Date: 20th April 2007 at 12:50am
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Vital Blackburn’s most recent poll, suggested by MikeyGamst asked, “What will happen to Francis Jeffers next season???” According to most he’ll not be here that’s for sure.

Thanks to MikeyGamst for answering my call for poll suggestions (I have another of his to use soon!), this made an interesting poll even if it did confirm what most of us would have already thought, that we believe Jeffers will be with another club next season.

A combined 87% believe Jeffers will not be at Ewood Park next season, be it on a permanent move to another club (80%) or another loan deal (7%). 7% think he’ll be on the bench, with another 2% thinking he’ll be a regular starter (highly unlikely!) with the final 4% of the opinion (and maybe cruel, if not harsh) that he’ll be injured.

So in summary
He’ll be at a different club – 80%
He’ll be on loan at a different club – 7%
He’ll be on the bench – 7%
He’ll be a regular starter – 2%
He’ll be injured – 4%

After ANOTHER Brilliant David Bentley performance against Watford, coming hot on the heels of that against Chelsea the current poll is asking, WHY isn’t Stevie Mac picking David Bentley for England?

As for what you think, cast your vote and why not have your say on the latest polls findings?

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20 Replies to “Jeffers WILL be Gone in the Summer!”

  • I do feel for Franny, not sure he’s really had much of a chance, as 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there isn’t a lot is it?!?! That said did he really give enough when he did get more of a chance?!?! I’m still not sure that I wouldn’t mind him returning, but even if he does he’ll have little, or no game time next season.

  • I voted for the bench option… I think he will be given a chance next year… why doesnt he bulk himself up a bit though??

  • I think I voted the other club option as I think this is likely, as I say thought I wouldn’t mind him coming back and having another crack, maybe given more of a chance?!?!

  • He will be at another club next yr, wot with McCarthy, Roberts, Derbyshire and Gallagher, plus maybe another depending on the summer buys I just dont see how Jeffers would fit in. He could however be away on loan with a view to next season, getting him fit and a bit of confidence in his game with goals, however I still see him as the 5th of 5 strikers at the club. Nonda should be returning to Roma too in the summer. The two players have had the chance to make it, maybe not so much in games for Jeffers but Hughes decides on his teams through training as well! Its a shame too as the two players came to the club, Nonda had a great goal scoring reputation and Jeffers had the chance to re-build a stuttering career

  • Jeffers has had too many chances in the Prem with Arsenal and Charlton. He couldn’t even cut it in Scotland….

    He is no more than a Championship player – for whatever reason, he has let all of his talent go to waste.

  • The reason Mclaren doesn’t pick Bentley?? Because he is a muppet, and one of the worst England managers!!!
    At least with Joe Cole back, he hopefully won’t pick the woeful Downing, again!!

    It’s a tough one with Bents – Lennon has been one of England’s better players – and should play on the right, now Joe Cole is back.
    I have no problem with Bent’s playing there, but I think Mclaren will favour Lennon – SWP is looking good (as usual) but he is so scarecely used by Chelsea – personally I have always rated him.

  • i rate SWP too but i think Chelsea are wasting him, he’s the type of player that need to be playing week in week out in my opinion, at rite wing as well.

  • Bents should at least make the squad then, I think Lennon is a good player but its good to have differing types of players, Lennon and SWP are runners whilst Bentley is more of a crosser with a wicked free kick – remind ppl of anyone?? Saying Bentley can also play in the middle and on the left surley this versitility could see him in the full squad.

