Date: 22nd December 2010 at 3:19pm
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After saying yesterday that Steve Kean would be in charge until March, Rovers have now decided that he is in charge for the rest of the season!

Kean has been appointed successor to Big Sam and has been given the task to improve on last seasons 10th place finish.

With no managerial experience Kean has been given a chance to prove that he can have the job beyond the summer!

Totally the wrong decision in my eyes, however maybe this is the only man we could get! After the way Sam got treated who would actually want the job? We need someone experienced not the next Paul Ince!

Personally I am getting sick of all these mixed messages from Venkys..

First they want top 10, now its top 5! First Kean was until January, then March then May!

Originally 5 million to spent in January, now ‘a lot more’

I find it incredibly hard to trust these people.

Maybe this is what they wanted, a yes man, a manager who would take whatever players he is given in a hope of proving himself as a manager.

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19 Replies to “Kean appointed!”

  • Well he must has really have impressed the Raos with the West Ham perfornance…since he has been given the title of manager until june (and probably beyond).

    Maybe he learned to say “yes mam” in hindi on his recent visit to India…

    It is obvious he does not have the respect of the players….it is obvius he played a role in the sacking of Sam along with his agents at SEM/Kentaro.

    Guess his backstapping of Sam worked out…disgusted!!!!

  • Unbeleivable decision, why Sack Sam and pay him off just to give a nugget the job who has no experience and im pretty sure aint got all his licences to manage at the top level, We as fans have been sold out again, Looks like this is the way things are going to be from now on at rovers

  • An absolute joke in my opinion. I’m really starting to fear the worst for our club now. Why didn’t they just let Big Sam see out the season?? I hope Kean does well obviously but with the League as tight as it is when it all goes pear shaped we’ll be desperately crying out for another Big Sam to come in to try and keep us up.

  • I am so scared, in fact terrified, it’s an absolute circus at the moment!! I’m just left thinking what the hell is going to happen next? The team is surely now just going to fall apart with members already speaking out about the goings on, i know how i would feel if it had happened to my boss. I really feel for JW it’s clear his hands are tied in all of this!!

  • if we dont beat stoke at home we are seriously screwed plus we got to hold on to samba they say he s worth 10million but he s alot more than 10million for us if we can 16th ill be happy with are players the ones we can hold on to any way new manager get shep the dog just dont have keane wat was he at putting gamst in the middle of the park my got he could of put him any were else and it would of been r rite for his standards

  • Let us just keep above relegation, and below 10th then they got to find a another manager. Rumors about Benitez could be ok for us I think…..Cheers

  • Bookies slashed the odds to 7/1 for us to be relegated. Kean to be sacked by end of season 5/6. Relegation is very likely possiblilty with a rookie manager, who got no managerial experience. Samba wants out, John Williams confused whether he’s still got a role to play, it’s been chaos since the takeover. Chicken farmers are ruining our club…. ;(

  • bad decision to sack Sam, but i think the right decision to give Kean the whole season. too much uncertainty with this March decision crap. good luck to him and lets hope he was an inspired choice

  • He is already showing his inexperience by talking about Samba leaving to the press without speaking to the player first!!

    This could be true or a mis-quote and by saying if Chris wants to go he can, he is opening a whole can of worms, Chris is a vital part of the team and unless we are talking 15 mill plus for him, which will then be re-invested in january , then we need to keep.
    Jones is out, Nelsen aint getting any younger whilst Givet also wants out. Centre backs are not easy to come by and we can ill-afford to lose defenders at this stage of the season. Scoring goals keeps you up only if you can keep them out at the other end

  • Since the chicken farmers are so ambitious like they claimed to be, bring back Mark Hughes. He’s having a difficult time at fulham, and he left us because there was no investment, no cash to spend to take the club forward to the next level. Top six was best Sparky could do before the takeover. Now for all the reasons that Sparky gave when he left us, now it’s seems like we can give him all that, if the Venkys are not bull****ing all along. Bring back Sparky!!!

  • I don’t really see what we can do other than back our team? It isn’t ideal but isn’t the test of a fan when the chips are down and you come out fighting?

  • I agree Mikey – we can only wait and see what Kean can do – if the owners have made their decision thats that – we can moan all we want but I can’t see it changing much. Rovers fans are renowned for backing the team when things are going against us – we need to now. If Kean messes up we can hope three other teams do worse and get the relegation spots and we survive and start the new season with a new manager. But lets see what happens.

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