Date: 18th July 2007 at 11:15am
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Bayern Munich striker Roque Santa Cruz is believed to be seriously considering a move to England, could this open the door for Blackburn Rovers?

The Paraguayan International striker is surplus to requirement with the German Giants, so he has all but decided it is time to move on. He was previously linked with a move to Ewood Park a few weeks back, but this trail has since gone cold.

However, with Rovers, Manchester City and West Ham United all understood to be interested, his admission (albeit through his agent) that a move to England is something that he would like could see the English trio edge ahead of another potential suitor in Italian Giant Roma.

Originally I was VERY keen on him coming here, and although I would not be opposed to it now, as he is a quality striker maybe (unless others leave, which we would hope the don’t!!!) we don’t really need him? If it comes down to money West Ham are believed to have said they will go higher than anyone else, which is an absolute joke!!!

Santa Cruz’s agent Jan van Baal told

There has been interest from some clubs in Roque, but nothing concrete.

“At this stage it looks like he will leave Bayern Munich, but nothing is settled.

“His first choice if he moves would be England.

“The Premier League is one of the best leagues in the world and is a big dream of Roque’s to play there

So what is the feeling now about Santa Cruz guys? Do we want, or even need him?!?! As ever have your say below.



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  • I was VERY keen on seeing him sign at first, but on reflection with Benni, JR, Rigters, Derbs, Gally and even Jeffers (maybe?) as well as youngsters like Garner and De Vita coming through do we really need him?!?!
    However, it seems that Sparky is still interested in bringing in another forward, so I would rather it was Santa Cruz over Beattie, Zamora etc. etc. and realistically he would not cost that much more, but would be looking for at least £40,000 per week.

  • As you say HDM, we have many options up front now so its hard to see why we need more attackers. However, by all accounts he is a very talented player and having strength in depth with the youngsters may be Sparkys reason for pursuing such players. He would, in my opinion, be a good addition and would much rather have him at the club then any other of the names linked to rovers, apart from Defoe and Smith.

  • he’d be better than Bettie no doubt and has bags of European experience with Bayern while only being wot 25?? If we can get him him for a good price then I say lets get him, the younger players will learn off him, wot with his different outlook. Rovers should be buying players of calibre if given the chance, and Jeffers is a goner, by the way is Nonda back at Roma anyone??

  • Oh and have to say that im a bit embarrassed about Rovers being linked with Zamora, a player who can nail a starting line up at the Hammered is, in my opinion, not the kind of player we should be going for, no matter how good Hughes is at getting the best outta players. A front line of Benni, Roberts, Cruz and Derbyshire reads better than one with either Beattie, Zamora or Nonda in it

  • I don’t think we need him… i reckon that City or Hammered will bid loads for him, pay him a fortune and he’ll probbaly only bag them 10 goals… I reckon that Hughes would have liked to bring him in at a reasonable price but when the others started showing interest and flashing the cash, he would say okay – whatever! In the others cases I just can see what Beattie or Zamora birng to the party that we don’t already have. Rigters is the replacement for Nonda. I truely think we have the necessary squad to do well in UEFA and the finish in the top 6.

  • I would rather see us strengthen in other areas, myself. Especially with the full-backs. Maybe Hughesy is looking to rotate the strikers next season, it seems to be the way forward and if this is the case he may need the extra forward.

  • I was really keen on the Santa Cruz idea at first big name, but will he crack it in the premiership or will it be too physical for him like many others before. True that he is alot better than Beattie, Camara etc.. and would like to see him at the club for the right price maybe, but i feel we don’t need another striker, but Sparky knows best so im sure he will do the right thing.

  • First of all, I’d go for a playmaker first- Dunn has yet to prove himself, Tugay is da** old, and the rest can’t create chances….
    As for strikers- I’d go for a fresh young striker- just like I. McLeod or J. Easter. Santa Cruz could be great, but will probably opt for London’s life rather than old boring Lancashire 🙂

  • Seems like two big money clubs are interested, Hammers and Man City. Plus Sparky speaking out about the crazy prices of players this week may not be a coincidence. Can’t see this happening.

  • I agree that our priorities for new signings are a play-maker and defensive cover (how is Warnocks injury?) We need a good play-maker, someone who is good now and by training with Tugay this season (before he hangs up his boots) can become even better. Bring someone in who can understudy Tugay, 45mins. for Tugay, 45 for A.N. Other. I see Dunn as a bench or second choice player, not quite first eleven choice for the top half of the premiership. Signing another forward would give the wrong message to Garner, De Vita etc., who should be the cover for existing 4/5 strikers. If we could sell Jeffers and bring Santa cruise in without overspending, that would be a good deal, though I have seen a report that he is “injury prone”, anyone know anything about this?
    As for James Beattie, probably not good enough but again better than Jeffers and if Santa Cruz goes to West Ham or Man C. and no other ‘Sparky find’ is coming in on deadline day, he would strengthen the squad. He had the quality at Southampton but lost it at Everton, could we bring it back? not sure. How old is he now? Everton fans thought they were going to get £3.5m for him but he played in a friendly and was described as having “the touch of a baby elephant”. Well at least that wasn’t a full grown one. He would get different service at Blackburn that might suit him better, I am not sure though, that is for Mark Hughes to decide, thank goodness.

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