Date: 8th June 2011 at 12:44pm
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Blackburn Rovers defender Phil Jones is reported to be at Manchester United having a medical as he closes on a move to Old Trafford.

Liverpool were believed to be the clear front runners for the up and coming superstar but reports suggest that Alex Ferguson may have pulled something out of the bag here.

United are believed to have offered Jones a five year deal and the rumour is that Jones has moved to United for £13 million + Mame Biram Diouf, who has signed for Rovers on a permanent basis.

The teenager is supposed to be in Denmark ahead the European Under 21 Championships but looks to have put off joining with the rest of the young Englanders to seal a move to Old Trafford.

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28 Replies to “Jones heading to Manchester United”

  • Chuffed to bits with this. With Brown on his way out and Evans development hitting a grinding halt and our recurring midseason injury issues another CB is needed, though not priority. The potential he has the ability he’s showcasing already suggests he will be one of the best in the future. At 16 mil, though it seems steep, the value for money is definately there. With this money do you guys want Diouf?

  • There’s no way that he will start ahead of Ferdinand and Vidic, not yet at least. Do you reckon they’d be willing to loan him back to us, so that he plays on a regular basis.

  • Not good, I would have thought a Rovers fan would want to be apart of the new ongoings that are happening to Ewood park.. We need to kick start the summer transfers and bring in some new talent before we loose the likes of Samba & The Zonz aswell. But to the plus side of this an extra 16mil will help out alot!

  • As RFB says. Can’t see him making many appearences next season…Cup runs and end of season games like Smalling. What a waste of his talents to be bench warming but such is the way of the world. As I said on the forum Mame Diouf better get his shooting boots on as he needs a lot of practice on converting his goalscoring positions into goals.

  • Why would we want Diouf back! He had 3-4 good games, the rest he played avarage at best! Kean you need to buck your idea’s up fast or close the door behind you before you ruin our team… Getting worried about whats to come next season…

  • £13 million plus Diouf is stupid. Diouf didnt show enough for me. We should have taken the extra cash!

    We are going to end up with same strike force we had last year the way Kean is going! If he doesnt use this money to bring in fresh players we will struggle badly.

    Diouf is not a goal scorer and couldnt even get in team at end of season past Roberts and Benjani for God sake!!

  • It was always on the cards he would eventually leave, Don’t get too disheartened, with the cash coming in and the cash we already had then this will be one of the best summers ever for being a rovers fan, We can now buy good players instead of watching all our rivals buy them ahead of us, As i have said previosuly they is great business for us, becasue at least this time we will see the money instead of it being used to cover operating cost and debts

  • Not at all surprised that Jones is leaving (I’ve kept saying it on other articles in the last few days), however, I’m a little surprised that Manure have come in with the late bid to snatch him from under Arsenal and Liverpool’s noses. Moving to Old Trafford is a superb opportunity for him but I thought he’d have more chance with one of those two?? Wish him well but wouldn’t rule out them loaning him to us next season??

  • Glen your right that we can use the money to improve the squad.. The problem is that i fear who we will be linked to next! Kenny Miller and Santa Cruz hardly strike fear into anyone!

  • He will get played and won’t be wasted. Smalling alone got 33 appearances this season 16 of them in the Premier League. Ferdinand is very injury prone and is highly unlikely to last a full season as well as being in the decline phase of his career (unfortunately). Jones just needs to prove he deserves the spot over Smalling. Vidic is known for his professional fouls and so it’s expected he will pick up a couple of bans excluding red cards throughout the season so even then there’s an opportunity to play.

  • I am very very sorry to see Jones leave, for several reasons.

    He has been a fabulous young player for us and will only get better and better.

    It sends a message to our other young talented players….we can’t compete with bigger sides, so you can leave if you want.

    We are still a selling club, despite whatever spin Kean and Venkys come out with, Jones is leaving despite not being guaranteed first team football, something he was guaranteed at Ewood.

    Our back four are hardly spring chickens and it was reassuring to have a bit of youth and pace at the back, guess we are now aiming for the oldest defence in the premiership.

    Benjani, Roberts and MBD opposition defences must be *****ing themselves with laughter.

    If I was Junior or Olsson I would be looking elsewhere, for a team with some ambition and somebody who leads the team.

  • Looks like Venkys are about to recover about 40% of their investment, who’s next to fill their ATM?

  • Didn’t see this happening I have to admit. Thought he might stay another season. £15 m+ not to be sniffed at though IMO he’s not the finished article just yet. Not heard much about MBD coming as part of the deal on Sky but I would rather have the money. alarmingly we could end up with the same impotent strike force next season as Kean has stressed he wants Santa Cruz back. Come on Mr Kean use your head and use the money for a big name goalscorer

  • Totally gutted. And Diouf worth £3m? An absolute laugh. And look at Sunderland. They’re losing one of their top players, but have straight away hit back with three offers for Man U players – so at least the fans can see they’re doing something. We go and sign someone who wasn’t good enough to get in our team last season. Unbelievable.

  • Selling Jones for effectively peanuts (if Henderson is worth 20 Jones must be more than 16) whilst trying to re-hire all the flops from last season (MB Diouf, Benjani, Santa Cruz etc). Not a good way to conduct your business and not going to convince Samba or J Jones to stay on. Whatever happened to strengthening the squad and turning that corner?

  • if it is all used to invest in the team then it could be a good move but if it is only part invested then they will rightly get shoed!

  • I’m very disappointed. Jones will be a bench warmer which will be a waste of talent. He will play the odd game here and there but he should have stayed put for another two-three seasons with us and learnt his trade. In my opinion we have just sold the future England captain for a price that is hardly acceptable.

  • If Jones has gone due to a release clause in his contract then then owners need to wise up quickly. We’ve sold the most promising youngster in the league only a short time after he signed a five year contract. Furthermore how are we to become a top ten team we we sell our best players. This is a massive shame and I’m so annoyed I can’t tell you! The fact that we sold to Man utd is another bugbear. (I bet Vinjay has had a fit!) Now Venkys need to invest all of the transfer fee plus another £20million and buy some quality – not the tripe they have been using (with the exception of JJ – don’t buy Diouf or Cruz – bring in some competent, professionals who are on form and enthusiastic to play for us. And don’t include any ridiculous get out clauses. Get Hoilett signed up immediately – and pray… PRAY that they didn’t allow get out clauses in any other of our top players new contracts.

  • Diouf isnt part of the deal apparntley, its just 16.5mil. but i have read all what has been said on here, i agree, kean needs to buck his ideas up, he isnt up for this in my opinion.

  • i disagree kean has to go ryt now venkys have half of there money back so they wont be in vesting a lot more with samba going to were 5/2 to go down next year get ur money on it

  • Tubzz aka Burnley’s no1 fan in disguise back on here with his negative tripe. Why do you even support rovers?!

    Wait and see what we spend and who on then perhaps you will have a better idea on what Venkys are willing to do with Rovers.

  • do u see us signing sume gud players we need a LB 3 CF with kally possible alltore would be a great great signing a gud j roberts , insua might be a gud signing for a LB or santon from inter would be unreal but thats if we intent to spent some how i dont think so we should go for hughes now get us back up the table if i was chairman thats were i be going

  • this better be wrongly reported, because 13mil is not enough and with what we have seen, Diouf is not up to standard

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