Date: 15th September 2011 at 7:46pm
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A peaceful protest, hoping to show Venkys, Blackburn Rovers owners that Steve Kean needs to go, has been arranged for Saturday, before the Arsenal match.

Fan frustration over the continued support and tenancy of Steve Kean as Rovers manager has prompted individuals to take action to highlight the feeling of the majority (not minority, sorry Steve!) of the fan base and to hope to force the issue and have Kean removed from his position.

Fellow VBers Tombo got the ball rolling on the pressure on Kean with his organising of the open letter to Rovers and Venkys and whilst there was media interest, the stonewall silence from Venkys suggested that they had no interest.

As was revealed exculsively on Vital Blackburn a short while ago, there are people behind the scenes at Rovers compiling a shortlist of potential replacements for Kean. Whilst this may just be the club doing their own due dilligence on that eventuality, it shows that they are aware that he is not cutting the mustard.

For the thread regarding this shortlist, please go here:

Glen Mullan and Joe Ainscough, regular contributors and important cogs in the VBer machine have taken on the majority of the brunt of the organising of this march, along with various TV and radio interviews advertising it.

Props also to our ‘currently banned’ VBer, OZTHEMAN, who has stumped up his own money to get materials and printing done.

I have seen many people give their opinion on both Kean and this march.

Whilst some will say that he deserves more time, especially given that he has bought his own players, I, personally, along with a lot of others feel that his time has come and even passed.

His statistics in charge are a damning perspective on his tenure.

Played: 28
Won: 7
Drawn: 8
Lost: 13

Statistically, he is the worst manager Blackburn has EVER had.

Some have also said that they feel the timing of the march is ill advised and wrong, etc.

Whatever your feelings for Kean, the love of Rovers should shine through and hopefully you will all be in support of this protest, be it in person or in spirit.


The details for the march are as follows.


The Havelock Inn Pub
Havelock Street

11.15am start. The march will be monitored and accompanied by members of Police and in full support of Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

The march will leave the Havelock Inn and move down towards Ewood Park. Once there, it will make 2 laps of the ground before finishing.

There is MASSIVE press and media interest and coverage for this both locally in Blackburn, nationally via the BBC and Sky and even internationally, with Norweigan and Danish TV having an interest as undoubtedly will Indian news.

Therefore it is IMPERATIVE that we represent Rovers and Rovers fans in the best possible way and are impeccably behaved during this march. Police will be on hand to remove and arrest anyone causing a public nuisanse.

More information can be found with the following links.

VBer Forums Thread

Glen Mullan’s Personal Blog

We hope to see you there in support of this protest!


15 Replies to “Kean OUT Protest Set For Saturday!”

  • I applaud the Venkys, first for getting rid of Big Sam (I’m innocent and I’ll sue-no wait a moment I won’t) Allardyce, and also for eschewing modern day greed and sponsoring a local charity on the Blackburn shirt. They still have to put up with our disgusting meeja taking the p***, when they should be investigating the real villainy in football (take note you three a*****le journos on TalkMoron last Sunday evening).
    I wish my club owners had as much in the way of scruples.

  • Brilliant game v Arsenal, i was sat in a local pub in my town (Near Peterborough) watching the game surrounded by 40-50 Burnley fans! Every time we scored i jumped up shouting, the whole pub went quiet and gave me evils, Rovers first win of the season! Brilliant!

  • sorry boys but the 150 are so that turned up woz not wot u expected! Im not a kean fan but after todays performance u ave to give the man and rovers credit! Allthough its only one good performance maybe its time to get behind them not against them!

  • Would just like to clarify 700 plus turned up today and more joined in at ground. Police confirmed this too me who were co-ordinating events. People wanted a peaceful protest and those against it, showed their true colours during a one minutes silence for Jack Walker by talking and screaming in Background, it seems that some of the non-protestors, are the ones who wanted to cause trouble

  • at the end of the day ,love him or hate him,no-one of any worth would come and work for venkys after the shambles of the last 6 months! lets put all are energy in just getting behind them and see what happens! yes we have been bad so far this season but what a good feeling to get back to winning ways and in some style against a still very good arsenal team.

  • While I’ve never said that Kean would be my first choice as manager, he is certainly a big improvement on BFS. Can’t remember a more entertaining (or nerve-wracking) game than that for a long time. The protest might have been well-intentioned, but it was a mis-timed knee-jerk reaction. Kean asked to be judged after the window closed. So far he’s got 4 points from two tough games that the majority would have expected a return of one point from. That’s closer to title form than relegation form. There is more potential in this team than I have seen in the last ten years. They clearly not the finished article yet, but I fully expect us to finish in the top half. Would we have lost to Wolves with Dann in the team? Would we have lost to Everton with Yakubu? I don’t think so. Statistics are a funny thing, but they show that Kean has a better percentage points return than Ince. They certainly show he has a better return than Shearer whose name is often mentioned as a replacement. And the most important thing is that the players are clearly behind him.

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