Date: 7th August 2007 at 1:02pm
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Blackburn Rovers striker Francis Jeffers is WITHOUT DOUBT on the outside looking in, but could this be about to end with him completing a move away from Ewood Park after all? Sheffield Wednesday appear quite interested.

Recently it was Cardiff City (who denied an interest), and now it is Championship rival Sheffield Wednesday, who have allegedly offered £600,000 (so the Mirror say!!!) for the former England International (one cap and one goal former International!) which might be accepted by Rovers? Only a few weeks ago Rovers were demanding £1 million for him, with Ipswich Town eventually agreeing a deal with Rovers only for Jeffers to blow it with his excessive personal demands.

Even if an agreement can be reached you Jeffers probably do the same to Wednesday wouldn’t he?!?! Ipswich were ideal for him, he had been on loan with them, been relatively successful and the tried endlessly to sign him. When they finally looked like they would it seemed that Jeffers’ GREED cost him the chance, which made it look like he was happier to count the money doing NOTHING here than doing something he is supposed to love, which is PLAY football!!!

I didn’t care either way what he did before, but now he HAS to go, as he has NO future with Rovers. He has the chance to do what most of us would probably kill to do (play football) yet he is happier to collect his money and do NOTHING, criminal if you ask me.

Meanwhile Paul Gallagher (another Rover who will probably find it increasingly hard to play this season?!?!) WILL NOT be going to Preston North End.

It had been rumoured that Lancashire rivals Preston might be interested in Gallagher, but they have denied any interest.


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24 Replies to “Jeffers To Sheffield Wednesday?!?!”

  • My “not caring what Jeffers did” is rapidly turning into hatred and resentment for him NOT doing something that I would almost literally KILL to do, which is of course play football if I had the chance, which he DID with Ipswich and could with Sheffield Wednesday, but GREED seems to be getting the better of him, ********!!!
    I REALLY hope Gally stays, but feel he may have to move on to get the chance he deserves?!?!

  • Rovers and Hughes took a punt on Jeffers, it didnt work so its about recovering as much as we can on the wages we paid him, I know we got him on a free but with wages and a signing on fee thats bound to be a bit. I wish him all the best, it never worked for him at Rovers but hopefully he can play regular football in the Championship, a place where I think he may need to play for a while if he ever is to re-discover his touch in front of goal. Either that or he has been the luckiest lad in the world of football, earning all that money for no return lol

  • Yeah he needs to think about his career at this point or he will be on the scrapheap. He needs to accept a contract elsewhere.

  • Yeah really needs to go or will the winston bogarde of blackburn, please just go, and for money too that would be amazing. I think he would be quite good in the championship though so worth it.

  • We’re having a new trialist- a midfielder called Charlie Barnett (19)- used to play for Liverpool- but I’ve never heard of him……

  • this guy was hot property as a youth. he still has some great skills so shouldn’t be dissed too lightly, although he’s way down the order at rovers now.

    he’d be a good buy for £600,000, make no mistake.

  • Yeah, he would be good. It is either GREED preventing him or he has totally bottled it and lost his confidence, maybe he feels by hiding away he will not be exposed?!?! God, Winston Bogarde, how his career boomed at Chelsea!!!

  • IsraeliRover – This Carlie Barnett guy is new to me. I will have to look him up on t’internet and find out more.

  • Jeffers must go if he wants to make something of his career. He wont be on much at Rovers though. He hasnt earnt the right to enjoy a nice packet considering the previous couple of seasons.

  • It apparently seems like Sheff Utd want him now as well!!!! Oh god he could end up in my building… NOOO!!!!! lol

  • At least you could have a little chat with him dude, maybe use it as something for an interview on Vital Blackburn, “So Franny when did it all go wrong?!?!”

  • I’m a Wednesday fan. Don’t mind Jeffers but have severe concerns about what wages we’d have to pay to get him. I think he’d do well for us but he sounds like a bit of an ar se.

  • Jeffers as was said was either very lucky to fool Wenger into signing him or that the move to Arsenal destroyed his confidence. I hope for the sake of the clubs interested in him like Wed etc that its his confidence, cos if it is and he rebuilds this in the Championship then he’ll be a cracking wee player for whoever gets him. I do worry about his wages though, he would have to take a big cut or he’ll look like a greedy get!! I think the average in the Championship is about £15,000 per week, surley enough for any man to live on, u’d think!

  • I think he would make a good championship player…. We could have a new coloumn HDM… MikeyGamst “A chat with Fanny”.

  • As an owl, id like to sign jeffers. He’d bring more pace and goalscoring ability than the departed Steve Maclean.

  • As for Jeffers himself and a move to Sheffield Wednesday, I think it WOULD be a great move for all concerned.
    I still think there is a very good players burried down somewhere within.

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