Date: 31st May 2007 at 11:39pm
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Vital Blackburn’s most recent poll, suggested by Clint asked, “Overrated players in the Premier League – YES OR NO?? But who is most overrated??” The winner Jermaine Jenas.

With the majority of the vote (and by some way in the end!) Tottenham Hotspur midfielder, and England International Jermaine Jenas (with 27%) has been voted the Premiership’s most overrated footballer, and personally I would agree.

Jenas is a good footballer, I am not doubting this but he is NOWHERE near as good as the hype that surrounds him suggests and quite frankly how he constantly makes it into England squads I don’t know?

Ashley Cole (again VASTLY overrated!) was out in front for a large portion of this poll before the true winner stood out to be counted, and Cole had to settle for second with 18%, closely followed by Rio “I’ll blame everyone else but myself for MY own cock ups” Ferdinand with 14%. Frank Lampard and Tottenham’s new £10 million man Gareth Bale then came in neck and neck with 10%.

The least overrated player from the list was Glen Johnson; he failed to register in the vote.

So in summary
Gareth Bale – 10%
Tal Ben Haim – 3%
Wes Brown – 1%
Michael Carrick – 3%
Ashley Cole – 18%
Kieran Dyer – 6%
Rio Ferdinand – 14%
Jermaine Jenas – 27%
Glen Johnson – 0%
Frank Lampard – 10%
John Obi Mikel – 1%
Michael Owen – Nowadays!! – 2%
Theo Walcott – 4%
Other???? – 1%

As the search for the Greatest Ever Rovers Starting XI continues, we select one left-back from the three in the squad, so the current poll is asking, “Greatest Ever Rovers XI – Left-Back?” Make your vote count, but vote WISELY!

As for what you think, cast your vote and why not have your say on the latest polls findings?

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41 Replies to “Jenas Premiership’s Most Overrated!”

  • I’m sure we’ll get “David Bentley is sooo overrated it’s untrue” but the simple truth is he isn’t!

  • WHY is Jenas constantly selected for England?!?! Luckily he doesn’t play much! In fairness to the guy though when he started a game for England a few years back he was the best player on the pitch!

  • its a fix, ferdinand has been poor since the japan world cup, and he is a terrible liar (i forgot the test) and tv prog host.

  • i have to agree, a waste of space and money… but the poor spuddies seem to like him, so thats all that counts.

  • Thats true PUREGOLD, but no doubt the Spurs fans will be on here screaming blue murder because they are “apparently on the up” and we’re not…. well if they wanna think that then we will be stood there laughing when they are proved wrong again…

  • Well I am surprised Spurs are not defending their boy here, they must agree 🙂 lol. Maybe they voted!

  • To be over-rated though, doesn’t that mean that someone actually has to think you are half decent. I’d have had Lampard in that, because at least people try to argue that he’s good. Everyone seems to have completely given up on Jenas – 8M :-D, next you’ll be telling me someone had the stupidity to spend more than a couple of million on Kevin Davies. Oh, hang on… 😉

  • You trying to tell me that Jenas isn’t good? How dare you you peice of @%$*!£* he is the greatest thing since I don’t know what, the best thing ever! (if Spurs won’t defend their boy I will lol!) Who am I kidding I think he’s pants. You make a good point though Head Rover Heels. As for Kevin Davies anyone stupid enough to pay more than £7 million for him deserves to see him only score a handful of goals before sending him back to whence he came 🙂

  • Hehe. You’re supposed to accuse me of supporting a tin pot club whilst spouting delusiouns of grandeur too. Honestly HDM, you’d never make a good supporter of one of these Premiership giants 😀

  • Jenas is awesome you piece of flying %£*(&&^%Y…. we are a massive club and Berbatov is god in human form. You are a small club with no fans and Jol is the King of Holland…. there you go Spurs fans… though I’d save you the posting.

  • HDM you are clearly out of practice at being a BIG club fan. Honestly, where is the put down of our club with no factual evidence at all apart from pure arrogant statements based on the view of the london based media.

  • Where are the Spuds boy commenting on this article? Is this an indication that they too think he is over-rated?

  • Just as well I’ll never be a supporter of a Premiership giant then isn’t it with this pile of **** we have here, no history, no fans, no money, no players of note can ONLY win things if you buy your way to them. What a pointless waste of space this ***** poor excuse for a club Blackburn Rovers Football Club is….how about that?!?! It really pained me to write this stuff though!

  • Couldn’t agree more roversman and have already said it the Spurs boys agree so not even their arrogance will allow them to fight the point lol!

  • I am crying just reading it HDM… If people think that about us thats fine… we are the biggest over achievers in this division. We exist in an area which is dominated by the big surroundings of Manchester and Liverpool, we are a small town with limited appeal and no major financial backing… and yet we are still here, still standing tall and we aint going away just yet.

