Date: 11th July 2008 at 9:00am
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Robbie Fowler has been invited on Rovers pre-season tour with a chance for him to win a one year pay as you play deal.

The 33-year-old ex-England striker was expected to sign a new one-year deal at Cardiff City but told the Bluebirds this morning that he would be joining Rovers.

Fowler scored six goals in 16 games in an injury-hit season at Ninian Park after joining Cardiff from Liverpool.

He was ruled out for the season in January after the return of a long standing injury.

Speaking to BBC, Cardiff chairman Peter Risdale said, ‘We signed him last year with a year’s option, but at this stage in his career it’s understandable that he accepts an offer to go to the Premiership,’

‘We have to thank Robbie and move on, he goes with our best wishes.

‘His image rights were important to us last year, but now we’re looking at what he could do on the field.

‘Robbie’s move frees up budget for us to look for another striker.

‘We’re pretty close to signing a new striker in a deal that I’ve been working on all week, when that’s done we’ll look for another front man to take Robbie’s place.’

New Blackburn manager Paul Ince is an old friend of Fowler from their time at Liverpool which perhaps what clinched the deal.

Shock news indeed for this Friday morning.


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  • I’m not sure what to make of this… it could work, I can see it working. I just hope he isnt being paid too much.

  • Still trying to keep the faith eh Mikey, What on earth is he thinking read about a mystery signing last night that shocked but blow me away robbie fowler, ROBBIE FOWLER!!! Ince wants Brad out and this chap in, I’d be banned if I said what I truly feel. JW what on earth are you doing sack him get Laudrup in quick before he signs mcmanaman, Grobbelar etc!!!

  • Best of luck with him guys but I can’t understand Ince’s logic here. Fowler was rubbish for us last season, and though he may (though unlikely) be injury free – I can’t see him doing much for you

  • Ah… Quote from Sky Sports…

    ‘9.17: More news is reaching us on Robbie Fowler’s proposed move to Blackburn. The Ewood Park club have confirmed that the former England international has been invited to join their pre-season training camp, but insist no contract offer has been made to the striker.’

  • You beat me to this one Mr Mikey. Shocked, that is all that I can say! A fit Robbie Fowler is a dangerous weapon for anyone, but he is past his best isn’t he and can he stay fit?!?! Would he be competition for others (if he signs?!?!) or a replacement, I HOPE not a replacement!!!

  • Bloody hell im disgusted, we have Santa Cruz, Benni Mc, Robbo, Derbyshire, even Maceo Rigters….why on earth we sign fowler for….

  • Ince—what the hell are you doing to our club!!! In my oppinion you can just run along… Who the hell signs Fowler – i thought we should show ambition.

    Bad move Ince – no feeling with the transfertargets AT ALL!!!!!!

  • ….I was just coming to accept that we got Ince instaed of Laudrup….but this…

    Would NEVER have happened under Laudrup. To bad

  • If he is just inviting him along for a tour to check his fitness and how he woudl fit in then fair enough. and I am always keeping the faith Maji… lets not all jump on Ince’s back with one signing. And he does not want rid of Brad…

  • Ince has really made us the laughing stock in the PL…thanks! These kind of signings just send out just the signal that we want to send out – NOT! Ince you are not at MK Dons anymore – and no..we dont like you to sign old friends. In this signing I see the first letter in his Inces reign – FLOP! What happened to the dogma that we should only sign players who can IMPROVE the starting 11

    God I hope I am wrong.

  • Mikey sorry the shock of Fowlercoming on top of what I know is a second rate back room team, along with assurances from someone one very much in the know that the club are willing to cash in on Brad. In his first press conference he said he was here to move us forward, Fowler is a step up?, Knox not good enough for bolton, 1 year in the last 7 in the prem league, Matihas never in the prem, Mckinnon never kicked a ball, no takeover, nothing coming outta the club, its a disgrace, check our odds mate 7 to 1 to go down and falling fast. Being linked with 3 keepers, Brad on his way out WTF!!!I love this club I’ve supportted it all my life and will even if we go to the conference. At the moment I feel like the club has put it arm in hot water and Ince is slicing its wrist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lets settle down a bit – I’m confused by this interest in Fowler. I don’t think Friedel will go and Ince hasn’t had a game played yet… Lets wait and see what happens – and Maji, I know you wanted Laudrup… but its too late now

  • FN1 me saying Laudrup is my way of saying I’m not impressed. Nothing thats happened since Ince has been appointted has been as they said, Name one thing that has happened since he came that has made you think as a fan, good things are coming, I cannot! The cahp who has said Brads on his way out, called Ince he called Knox, steele before it was mentioned anywhere else, he has been wrong before but its very rare! I hope he is wrong but as I said if there was no truth in it where is the club on denying it all – nowhere!

  • Maji sorry mate but ya boring me readin ya crap! ‘ sack ince get laudrup ‘ call ya self a rovers fan?? i agree a dont think we should sign fowler but hey Get on with gettin behind the team ye?

  • Lets all settle down a bit… Rovers are famous for not overreacting and giving the manager time… lets do it as a group. Brad is not on his way out.

  • Don’t put words in my mouth kendog, bite me!!! I’ve supportted this club since before Walker, back in the days of Mckay and saxton and I’ve had a season ticket as long as I can remember since I was 4 and a shirt since I was born, and I live over 500 miles away!!! I’ve travelled across europe to watch them where were you at home watching the tele! I want the best for this club not the manager chairman or anyone else the club if my opinion offends you, simply innit don’t bloody read it!!!!

  • Does seem an odd signing. However, Hughes did bring Henchoz when he was passed it, so even the greatest have moments of lapses. We have to have faith. This season I am determined to be an optimist! I will see the good in everything. Fowler has experience. He is (well was) one of the best goalscorers this country has produced, ans his domestic record speaks for itself. Maybe Ince has brought him in to let the youngsters learn from a master of finishing and movement, and aide with the development of the youth?

  • Maji – you are entitled to your opinion and this forum is where you should express it. Long may you contnue

  • Tell you what guys lets hold off attacking Ince until things actually happen – if he resigns Henchoz, for example, we’ll all go crazy!

  • personall a think ya chattin *****e maji, alot of it aswell ya fool, n watchin on the telly??? o ye a 4got tht a havent travveld round europe and had a season ticket fot the last ten years shut uppp

  • MAJ mate I have said this too many times..greedy williams and coar hughes didnt leave they dont want to pay wages or buy any body and keep £30 MILIION in their new swiss bank accounts


  • We have’nt signed Fowler yet…He’s training with us but that’s far from signing a deal. I think he’s too old for playing championship football let alone PL football….

  • Well he was on 15k+ plus with us at cardiff all year played 16 games scored 6 goals of which 2 were penalties and was not fit enough to play rest of the season…Mind you he is fitter now than when he arrived with us,but he has played 7 consecutive seasons being injured for lengthy preriods in all of them…Good luck to you,i am glad he has freed our wage bill for someone a bit fitter and qiicker on the ball,because he was closed down so easily by championship defenders

  • well it hasnt happend yet hes just training.. hopfuly ince will see that he isnt good enough to be in our team and lets him go and look at real talent that will improve us like mcfadden.. not robbie fowler

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