  • I rate SWP and Lennon also, think Lennon will be awesome (well even more so) he made a real difference when he got his chances at the World Cup but he still has a tendancy to go missing at times, can be out of a game for a good hours or so before coming to life (a la Spurs’ 2-2 draw with Sevilla) Bents is constently involved and offers the quality from a cross that NO ONE in this country can better. I’d love to see Bents of the right and Matthew Taylor on the left given the chance in a friendly. I think our next one is with Brazil, now what a test that would be!?!? Bents (and Taylor) would love it! It would be like watching Brazil vs… Brazil! LOL

  • There are options on the left, Ashley Cole could play left wing as well as Matty Taylor who is very attacking with a cracker shot, these two players could swap around with each other through the game, after all wots to stop the Manager in trying, in a friendly who cares, its all about trying new players and things out, maybe taking on Chelsea’s 4-3-3 formation with Hargreaves as the holding midfielder, Gerrard and Lampard, then Cole and Bentley as the support strikers, see simple lol

  • Personally, I would still like to see him drop Lumplard – he suits Chelsea’s style where he has more freedom, for England he is poor and keeps Gerrard out of the position that he should be in – centre-midfield. Look at what he did against Andorra – he was the difference. There is no doubt that bent’s should be in the squad and given a chance. To be honest, I had forgot about Matty Taylor – he also certainly deserves a chance. Outside of Middlesborough (& Southamton!!) who would put Downing ahead of him!!!

  • Downing was in it cos McClaren was his boss and he had a good season the last time out, he hasnt repeated it for some reason this yr, I still reckon there’s a good player there but not for England, well not at the min. McClaren was showing his naivity in picking wot he knew rather than a form player, Bentley has played on the left for Rovers this term and as I said b4 Matty Taylor has had a good season scoring against the bigger clubs, yet for some reason not deemed good enough for an England team that is not playing well. McClaren did not do anything special with ‘Boro and he’s showing it again with England, they have not improved since Sven, its like he’s still in charge with the same team, excluding Beckham, who everyone know’s should be in that team.

  • Stevie Mac is too proud to admit he is wrong, hence he won’t bring back Beckham and arguably even David James (at least into the squad) he wants to be seen as strong, whereas actually it is weak because it highlights that he lets personal grudges go against him. The reason Taylor and Bents miss out, quite simply they play for unfashionable clubs like Portsmouth and Rovers, how often are we likely to see Mac attending matches involving these teams (unless at the homes of the big four when generally games are MUCH, MUCH different as these teams can’t always play with freedom or at Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium!) It’s time he put his money where his mouth is and picked on form not reputation?!?! Give these guys a few friendlies to bring them into the set-up, if they can’t deliver (proved they get a fair crack, god knows Downing has had enough chances!) what has he lost, he’ll gain respect for having a go at least, well he will the fans probably even the harshest of press!?!?!

  • well I think it” need a stronger man than Steve to do it, i really rate McClaren as a caoch but as the man in charge maybe not. I can understand why as England Manager he dosnt pick untried plyers and its simply cos of the press who will gut him for any loss or indeed draw with no mercy, so in that respect i understand why he picks the strongest team everytime, but thats wot i mean by stronger person or maybe someone with a massive reputation who simply cannot be messed with, they pick wotever team they see fit to win a game or indeed to try new players, Scolari, Lippi, Wenger etc could get away with this. But its wot is needed i think anyway.

  • I think the press would be easier on him if he didn’t ALWAYS pick the strongest team, the best players don’t ALWAYS win do they?!?! Making some bold moves will win him fans. Let’s face it he “dropped” Lampard against Andorra the wrist injury just covered the true fact, if he had come out and said “I dropped him” he’d have won plaudits for it.

  • well true, its obvious to everyone that the England Manager is on a hiding to nothing no matter he does or who he picks

  • Spot on Clint. For me, England will never win anything as long as we have to put up with the feeding frenzy that is our media. The manager has nothing to gain by trying new things – We all know that they will slate the manager at the first opportunity, and for that reason it is almost impossible for him to pick anyone that isn’t chosen by the papers. We seriously need to give him a break and see what he can come up with.
    The problem is, in order to shine through as a great manager, you need to be innovative and make great strides, but in order to do that, you need to be given freedom of expression in the first place.

  • Was it really only £8.7 million! In fairness he was good but it was too much and he left too early but you can’t blame him as it was Arsenal after all. Do you think his career would have been different if he had stayed with Everton longer Mike?!?!

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