Date: 2nd October 2008 at 3:54pm
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January may be a while off yet, but the work for the January transfer window has already long begun. But with the rise to prominence of players such as Keith Treacy, Martin Olsson and Danny Simpson to name a few, the question remains – do we need to spend a lot in January?

Paul Ince has certainly not been afraid to blood the youngsters – something Sparky avoided. It certainly makes our squad look a bit bigger. It will certainly make things easier for Incey in the long run.

Ince is known to be looking for more competition for the right wing spot, however the emergence of some of the youngsters has decreased the need for wholesale re-inforcements.

Ince himself has confessed his current squad options are getting better and better as more players step up to the plate. This has been shown with a number of young players being given squad numbers.

Ince, speaking to the Lancashire Evening Telegraph, said: “At this club we have to be looking at bargain players. We can`t go out and buy players for £10-15 million, we just can`t do that.

“So we have to look for another Samba or another Nelsen. Keith Andrews has come in and done ever so well and we will be looking in January.

“When you have triallists you always have a long-list. But at the moment, the way the guys have been playing that long-list becomes a short-list.

“It does not mean we don`t need to strengthen because we still need to build but for the ones who hadn`t been involved to go out and perform like that was exceptional.”

“Villa spend £60m, Spurs £60-70m, but we can`t do that. It is hard but you have to try and find bargain players. We spent 4.2m Euros on Grella as a midfield player.

“Everton spend £15m on one. It shows the vast difference between the money we have got.

“The centre halfs looked absolutely solid, and we have a decent squad here but we have to keep improving it.

“If we keep performing like we have been it is great because it gives me a headache and that is what you want.”

I think we can all agree, except Oz of course, that the squad looks healthy, we can more or less name two teams that will give most teams a game.

For example –

Robinson, Simpson, Samba, Nelsen, Warnock, Emerton, Grella, Dunn, Pedersen, Santa Cruz, Derbyshire can be complimented with Brown, Reid, Ooijer, Zurab, Olsson, Villanueva, Andrews, Tugay, Treacy, Roberts, Benni Mac.

I am sure we will make a few quality signings but looking at the squad, we some good options. Furthermore, with the emergence of Nolan, Kane, Judge and even the temporary signing of Robbie Fowler etc… the future does indeed look bright, it also lookes Blue and White 😉


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  • Young Judge will be the next one. I watched him play against Bolton at Morecambe and he was exceptional. He played a “Fabregas” type role. Right wing, but he went looking for the ball and was always available. He can go for the full 90 minutes. On the night he scored 2, but it was his overall display that impressed me.

  • Managers certainly will be earning their wages. With Mancs advertising that they will be spending like crazy many teams might be willing to cash in. With Manu and Chelsea’s injury issues I am sure prices for players will be jacked up even more….

  • the other sad fact is that we get 30million just from tv other teams spend to build their clubs..our chairmans a greedy get and his personal needs must come first

  • Ok Oz for someone who claims to have a sense of how businesses and organisations work you never seem to show it. Our club spends around 75-80% of turnover (income) on wages. The other 20% has to go towards everything else admin costs, travel, repairs and maintainance at the ground and training facilities and yet you are calling for us to spend millions (that we dont have) on transfer fees. Look at Portsmouth for example, I read somewhere recently that they are spending about 90% of their turnover on wages. Now before you tell me oh but they spent 10 million on Coruch or whatever they had to sell Muntari to do so. Pompey would be a similar size club and I would suspect that they would have a similar level of turnover that we do.

  • Good point Durks – and I believe that Pompey are about £60 million in debt at the moment… and they have a billionaire owner who is looking to sell!

  • I wouldnt want a scenario like that at our place? I would rather we stay within our means, but maybe thats just me.

  • Great article. Spending huge amounts of money is never a good thing anyway as spurs can testify to. Keeping a fairly settled squad each year is far more important. Whats the point going out spending 50 million a season when every club has a youth team full of talented players that cost nothing. Ince is to be commended for giving the youth a chance as i dont think it would have happened under Hughes. I dont agree with Oz slating championship and lower division players either. Everyone has to start somewhere and there are plenty of lower league players who would improve our squad. Kightly, Laarson ,McFadden would be a welcome addition to any premiership team. Love to know whats happening with that Dutch winger we were supposed to be in for

  • SORRY SAD mikeyGamst I can but its supporters like you who like teams going down buiong rubbish players and then trying to hype them up//his friends will play ahead of any other internationals in the team now apart from the Everton game has he NOT HAD HIS COWBOYS IN THE SQUAD…THE ONES THAT CARDIFF WOLVES HULL DIDNT WANT??

  • remember HULL were in the championship and didnt want him..thats why they beat Arsenal and are ahead of us..his friends are a waste of space which people like me see..IF your intenet on giving chances we do have a good youth squad who can improve but his friends first otherwise he wont get paid..

  • But Andrews didnt play against newcastle? Ince will get paid whether he buys his “mates” or not. His friends are professional footballers. And trust me I have seen Rovers with a lot worse players than we have now… in fact barely any of what you have said makes sense. Complete shamles of a supporter that you are.

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