Date: 5th June 2008 at 10:25am
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Blackburn Rovers chairman John Williams insists that finding the RIGHT manager to take over from Mark Hughes could, and probably WILL take some time so he isn’t in a hurry to make the decision.

We are all gutted that Hughes has gone, opinions on why or if he should have even gone are flying around and it is painful at this current time but the simple truth is manager and players come and go but the fans will always be the ones left behind so we must now also start to move on and thoughts about who will now take over are on our minds, with Sam Allardyce, Paul Ince and Alan Shearer amongst the early favourites, however, Williams isn’t in a hurry to appoint someone as he KNOWS he must take his time and make the right decision to get the right man.

Williams told BBC Radio Lancashire: “I can’t set a timescale – there’s no point in setting false hurdles that you don’t need to jump over.

“We can’t be too hasty. It’s a crucial, important decision but it’s obvious I’d like to do it as quickly as possible.

“My thoughts are to look forward and make sure we replace him (Hughes) with a candidate who can build on the stability and success of the last half-a-dozen years or so.

“We’ve been very lucky with Mark. He’s been terrific for us – he wanted a fresh challenge and the challenge for my colleagues and myself is to make sure we find the right man

Sparky’s managerial stock has risen over the years he has been at Ewood Park and over the past year or two he has been linked with more and more jobs with Williams first beginning to fear for the worst at the start of 2008.

He added: “We got an indication round about the New Year when the Newcastle job became available.

“There was a lot of media speculation that promoted Mark to one of the favourites for that.

“I’d have to say that at that point in the back of your mind you are thinking about what would happen if Mark was to decide he wanted to move on.

“Whilst these things are never welcome, you can never say it’s a total shock – you can’t actually prepare until it becomes a fact, which it now has

As well as the worry that Sparky could return to his old stomping ground to raid us for several players it was also confirmed that he WILL take most of his back-room staff to the City of Manchester Stadium with his as well.

He also said: “He will be taking some of the back-room team with him, but I think in fairness to Manchester City that’s their prerogative to announce that to the world.”

Williams would also go on to again show his class by again wishing Sparky well and hoping that this move allows him to continue to build on the reputation that he has been building with Rovers.



16 Replies to “John Williams Not Rushing To Appoint A New Manager”

  • We MUST appoint the right man, if we get this wrong then all the hard work and effort of the past few years will be in vein and moving forward could, and maybe would rapidly become backwards again!!! No one is really standing out as the right man, with most that are being put forward not people that I would personally like but so long as the board believe they would be the right choice then “in the board we trust”. The one that I would personally want is Paul Ince, he is hungry like Sparky and was similar in his approach on the pitch, his lack of experience is a concern but he HAS shown what he can do so far in his managerial career. Is this a risky move though?!?!

  • You could say that boss but we also need to bear in mind that sparky was a gamble. So would Ince but he has potential and that is what I want from our new manager.

  • I concur Mikey, but lets be a tad ambitious eh? Why Not Laudrup or Bilic? If they refuse or want to wait longer than Rovers are prepared then fine, move for Ince but lets not just go for another in the Hughes mold because Hughes worked, lets be ambitious!


  • I would agree that this should be sorted out sooner rather than later. It cant take that long to phone a potential candidates agent to see if they are interested. Also when Sparky left he would have taken our potential signings with him so we need to let the new man get in place and sort out whatever transfers he wants.Plus the sooner the new man is in charge then the sooner he can start impressing the players and persuading any players thinking of leaving to stay.

  • Just been reading the forum and see Strachans name mentioned. In my opinion this would not be a good move for the club. His record in the premiership is not good. The only reason he is successful at Celtic is because the quality of football in Scotland is not good and the only reason they do reasonably well in champions league is because of their home form. Celtic park is a tough place to go(as we know) when they have a full house. 60,000 fans screaming would improve any teams performance. I think we should aim higher than that

  • I agree Del. Good shout. I’m still feeling Ince or Shearer more than anyone else that HAS been mentioned by the press.

  • Hey all not bin on here for a while now.. but Paul Ince is the man for me as Alen Shearer doesnt have any experience.. wat can he bring to the club apart from his own fame

  • He is a big name though Marshin (welcome back)… we need a respected name to keep the players here. I agree, for me, Ince is the best of the names mentioned.

  • whats everyone think about henk ten carte then? surely must be gd to work at barcelona, chelsea and ajax! maybe he can lure some of the ajax academy?

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