Date: 2nd December 2008 at 12:13pm
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Paul Ince has asked to be judged in full in 6 games time.

Rovers have a daunting game against Liverpool on Saturday and after that face 5 teams around them as Ewood’s finest look to record their first win since September.

The last win was against Newcastle – which at the time was like shooting fish in a barrell.

However, Ince remains positive and has asked for time.

Ince speaking to the Daily Mail, said -‘It’s a massive game against Liverpool first up, then five more against teams around us,’

‘So let’s see where we are then. Results are going against us at the moment, but we are playing well and have to remain positive.’

I personally am prepared to see how this pans out but the good performances/not the right result scenario is starting to wear thin with some followers of the club.


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  • I think its fair to say that Rovers will be looking harshly at Ince if we dont start moving in the right direction soon. However, I feel we need to give Ince the time to show he is as good as he says he is.

  • And Mikey what do you feel the last 15 games have been about? Showing that he is a bad manager? I dont think we can afford to give him six games that brings us up to 21 games played and of we are in the same position we’d be playing championship football next season. In saying all that if he can turn it round then great but for me he has two more games (i know Liverpool is one but thats just tough luck on his part considering the amount of winless games now) and if we dont have 3-4 points from the next two games then show him the door

  • If we are in the same position after 21 games then we are in the Championship Durks? Bit off the mark thatd dude I am afraid. West Ham and Fulham and many more have got to 33/34 games and stayed up. Its a long old season. We’ll see how it pans out but I feel Ince will get the six games he wants.

  • I really hope he can turn this situation around…nobody would benefit from a situation where in 6 games from now we’re still in relegation zone

  • I support giving Ince 6 more games, but that is the ultimatum. If he is not able to turn in WINS from those games, he is gone!
    FYI, the next 6 games are: Liverpool, Wigan, Stoke, Suderland, Man City, and Fulham. This is a great test coz these are teams of different levels. I expect at least 3 wins 1 draw.

  • But Mikey that would mean we will have gone fifteen games without a win and the way we defend at the moment doesnt give me much hope. That is Inces fault end of story. He has turned a very good mid table team into a team that cant defend and that doesnt look tough to beat. And also mikey they may have been in the relegation zone but they werent being cut a drift as we are now, there is a five point gap between ourselves and Stoke at the moment. after another six games well who knows where we will be.

  • well one win get us out of the relegation zone and to be fair look at this list of games – Liverpool (home), Wigan (away), Stoke (Home), Sunderland (Away), Man City (Home), Fulham (Away). Some perfectly winnable games in there. If he cant win any of them then he has no business staying any longer. But the board are obviously confident he will pick up and so are a few on here. We are not cut adrift, we are 2 points away from being out of the relegation zone.

  • Spending 3-4M lousy pounds during the long summer, could possibly cost us much more due to relegation.
    At least when January opens the club will finally spend some money.
    If not- Blackburn will probably be relegated.

  • …. just out of interest… who the hell is going to be able to play tomorrow???!

    “Ince is struggling for players as well as confidence tonight, with Ryan Nelsen and Christopher Samba doubtful with flu, Danny Simpson and Keith Andrews ineligible plus Vince Grella, David Dunn and Steven Reid – three-quarters of arguably his first-choice midfield – on the long-term injury list. All Ince requests, however, is patience from his board.”

    If they are indeed ill that leaves (guessing here… correct me if I’m forgetting people)

    goal: Robbo

    def: warnock, zurab, ooijer, err…… emo (I don’t see who else can play there)?

    mid: Villanueva, (though ince’ll prob play derbs out of position as per, mokoena, tugay (can he play 2 in a week? surely he has to as he’s crucial), gamst

    forwards: Benni & Santa

    leaving us on the bench: Derbyshire, Treacy, Olsson, JR, and… Peter? Vogel? Fowler!?!??!

    p.s. what ever happened to Sergio, I kind of liked the kid?

  • Didn’t he say judge him after 10 games, at the beginning of the season? Or was that Dave, one of my footballing buddies…? The next 6 games leads us to January (or there abouts). As someone has mentioned, there are teams in there that we should beat (Stoke, Sunderland, Fulham). My only concern is that teams are looking at us, and saying ‘Blackburn are a team that we should beat’.

  • I agree DP – teams are looking at us and saying ‘Blackburn are a team that we should beat’. – but as far as I’m concerned, they’ve always said that about us!

  • FN1 – They may have been sayin git previously, but we have given them a game, and surprised them. At present we don’t even surprise them…

  • I say, if we let him go now, then a new manager will have 3-4 “easy” games to get the ball rolling againg, and we will be back on track….dont give those fixtures to Ince…then we will just end up losing – in a very unlucky way of course 🙂

  • who we gonna get tho boys????? Cant believe they were shouting Souness’ name out at old trafford……ye o short memories….we had a party the last time we got rid of him….lets get real

  • Curbs would be my bet. I condoned Mikey’s staunch support and he is remainin positive for the good of Rovers but the scenes at Trafford last night speak volumes of Ince’s current predicament. On a positive note, I though Benni looked aweseom when he came on! This could be good. Just need to get Santa firing now oh some creativity from midfield and better defending!!! Hahahaha

  • I am trying mate but even I was joining in last night I have to admit. Simply wasnt up to scratch last night. Benni looked terrific when he came on in fairness.

  • There’s only so much we can take and I’m at a loss to be fair pal. I just can’t see us winning at the moment and there is an air of inevitability around Ewood.

  • Gotta be big Sam if we’re gonna change now. We need a northerner, with PL experience used to coping with small transfer kittys……………….need we say anymore?? Only problem is that I’m sure Sunderland will make a move now Keane has gone….

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