Date: 13th September 2009 at 10:47am
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We’re four games into a new season and whilst we have got less points than our performances have actually merited we are now set up to have a decent season with strong home form.

Everything seems a little rosier now we have got our first win on the board and we can all look ahead with renewed optimism to a strong showing in the league with everybody more or less fit.

Granted time will tell whether players such as the excellent David Dunn, the uncompromising Vinny Grella and the power of Steven Reid can stay fit for long but the really good news from the start of the 2009/10 season is from a man who is more or less always fit.

Morten Gamst Pedersen came into English football a prized capture by Graeme Souness and thrived under Mark Hughes during the 04/05 season and the 05/06 season – he gained rave reviews for his spectacular strikes and his sterling work rate. £2.5 million for his signature seemed like a snip.

But something happened after this honeymoon period which affected him. It could of been that all the early success went to his head, it could of been that there was no real threat to his position in the team or he could of just lost his passion for the Rovers. In my estimate it was probably a little bit of everything mentioned that contributed to a dramatic drop in form and a startling inconsistency that has plagued his last three seasons at Ewood Park.

The stunning goals had dried up, in fact only one goal in each of the last two seasons is something of a joke (and not a very funny one) for a man who use to pitch in with twelve goals a season. Add to this that his corner taking became lazy and his set pieces and crossing were a constant disappointment. The jewel in the Rovers crown had gone stale and he had become a liability.

But luckily for us followers of Arte Et Labore something has changed this season. A combination of the fact it is ‘contract’ year, a kick up the backside from well known man manager Sam Allardyce and new threats to his position in the shape of Elrio Van Heerden and Aaron Doran have given Morten the spur to reclaim past standards. He has a new lease of life at Rovers and he looks like a guy we can depend on to create as well as pitch in with the goals again.

Taking the games against Man City, Sunderland and Wolves as a sample of games this season – Morten has been back to his best. He has that swagger on the ball that he used to have and his crosses looked threatening again with that whip on the ball that he can deliver like few others. Now whilst it is not lost on me that it is only four games played and the more cynical of Rovers fans will moan that it is not a long enough stretch of games to truly judge whether the man known as MGP is certifiably back to his old self BUT the early signs are encouraging.

He has got this season off on the right foot with a good pre-season and a new determined look on his face to silence to the doubters. Throw in the fact that Morten never lost his talent he just lost the ability to apply himself well. If this is what we can expect from Pedersen then the whole club will benefit.

Welcome back Morten, you have no idea how good it feels to say that.


14 Replies to “Is this the return of the real Gamst Pedersen?”

  • not quite there yet from what i have seen of him… hes playing better but the real pederson scared defences… he needs to run at them more in my eyes

  • No.. he still needs to improve, he is showing say 10 mins of his old form per game, and the rest of the time, i dont really see much improvment

  • I think he’s been far better so far this season. Decent free kicks, a real effort to help out his full back, a desire to get at full backs all looks good.

    Still needs to beat the first man on corners, far too many wasted, all in all looks like he wants a new contract, just wonder that when he signs we he revert to the can’t be arsed individual that has shown up for the past couple of years

  • lets be honest even when he was at his best he drifted in and out of games. But his form this season has been better than in the last two years but i would still like to see more consistency in the 90 mins.

  • Well i have given him his fair share of crap over the past two seasons but i can honestly say that he WAS back to his best yest…I fully agree with Sasman that you cannot be constantly in the game as a winger…it is a case of producing when you get the chance and to be fair to him that is what he did yesterday!!!…I personally think that the main difference has been the purpose that he is displaying….i hate it when he hangs a limp foot out or runs around like a fairy….yest he was aggressive and purposeful…this makes him effective!!!!

  • What’s happening???? Dunn fit, MGP heading back to form and Diouff scoring a goal – if this is a sign of things to come, watch out Europa ‘cos Rovers are on there way!! Hope this is doesn’t put the kibosh on it all!

  • if i was to say that gamst was looking strong, willing, energetic and a threat last season we would all have laughed, but that is exactly what he was on saturday afternoon against wolves! lets hope he only gets better and better as time goes on…. im not comparing players here… but when you watched cristiano ronaldo at united, he drifted in and out of games aaaall of the time… maybe due to the luxury of having world class players around him, or due to his position being out on the wing! but i do feel as though without gamst on that pitch we would lack a real threat from the left wing, and throw ins, we must not forget those throws boys! anyways, long season ahead, lets all be hopeful! C’mon Rovers!

  • I think Sam likes the Gamst style of play and he maybe has had to have a quiet word with him but for my money it is working… onwards and upwards!

  • He’s not quite where he was when he was at his best but the positive signs are there 🙂 Dare I say we could even go top half this season if we, like today…take our chances!

  • MGP is our bellweather, our canary in the coal mine. As he goes, so do the rovers. Dunn may be our offensive focal point, but MGP’s contribution relies so heavily on the work of others. His crosses need to be finished–not exactly Roberts’ strong suit. When Benni is on the pitch, he invariably finds his way to MGP’s side. They partner well together and have the hours on the pitch to understand each others’ tendencies. I’m a huge fan of Mort’s talent and I’ve noticed that he often takes his lumps on the matches where we fail to convert chances into goals. This weekend we scored three and it’s attaboy’s from everyone.

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