed at the moment at this level.

  • this HAS to be the end of Paul Ince. we need someone with premiership experience to lead the team up the table. we need a new manage asap because he needs time to figure out who he wants in jan. don’t let ince touch our transfer kit.

  • As sad as I am to say it I think it would probably be best that he isn’t here for much longer. I’ve supported Incey but I’m not sure he can do anything (good) for the club now???

  • firstly syekotik rover, the reason why people are wanting big sam now he didnt want big sam in the summer is because, they know that he is one manager that is able to re group the players and make them into a team that is extremely hard to break down,

    and secondly, mikey t felixstowe, big sam was the first person to bring opta index, pro zone, and tv screens into the dugout, he was the one that was banging on about it all….. i think trust with incey as long as williams trusts with him, so trust in williams, thats all im going to say, hes kept this club, trudging along in the prem for i dont know how many years now, so hopefully he will do the right thing here…………….

  • Fat sam didn’t do a very good at newcastle though did he. Plus I wouldn’t want to get a manager with all the corruption allegations hanging over him. Curbishbley’s the man for the job imo

  • Come on Mikey. I am all for backing the manager but even you can see he has to go? Speculation is only natural! Allardyce has ruled himself out anyhow, so it looks like Curbs for me!

  • I can see that but what I am saying is shouldnt we wait till he actually goes before speculating a replacement? If he doesnt go then all this chat about Curbs, Allardyce etc if for nothing.

  • Ince needs to be backed until/if he is sacked. It is the boards decision to get rid of him, our job is to back the team and staff to give them confidence to help them play – I believe that if Ince goes we will get worse

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