Date: 30th May 2008 at 10:19am
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The odds of Blackburn Rovers manager Mark Hughes becoming the new Chelsea one have been dramatically slashed with him now right up with the favourites to take over from Avram Grant.

Both Hughes and Rovers have been very silent on such thoughts, with it understood that Rovers will ONLY comment if Chelsea make an official approach, but more and more people are starting to think that maybe Sparky feels the time is right for a new challenge and is willing, if not actually WANTING the job??? A growing number of Chelsea fans also want their former star to return as their manager, with it is also thought that Sparky has quite a following within key personnel at Stamford Bridge Boardroom level.

My early thoughts of being confident that Sparky wouldn’t be taking over at Chelsea are starting to change slightly now, with me beginning to think more and more that he might actually quite like the chance to be given the job and I am starting to think that he is waiting for the phone call, and would be willing to take it?!?! Their instant success policy would put extra pressure on him, as he would need to instantly delivery a trophy (or more!) or he would be out the door, so a more glamorous name, a name with a more trophy littered career as a manager could still be preferred? Some people believe that Sparky DID actually want the Newcastle United job and was waiting for their telephone call, but it never came.

All that we can do is hope that the phone call does not come through from Roman Abramovich (or a representative) to John Williams requesting official permission to speak to Sparky, as this could be a call that sees him walk away from Ewood Park, and the consequences of this could be disastrous as who knows who might then follow him through the exit gates?!?!



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  • Am I worrying unnecessarily or do you think that Sparky could well be wanting the Chelsea job, and may just be offered it?!?!

  • I’m still confident HDM… you are the worrier of the group without a doubt chief. I think Sparky didnt want the Newcastle job, he spoke at the time he was focused on the Rovers job. As I said i am still confident.

  • As a chelsea fan, I think sparky is to drawer, and that has nothing to do with the fact he once played for us. If I was in your position I would be doing all I could to hang on to him. What you should be worried about is that plenty of potential candidates have already distanced themselves from the job without waiting for any official approach.

  • Like HDM I am officially worried! I’m still sure Chelsea will go for an established name but I’m worried that these persistent links are making Hughes’ mind wander.

  • Ancelotti, Scolari and Mancini. They have a track record and Hughes doesnt in terms of winning trophies. that will ultimately get one of them the job. And again I draw your attention to hughes’ constant “honour your contracts” rants to the players. He cant very well go and ignore his own logic.

  • I think Hughesy would only leave for one job – Manchester United.
    I am sure he is destined for it when the moaner finally retires.

    Why would he go to Chelsea, potentially get sacked within 12 months and damage he reputation as a top manager – i.e Allardyce.

  • Jose managed to turn Benni’s head last summer and now its Hughes turn eh? I am also concerned, mainly because Hughes hasnt publicly spoken about the job and therefore distancing himself from it. To be honest, he didnt really convince me that he didnt want the Toon job so if I was John Williams, i think I might be canvassing opinions on potential managers to replace Hughes as, of right now, he doesnt seem 100% focused on Rovers and seems that any “big” jobs that come up, he would be interested IMO.

  • I think you also need to bear in mind whatever managers say about jobs now a days even if they are trying to distance themselves from them… the press twist what they are saying anyway!!!

  • I not sure on this one not sure Hughes has what it takes just yet, and does he want to go there one season then be sacked.. WOuld be the worst thing ever to happen to Rovers, does’t he actually support Chelsea though?

  • he does roverjoy!!
    i said when all the tak of roque and bents going that the only person we need to hang onto is sparky, he is our man!! if he goes lads i really do fear the worst and im not talking bout not qualifyin for europe!!

  • I thnk we need to calm down a bit boys. We’re doing well and the profile of the club has been raised with Sparky at the helm. Whatever happens we will be fine but I still think he will stay.

  • Mark Hughes has a one year rolling contract, JW has given him 10 mill and he doesn;t have to sell any of the palyers he has nurtured. He will leave but only whne he can’t achieve anything else with Rovers… Why would he go to Chelsea… he isn’t interested in glitz and glamour… and as far as having “his head turned”? get real… this is Sparky Hughes we are talking about. So guys… don’t worry at least whilst SAF is still in his job.

  • I felt sure he would only leave us for United but with Ferguson saying that Quieroz should take over after him now i am not so sure. Maybe Sparky feels this is his next big chance if he is not going to get the United job. I would prefer to see Bentley, Santa Cruz or any player leave before Sparky. You can replace a player a hell of a lot easier than you can replace a manager of Sparkys quality.

  • He’ll never get a chance, in this modern era clubs like Chelsea aren’t going British unfortunately, he won’t get a so called ‘big job’ that he deserves.

  • Manchester City have made the first move to persuade Mark Hughes to quit Blackburn and become £3 million-a-year manager at Eastlands.

    They contacted Rovers officially yesterday and requested permission to speak to the Welshman on behalf of City’s Thai owner, Thaksin Shinawatra.


  • thats not a bummer if spaky goes to city then he is quite frankly an idiot, all the players want out, the chairman wants a ay in footballing matters, that club is a mess, and if sprky gos it would purely for the cash, and career suicide as he wants the united job!!

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