Date: 6th June 2008 at 10:20am
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Blackburn Rovers have lost Mark Hughes this week, could Ewood Park be about to see a player exodus starting with star striker Roque Santa Cruz?!?!

Santa Cruz had been spending the past months stressing how happy he was at Ewood but seems to now be hinting at a move to Manchester United in the wake of Hughes’ departure with it claimed the Paraguayan (on International duty at the moments) has told local newspapers that there is a genuine interest in him.

Santa Cruz told La Nacion: “The interest from Manchester United is real.

I’m busy now so my representatives will handle anything if there is a concrete offer

It is understood that Man United are lining up a £15 million offer for the 26-year-old who bagged 23 goals for Rovers last season after an incredible debut season in England that few expected from the former Bayern Munich star. Manchester City would also be in the running with the obvious ties to his previous manager.

We have already lost Sparky, the majority of the backroom staff and now the vultures are circling looking to pick at the carcass with Brad Friedel and David Bentley (even more so) both mooted with moves away from Ewood in the past 24 hours, with Friedel interesting Aston Villa and Liverpool (again along with Man City) understood to be preparing moves to lure Bentley away next week. Will the Sparky era ending bring a mass player scramble for the Ewood Park exit gates???



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  • This is ALL only media speculation at the moment but we will soon see how loyal these players really are won’t we. They have ALL claimed to be happy where they are and not wanting to go anywhere, how much Sparky leaving will change this time will tell, are we worried yet? Surely it would be wise for ANY player to who might want to leave to wait and see who takes over first and what their vision for Rovers is?!?!

  • I think they will wait and see who the new boss is , with the exception of bent’s. We must keep Mr Claus, but if he wants to go will we end up in another McCarthy situation.

  • I think the media have knives out for us at the moment. Friedel would never leave and I am pretty sure that if Santa is told he is staying then he will be professional and stay and play to his best of his ability. Give it a few weeks guys, the storm will die down.

  • friedel? thats a laugh, the guy is very loyal and said when he signed the contract that rovers felt like home after moving round for so long!! bents ive resigned myself to the fact that we are losing him! if santa goes then we are in big trouble as there is not that many strikers out there of his quality that cost as little as he did!

  • I heard Villa would offer £3 million for Friedal. £3 million for a 37 year old…? Tempting. However, and no disrespect to our understudies, he is irreplaceable. He won’t go in any event. He’s played under 3 managers (counting Tony Parkes Caretaker reigns as managers) so he is loyal to the club, not to any manager. I can see Cruz leaving for the right price (£10 – £15 million), and Bentley will go (£15 + million). Depending on how much of this the board let the new manager have to spend, along with the £10 million they were giving in any event, could see 4 or 5 good players come in to replace, and strengthen the present squad.

  • Would you be happy to lose Santa Cruz for £15 million? Hes a good player, but 15 mil can get you alot of players.

  • Im not sure next season i think Santa might be like Benni of this, and he is injury prone also. So 15mill might be worth it and bring Benni back to his best.

  • Well. this is a complicated situation; Roque is indeed happy at Rovers; speacially because of the treatmen he has received from Sparky…so he kind of owes Spasrky to have played the whole season. However, as long as Rovers dont want to sell, then Roque is stayin..but if they feel letting him go for 15 mil in order to strenght the team, we’ll see. On another point..if Rovers’ new manager has interesting ambitions he’ll sure stay…but I’m not sure about Bents

  • to be honest i have a strong feeling santa cruz will be a rovers player for quite a few years yet cant see him leaving. i think pedersens shocker of a season has put him out of the views from other clubs the only player i think we’ll have to fight to keep is Bentley personally i think hughes will try n snap him up as a city player..

  • I am sure we will have to fight for a few players to stay such as Warnock, Bentley, Santa etc but it is a fight I feel we will ultimately win. (except for Bents but I’ve gone past caring.)

  • I think one of the reasons we have such a successful few seasons is because we dont lose 3 or 4 players every season so i think it is important to keep as many players as possible no matter what money is being offered. As for Bents i dont care if he stays or goes but if we had 15 million for him then we could replace him no problem. What about looking at another decent Paraguayan player to help keep Santa Cruz happy. If the players could just hang on till we get a new manager then i am sure they will stay as long as it is a good appointment

  • I’m a lifelong Bayern supporter and always felt like Santa Cruz was better than Bayern gave him credit for. Then his great season at your club, now a link to Man Utd. If the guy is smart he’ll stay put instead of being swallowed by the red machine. With Tevez and Rooney, Santa Cruz would probably not even start. Seems like a waste and dumb career move.

  • Why so low an amount 19 prem goals, that’s 4 short of 30 mil torres 4 more than 30 mil berbatov and half Ron’s 40 odd and he’s priced at 75 plus. I hope he stays we saved him, he owes our club!!

    But if it goes above 20 odd I’d take it.

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