Date: 9th July 2008 at 10:43am
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New Blackburn manager Paul Ince is plotting a £4.5million move for relegated Birmingham City’s Sebastian Larsson as a replacement for wantaway winger David Bentley.

With bentley seemingly on the cusp of leaving, Ince has been lining up replacements… and Larsson is top of the list.

Ince has slapped a £17m price tag on Bentley and will use the cash from the transfer to reinvest in the team. Birmingham are expecting about £5 million for one of their main assets, to me this represents great value.

City manager Alex McLeish is desperate for Larsson to stay at the Championship club and help them bounce back to the top tier of English Football at the first attempt.

However a source close to Larsson said last night: ‘His agent has made it clear to Birmingham that he wants to be in the Premier League next season and there are four or five clubs interested in him.’

Mikey Says…

Get him in. Great quality and at a third of the money we’ll get for Bentley. Make it happen Incey.


25 Replies to “Ince Wants Sebastian Larsson”

  • Skippy the bush kangeroo is a good shout, but I reckon he’ll only be using us as a spring board to another club…

  • I dont think larsson will be a worthy replacement for bents to be honest . wouldnt mind mcfadden n roque partnership tho. n yh maybe him as a center mid but not bents replacement. i quite like the offer spurs have ment to have made D. Bent n a few other players + cash for bentley

  • The trouble with any player excahnge deal now is that they will have a value. We will have to pay the arsenal a serious chunk of cash. ie lennon (7M) + Cash 10M = 17M total so we would get 3M plus lennon with 7M cash going to the gooners (if its 50%). That does not float my boat, neither does taking purely players with no cash which would cost us money outta our current trasnfer funds it a bad move. CASH ONLY

  • maji, isnt the money we pay to arsenal based on profit? so one could argue that only the money is profit as we had one player now we have another but plus 10million?

  • Lennon has to have a value, he’s still profit. I could see a really messy situation if we said oh but Lennon was free, it would go to tribunal and we’d cough up. 10M is not what we all hoped for if 50% is correct but it still a hell of a lot of dosh, and could buy a top young player.

  • Sell one Arsenal product and buy another for a third of the price. Definitely looks like great business to me.

  • He’s definitely worth a punt as I said before. He would add good competition in the midfield and wouldnt cost much… whats not to like?!?!

  • Another quality player (who is he came thought the Arsenal system MUST be good) for a third of what we could get for Bents is an easy decision, get him!!!

  • Sorry lads he’s a no, when Bentley goes we have to bring in someone with pace, otherwise we will have none again this year.

  • Thats not true Maji… there will be other signings and we have the chance to get some pace through the middle.

  • Mikey, OK so we can get some through the middle so we’re looking for a pacey creative goal scoring force who plays through the middle, How much will that cost 10-12M easy. Personally I’d like to see both roles filled with some pace to create more options, but a quick winger is gonna be cheaper.

  • HDM, I wasnt trying to say that since he came though the Arsenal system he must be good, but I was just pointing out something I thought was a unique coincidence.

  • gunnerkid107 – I wasn’t trying to say otherwise, I agreed. The MUST wasn’t sarcastic, I was putting emphasis on this because I DO believe it to be the case dude, you don’t play for Arsenal unless you are the best, or near to the best so that’s good enough for me. and what I’ve seen of him has been superb!

  • We can get pace guys and a pacy centre midfielder doesnt cost too much… hell we have got a pacy winger in Emerton if need be…

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