Date: 7th July 2007 at 12:50pm
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Blackburn Rovers Chairman John Williams says the future of Rovers striker Francis Jeffers will be decided one way or the other this weekend.

Jeffers is one of a few players that will leave, or have been told they can leave if the right offer comes in. So far Championship side Ipswich Town have had two bids rejected, this weekend will give them the final chance to up their offer (using some of the sell on fee they received from Charlton Athletic when they sold Darren Bent to Tottenham Hotspur) or they miss out, or maybe someone else nips in?!?!

John Williams told the Lancashire Telegraph:

We are in dialogue with a couple of interested parties over Franny.

“I think if a deals is not done by this weekend then we carry on. We have said we don’t want to stand in his way, but these things tend to have a normal lifespan and if these ones are not done in the next 48 hours I suspect he will remain with us

Meanwhile the battle for Craig Bellamy should hot up with Fernando Torres making his big money move to Liverpool.

Bellamy now looks certain to leave Anfield following the arrival of Torres (if he wasn’t already before!!!), but will this lead him back to Ewood Park? Liverpool might want at least £9 million though!!!

The Lancashire Telegraph report that West Ham United could be in talks with Bellamy over a £70,000 per week move to Upton Park, and Sunderland are also interested as they look to bolster their squad.



14 Replies to “Jeffers’ Future Decided This Weekend”

  • Come on Ipswich you tight wads (although you could argue we are too be not accepting a lower bid LOL!) use some of that 20% sell on you got from Charlton when the ripped of Spurs in selling Darren Bents for stupid money and buy Franny!!!
    Personally I feel we’ll be doing exactly that Spurs did (get ripped off!!!) if we pay ANY more than £8 million for Bellers. The Hammered WILL pay more than anyone (but this doesn’t mean Bellers will go!) so it will come down to Rovers matching what Liverpool want for us to get him back, and I see £9 million as being to much!!!

  • I think 9M is fine as long as we don’t agree on another release clause, simply because he’s by far better than anyone we have in the squad…

  • jeffers is a trouble maker and unsettles dressing rooms. wenger got rid a bit sharpish when he found out what he was all about.

  • I would’nt mind the club paying up to £10million for him to be honest. I know we’re not made of money but I think its worth paying that bit extra this time if thats what it takes to bring him back.

  • Rafa Benitez has just confirmed Bellers left for West Ham+Cisse for France. Now It’s all clear, and sparky does’nt have to wait for him: Let’s go for David Healy or try to sign Nugent who does’nt seem to know where is the best place for him!
    Time is running out!!!! 35 days left….

  • Aye, to be honest i’m a little relieved. What with Benitez saying how he is particularly interested in wingers, and with rovers possessing two of the very best there are, i was a little worried they’d make a swoop for mgp or bentley with bellamy offered as part of the return deal.

  • Well seventy thousand a week has got the Hammered Bellers hasn’t it!!!
    IsraeliRover – My mind seems to have gone blank, who are liverfools right wingers again?!?!

  • RM for ‘pool: Pennant, Gonzalez and Anderson- all 3 have great pace, technique and can cross the ball extremely well. (Even thoguh I think Bentley is better, I think Rafa prefers bringing in a left winger rather than changing his entire squad at once….

  • Fair play to you dude, but personally I think Jermaine Pennant is crap to be honest and although he had his moments last season Mark Gonzalez was not that hot either. Is Anderson one of the kids they have coming through, or is he a new signing?!?!

  • I have visions of them making a move for MGP…

    dont wanna see it though. MGP should be a Rover next season.

  • As for MGP- I must admit- I never thought he was comfortable at the wing, just like Emerton is’nt at RB. On the other hand- we do not have any other options in England (maybeL. Cook?) and Peter&Treacy are’nt ready(?).
    HDM- I’ve seen Pennant on numerous times in the CL and he was just brilliant (reminds me of Gillespie when he was 22-23)…

  • I think MGP has been more than OK myself, and see no reason to even look to replace him, but if needs be Sergio and Treacy will be fine.
    You must have just caught Pennant on a good day (I saw him have a couple of decent games in ALL the times I saw him last season, one of my best friends is a Liverfool fan so when they are on TV I watch them with him) but he hasn’t had many!!! He thinks he deserves to be in the England squad LOL! He is having a right laugh.

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