  • It does worry me though with all these major backers coming into the premier league that financially we will get left behind.

    I am not so bothered about the likes of United, Liverpool etc.. but more of the Hammered, Villa, Pompey and possibly Man City overtaking us with their spending power.

  • I love hoe everyone refers to Rovers as “Punching above their weight” YAWN. Step into one of those punches then eh? do us all a favour!

  • Words such as those will NEVER pass my lips again! It is all very well having money isn’t it but these clubs have to spend it wisely! The Hammered went in like a kid in a sweetshop throwing around money like it was watter (and luckily got away with it) whereas Rovers spend it VERY wisely.

  • We have always spent well and with the current set up we will continue to do so… i.e. not 12 million on Bellamy.

  • We haven’t always spent well have we Mikey, on the whole we have though. £6 million for Bellers will be enough, £8 million and I’d be unhappy but (hopefully!) happy at the same time ANYMORE and most of our reported budget is blown on one player who might not be the player he was when we had him first time round (another worry I have!)

  • He is exactly the same in my eyes mate, I think that Liverpool’s style of play does not suit him. He has not been let loose to exploit the gaps behind defences this year hence his lack of opportunities…. what u reckon??

  • I think Liverpool have been lacking a 20 goal a season striker – they have one!! The problem Liverpool have is that because they cycle Crouch, Kuht and Bellers around (& Fowler), they never build an understanding.

  • Can’t understand how you can condone the return of Craig Bellamy after he (despite giving him a second chance he didn’t deserve) *****ed you about last year , i mean he ain’t that good is he? On the subject of JJ being over rated? Honestly how can he be over rated when even at spurs it’s widely said “Jack of all trades with lots of energy” which he is, apart from Steve McClaren i don’t believe anyone ?over? rates him, atleast not more then say Lampard (who despite being unable to pass, tackle or shoot is the greatest midfielder in the world). It also depends whose doing the rating during the great civil war several weeks back i was told “Ledly King isn’t fit to clean the walls boots” which to my mind means Samba takes this accolade. Suppose that?s what?s so good about football everyone?s opinion is right (although so more so then others)

  • I also think Jenas is overrated but I don’t know why that offends us? But at the end of the day, he scored against the gooners in the last minute and secured a win against Everton in the last minute so I don’t really care?! Lol. No wonder PUREGOLD is here :-). But I don’t get how you could put Bale on there because you haven’t seen him play a Premiership game..? You should do most underrated too! Dawson would be up there but I doubt you lot will put a Spours player up there :(. But please do that poll if you haven’t already done one? Bit cheeky asking might I say…

  • If we did Ryan Nelsen would win hands down and if he didnt then it shows just how underrated he is…. 😉

  • Lol MikeyGamst! I guess that means anyone who loses the underrated poll would show how unerrated they are? 😀

  • Have Bents over Jenas anyday, however i do think Jenas is a decent player, just not up to england standard.

    If i had been a member in time to vote, i would have gone for Lampard, dont get me wrong the guys class, but the pundits seem to love him, and never really point out any negatives about him.

    Should be Gerrard and Hargreaves in the England midfield, iam not trying to dismiss the fact that Lampard is an extremely established Premiership player, but i dont hold him in as high regard as most others especially the ‘experts’ seem to.

  • I agree to a certain extent Dazz that Dawson is underrated but he has been capped by England so hes not THAT underrated is he really? Nelsen, as Mikey pointed out, is vastly underrated, he is up there as one of the best in the league, he reminds me of Colin Hendry in some ways and we all know how good ol’ braveheart was, even as ugly as he was! The reason that Jenas, IMO is over rated is simple, he hardly plays for the start of the season due to injury (i know this as he had to come out of my FF team!!) then had a run of games and then he just returned to the starting 11 and oh my, hes in the England squad! Really, should he have been? had he done ANYTHING to warrant selection? (he isnt the only one mind you, Dyer is another that springs to mind. Ultimately, its all about personal opinion and you are entitled to yours, even if its wrong lol, j/k

  • Phartman87 – Did people really say King wasn’t fit to clean Samba’s boots?!?! Surely not? I know I said JJ wasn’t fit to lace Tugay’s boots though lol!

  • Random thought, but I wonder if Samba can actually Samba?!?! Not that I actually care to be honest, so I don’t even know why I bothered thinking it? I still don’t know why I am bothering to continue typing even though I’m asking myself why lol! Now I am asking myself why am I going to click submit, but I know I still will!!!

  • HDM great post!!!! took 3 sentences to cover one of them!!!! Doesnt Samba look a little bit clumsy to be able to dance smoothly!?!??!

  • I for one would never have the balls to say that to his face. I’m pretty sure I can say that about everyone else too. If it was Saturday and he told you it was Friday you would just agree.

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